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The Mixxxer service is oriented to swingers; therefore, couples join the platform the most frequently. Meanwhile, casual sex seekers are welcome to join the community, as well. A person needs to open an account, set up a location filter, and start searching for a person (persons) he or she wishes to spend a night with. The platform guarantees entire anonymity, keeping your real name in secret.

Mixxxer Overview

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  • Don’t you have much time? That’s perfect, as the service offers members to complete the registration without some 1-2 minutes.
  • The service is all about having fun. Find like-minded people nearby and make your sexual life much spicier.
  • Such a platform is entirely user-friendly; therefore, there are no restrictions as referred to sexual orientation, ethnicity, or other factors.
  • Users’ profiles are detailed enough; hence, a subscriber is free to tell more for catching the attention of other members.
  • Although there is a web version, users are accessible to enter the platform from mobile devices only.
  • Members cannot send messages, as well as get access to many other features while having a standard account.
  • More than half of all subscribers represent the USA; hence, sex-seekers from other countries face some troubles when looking for like-minded people.
  • Fake accounts are quite numerous, as the registration is straightforward.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The complete registration process on Mixxxer takes a user just several minutes. The following steps are required:

  1. Get on the website from your mobile device. No buttons are necessary. The system displays the registration window instantly.
  2. Specify your gender (men, women, couples, etc.).
  3. Select your date of birth.
  4. Choose a country.
  5. Enter your valid email address.
  6. Create a password.
  7. Press on the ‘Start Now!’ button.

The service sends a confirmation link automatically to a given email address. The last registration step requires a person to follow that link. Furthermore, you need to create a screen name and insert your zip code. Make your screen names attention-catching ones.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

Profile fields are optional; hence, users decide on their own whether to fill in all available fields:

  • Basics. Such a profile part enables a member to specify body type, ethnicity, and preferences (for instance, some subscribers are keen on BDSM or fetishes).
  • Looks. Users are available to specify their hair color, grooming, endowment, or breast parameters.
  • Details. Write down your sexual interests and detailed description of yourself.

Furthermore, the following fields are available:

  • Inscribe your profile status to introduce yourself within several words.
  • Select your goals (Dinner and Dancing, Just Looking, etc.).

Upload your photos to kindle members’ interests. Subscribers are available to add photos to private and public albums. Private ones are accessible to special users only.

Profile Interface


The Mixxxer platform empowers a user to make a choice specific. There are some matching filters to activate:

  • Gender and sexual orientation. For instance, a person may ask the system to display women interested in men or couples.
  • Specify the preferred location. The following options are available: walking distance, city, state, country, or zip. Choose the ‘walking distance’ option for large cities only.
  • Select a person’s mood (Down to Fuck, Drunk and Horny, etc.).
  • Choose the preferred age range, starting from 18.
  • If necessary, activate the ethnicity filter.

When all necessary filters are set up, you get search results corresponding to your interests. Click on a person’s profile to view complete profile information and full-size photos.

Members Structure and Activities

The service holds itself out as a platform for sex finders. No dating attached! That means the target audience comprises people who wish to liberate their dearest wishes and do experiments. The community is dynamically growing, and at present, the Mixxxer platform has been already joined by more than a million subscribers. The average number of monthly visits is 400 000. Users spend at least 19 minutes on the service, browsing 14 pages or more.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

People below the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to join the Mixxxer community. That is a requirement of the current legislative system. As for gender distribution, men outnumber (63.7% of registered accounts are male ones). The age differentiation depends on gender highly. For instance, female representatives are mostly between 25 and 35 years (41.7%), while the majority of registered men are over 45 (38.6%). The platform sets no restrictions concerning age ranges (except for under-18s).

Sexual Preferences

The Mixxxer platform is among the most user-friendly services from the viewpoint of members’ sexual orientations. Nevertheless, the majority of subscribed users are straight. A person is free to select gender and sexual preferences within the registration process. Apart from single men and women, couples of different sexual orientations are welcome to join the community. Sexual preferences are accessible to be chosen among the matching algorithms as well.

Race and Ethnicity

A person’s ethnicity is not among the mandatory fields, but you may choose it within your profile information. Furthermore, ethnicity is possible to be specified among search filters if a person wishes to find members of certain races. As for the geographical distribution, there are some countries where Mixxxer is outstandingly popular. Those are the United States (53.18%), India (5.27%), Canada (5.21%), the UK (4.14%), and Germany (4.01%). 28.2% of all subscribers represent other countries. Based on users’ testimonials, such a service is more effective in big cities.

Religious Orientation

The service doesn’t belong to the category of platforms that have a certain extension from the viewpoint of a user’s religion. All persons are welcome to join the community. Note that members cannot specify their religious orientation within the profile information. Furthermore, no such filters are available.

Religious Orientation

Mixxxer Dating Website Features

There are two modes to search for a person you wish to have fun with. The first mode is traditional. Users are free to set up some filters, and the system displays people who correspond to the chosen criteria. Click on a profile’s thumbnail to get more photos and detailed information. The following options are available:

  1. Send a message to a person (available for premium subscribers only).
  2. Send teases to attract a person’s attention.
  3. Add a person to your black book, marking his or her as your favorite one.
  4. Leave a ‘like’ under a person’s photo.

The second mode helps to speed up the search process. Just change the view in the upper right-hand corner, and the system will offer your members one-by-one. Swipe a person or send the ‘Let’s shag’ request.

Safety & Security

The Mixxxer team assures subscribers that their privacy is well secured. The system displays no real names, contact information, and exact location. Furthermore, you are accessible to apply a special filter to make your photos blurred. Any information is not transferred to third parties (except for partners needed to provide some services).

When a user needs to have a break, they are accessible to disable profile for a while. Such a mode makes a member invisible for others, extracting a person from search results. If you wish, delete an account as well, but the platform conserves no information; hence, further data and history renewal are impossible.

Safety & Security

Is Mixxxer Legit or Scam Service?

Users consider the platform as legit because there are numerous real members looking for sexual experiments and are ready to meet. Meanwhile, the number of fake profiles is large enough. The Mixxxer platform makes the registration simple. Users need to validate their accounts through email only. Scammers are rather limited in their opportunities, as the platform requires the premium subscription to communicate with other persons.

The team asks subscribers to avoid sending money to other persons. Soliciting is understood as a serious violation of the service rules. The same warning refers to members who give their contact information within a profile or a photo.

When you have doubts about a person is real or face abuses and offenses, report a user by selecting the appropriate option in the upper left-hand corner. The team bans any suspicious account to protect subscribers.

Subscription Types and Price

The Mixxxer service has one premium subscription plan available for either 1 or 3 months. The subscription enables a member with full access. The 1-month premium subscription costs $7.99, while the 3 months of full access are available for $19.99.

A user may purchase the premium subscription with the help of credit cards. The following steps are mandatory to upgrade your status:

  1. Open your account settings.
  2. Click on the ‘Subscription’ option.
  3. Select the preferred package.
  4. Inscribe your payment information.
  5. Finish the purchase.

The service implies auto-renewal of premium subscription to provide a member with non-stop full access. In case you don’t need the premium membership anymore, cancel the subscription through your account settings.

Free Membership

The following features are accessible for free:

  • Complete your profile information.
  • Upload photos. Nudity is welcome.
  • Activate searching filters.
  • View full profile information and full-size photos.
  • Add members to your list of favorites (some limits exist).
  • Receive and read messages.

Among the options available for the premium subscribers, the following features are distinguished:

  • Send messages without any limits.
  • Send teases that attract a person’s attention and help to initiate contact.
  • Get access to persons who’s viewed your profile.
  • Enjoy the platform, seeing no advertisements.
  • Add users to your list of favorites without limits.
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The Mixxxer website is compatible with all web browsers, including mobile devices. Furthermore, users are accessible to operate this service from mobile browsers only, and that is good news for on-the-go subscribers.

The platform is designed in a combination of white and pink to evoke a mix of tenderness and passion. The design is up-to-date, but people of all ranges regard it as stylish and smooth. Fonts and icons are clear enough.

All features are grouped in the left-hand menu column:

  1. My Profile. Add or change personal information, upload, or delete photos there.
  2. Find Fun. Let the system display the hottest people nearby in correspondence with your preferences.
  3. Viewed Me. See who’s visited your profile.
  4. Black Book. Add persons to your list of favorites.
  5. Messages. Get quick access to your messaging history.
  6. Tease. See who’s sent you teases.
  7. Settings. Change your account settings.
  8. Privacy Control. Protect your anonymity.

Furthermore, the website contains useful tips, privacy policy, terms of use, and other information subscribers may need. Contacts are placed in the footer as well.

Mobile Application

Nudity content contradicts the requirements of the App Store and Google Play; hence, the Mixxxer platform has obtained no right to launch a mobile application. Users get access to the web version adapted for mobile devices. Furthermore, the service has official pages in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) to inform subscribers timely about recent news, updates, and other changes.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: Socialsoft Networks LLC

Address: 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Email: [email protected]

Also, if you have a problem or a question, there are several ways to solve it:

  • Look through the FAQs and tips where detailed answers are given for diverse topics.
  • Read blog articles to find some useful tips.
  • Use the ‘Contact Us’ to describe your problem and send it to the customer support. The Mixxxer team usually answers within 24 hours.


Many people wish to make their lives not so boring, and that concerns foremost sexual experiments. The Mixxxer platform invites people globally to evoke their fantasies and make their sexual dreams come true.

The platform’s interface is stylish and straightforward, while members can access the service from their mobile devices only. The registration process takes just several minutes. Such a factor is both pro and con, because scammers open an account easily. The service team bans members for money-soliciting and recommends other subscribers not to contact users directly.

There are diverse messaging options, but premium subscribers only have access to send messages. The Mixxxer premium membership is low-prices. Such a service is undoubtedly worth joining.

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