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  • Onenightfriend is best suited for people who are not interested in serious relationships.
  • Users can access the website service in more than 30 languages across the world.
  • The website allows unpaid users to send five free messages daily with photos.
  • Quick and easy sign-up process.
  • Onenightfriend supports the mobile application for iOS users.
  • Simple and easy to navigate website design.
  • Onenightfriend gives advanced search facilities based on age, location, ethnicity, physicality, etc.
  • It provides equal space for people of all sexual orientations.
  • Onenightfriend reviews suggest that this platform lack’s various communication facilities like video chats.
  • Only users with a premium membership can initiate conversations on Onenightfriend.
  • Users can only read up to 5 messages using a basic unpaid account.
  • Onenightfriend does not provide mobile application for Android users.
  • The website has too many fake profiles, and the managers have not been successful in removing those.
  • The website does not allow users to hide their photos from other random users.
  • Onenightfriend reviews by the users have mentioned issues in canceling subscriptions.

Each of us dreams of getting a partner for a one-night stand, and since the time has gone modern, this practice has been getting popular among all the ages. One night stand brings spiciness, diversity, and some level of excitement to life. Onenightfriend is one of the most premium platforms that has helped to bring the one night stand practice for the people who are looking for virtual sex, casual dating, long-lasting relationships, or even a discreet affair.

Whatever the reason may be, Onenightfriend platform is a place for everyone to connect with a new sexual relationship with other people. In this article, an Onenightfriend review will give a brief overview of the site’s working style, features, interface and navigation, prices for the membership, site members, and safety.

How Does It Work?

Onenightfriend is an online dating platform for people looking for a casual dating experience. It is an online platform that remains popular across the globe and with the support of more than 30 languages. Onenightfriend website helps people find matches and open relationships within the space of 100 km. The website involves a premium membership feature that provides unlimited access to paid members. Users can interact with each other using the chat facility on Onenightfriend.

Sign-Up & Login Process Of Onenightfriend

Sign-Up & Login Process Of Onenightfriend

The sign-up procedure of Onenightfriend is much simple, which can be completed in less than five minutes. New users need to provide basic information like email, sexual preference, age, and a new password while registering on Onenightfriend website. Once the details are given, the website provides an activation code to verify the email. Users can have limited access to the website with their unpaid accounts, and the operators send messages to upgrade the account using a paid subscription. Upon completing the sign-up procedure, new users can log in their profiles anytime using the email and password.

The Profile Interface Of Onenightfriend Platform

Onenightfriend allows users to upload photos and update their profiles on their likes and preferences; however, these are optional. Any information, other than one’s gender, can be changed as per their interests. The profile of Onenightfriend users includes details regarding their physical features, location, sexual preference, habits, education, etc. The profile includes a ‘status’ section where users can describe their thoughts and interests. Users who do not wish to disclose their personal information like religion or education etc. may choose not to say using the option ‘rather not say.’ Onenightfriend website allows people to upload unlimited photos and change usernames to make their profile look attractive.

The Matches/Communication Process

Communication on Onenightfriend is largely through messaging, which is confined to premium members. Only members with a paid subscription can initiate conversations using messages or even reply to any received messages. The website also provides an SMS chat feature that requires additional payment to enhance the interaction among people. Other than these messaging features, the website does not support other popular communication methods like video chats. Users have to find the right matches themselves as the website does not do this automatically. However, the Onenightfriend website suggests some random profiles on a user’s home page, based on location, people online, and new members.

Members Structure And Activities Of Onenightfriend Platform

Onenightfriend website is much popular among men of all age groups rather than women, with an approximate 76% and 24% respectively. Statistics reveal that around 135000 members remain online on the website every week, and around 19500, users log in every day. Similar to most other popular online dating platforms, Onenightfriend also has its active users largely belonging to the age group of 25-35. Even though Onenightfriend is a worldwide dating platform, more than 500000 people come from the USA, making it a popular location for website managers. The most common activities that members do on Onenightfriend website is searching, chatting, sending flirtcasts, etc.

Minimum Users Age To Sign- Up

Onenightfriend is an adult dating website and therefore keeps age restrictions for its users. Users below the age of 18 and above the age of 78 cannot register. However, many have reported the presence of minors using fake profiles on the website. Popular Onenightfriend reviews suggest that most active users on this dating platform fall between 25 and 35 years of age.

Users age is an important factor in Onenightfriend since most people have age preferences while looking for matches.

Sexual Preferences Options On Onenightfriend Platfrom

Sexual preferences are an essential feature in all dating websites. Onenightfriend asks for people’s gender in the initial sign-up process, which cannot be changed later on. However, users can search for matches according to their sexual orientation. The website is open to heterosexuality and homosexuality, and users can change their sexual choices any time they want. Users can also specify their preference for people of straight, bisexual, or any sexual orientation.

Choices On Race And Ethnicity

Choices On Race And Ethnicity

Onenightfriend users can search for people based on race and ethnicity. However, race and ethnicity is not a necessary element for casual dates on this platform. The advanced search option available on the website allows users to choose the ethnicity that they prefer. One can also select more than one ethnicity, any or even prefer not to say. Onenightfriend provides equal space for people with and without any such preferences.

Religious Orientation Of The Site

Onenightfriend does not give any importance to the religion of its users. Users are not required to describe their religious orientation in their profile, and the website also does not include any such search filters.

Onenightfriend Dating Website Features

Onenightfriend website provides its users with some of the best features of popular dating websites. The website has a plain and simple outlook making it easy to navigate. The home page of a user’s profile usually will have some random suggestions from the admin based on the information provided during the registration. Users can also search for people using the normal search option based on age and location or use advanced search filters like body type, hair color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, tattoos, and piercings. Onenightfriend has a ‘like gallery’ where one can see people who have liked their profile, whom they have liked, and some random matches based on the likes.

Onenightfriend also has certain features unique to the website, like the ‘like gallery’ already mentioned. The ‘like gallery’ displays various profiles based on a user’s preferences, which users can like or swipe off according to their interests. The ‘flirtcast’ is yet another unique feature on the website that allows people to send free message templates to more than one person at regular intervals. However, one cannot reply to ‘flirtcasts’ without a premium membership. Similar to the ‘poke’ feature in popular social media websites, Onenightfriend has the ‘wink’ feature. Users need to upgrade their profile to premium membership to enjoy the full benefits of the dating platform.

Safety & Security Policy Of Onenightfriend

Onenightfriend has a well-set privacy policy to safeguard the information given by its users. The website collects personal information of the user like name, email address, location, religion, sexual orientation, date of birth, etc. while creating their profile. The website can also gather all the individual data stored in other social media sites like Facebook, only if the user agrees to share the Onenightfriend website data with those other websites. They assure their users that the personal data provided is used to properly manage accounts, provide the necessary information, improve their features, and market research. To ensure user information safety, users can report issues, if any, to the operators.

Onenightfriend does not provide complete security for the photos uploaded; they claim to have the full right to use the uploaded images for their advertising requirements.

The website assures that personal information will be given to third parties only in case of legal requirements or other security concerns. They claim that all the data provided are stored or processed as per the privacy policy in a location outside the European Economic Area, in an encrypted format. Onenightfriend stores the data provided until the user permanently cancels their account. The operators have the full right to make amendments to their privacy policy, and it is. Therefore, people shouldn’t share sensitive data on the website. These are general privacy policies common to people around the world, and they have special terms for the people of California adhering to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Is Onenightfriend Legit Or Scam Service?

Is Onenightfriend Legit Or Scam Service?

Onenightfriend is a platform for people who are looking for casual dating and not a long-term relationship. There is uncertainty around the authenticity of the site; some users consider it a scam site that lures men into paying money while others find many profiles on the site. The users might encounter real and fake profiles and be able to distinguish the fake and real ones.

Types Of Subscription And Price

In the Onenightfriend review, two types of subscription will be discussed. The first is the free subscription, and the other is paid subscription. The services offered on free subscription and paid subscription differs.

Free Membership Features

Newly registered users own a free account. They can use the services of the website, but the services available for free members are limited. The website’s free services are signing up, uploading photos and videos, basic search functionalities, a limited number of winks, and like photos from the Like Gallery. The free members can send only five free messages with photos every day.

The users can get a trial premium membership of the Onenightfriend website that lasts for three days at $1. For a month of premium membership, the users need to pay $41.78. The premium membership for three months costs $30.97 per month, whereas six months membership costs $25.93 per month.

Design And Usability Of The Website

The Onenightfriend website has an intuitive interface that allows users to surf easily. On the top of the webpage, the users can see the navigation panel. The navigation panel is further divided into two sections. The first section includes different icons such as home, search, the like gallery, upgrade buttons, incoming messages number, and the activity of the profile. The second section of the navigation panel allows the users to filter profiles based on location, age, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, body type, gender, and sexual orientation. In the main section of the web page, the users can see the girls’ profile photos that match the search criteria of the users.

The Onenightfriend website is easy to use to find people for hookups. The users can use the quick search feature of the website and easily find profiles by setting the filters based on their preferences. The profiles can also be added to the favorites that allow the users to get back to them whenever they want to view it. The users can find profiles of many people who want casual relationships. They can simply send a message to the profile they like to get into a conversation. It also offers the functionality of sending mass messages, which is very useful when the users can’t reply to them in person.

Mobile Application Of Onenightfriend

Mobile Application Of Onenightfriend

There is no mobile application for Onenightfriend, but the users can use the mobile version of the website. To make navigation simpler on the mobile device, the company has a mobile site version that the user can visit on The mobile version website has five tabs: user profile, quick search, notifications, Like Gallery, and messages. The mobile version is simplified and has a fully functional side of the site. The users can upload photos, write messages, and perform all the activities that are generally available in the desktop version of the site.

Contact Information

The website of the Onenightfriend is There is no address, phone, and email of the company available publicly.


From many Onenightfriend reviews, it is found that users love free membership and the premium membership of the site. The free membership allows the users to send and receive messages from different profiles without paying. The premium features allow the users to find many profiles that they are interested in for a casual relationship. It is even simpler to login to the site; the users just need to enter their gender, interest, age, email address, and password. The users can send use the feature of Flirtcast and send flirty messages to multiple people at the same time. Overall, the Onenightfriend site is for the people who want a casual relationship and have many different preferences when it comes to selecting a partner. Most of the profiles on this site are more interested in the casual relationship over long term relationship.

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