BiCupid Review

BiCupid is a dedicated online dating website for bisexuals. They have challenged the very norm of dating as laid down by society and became a rebellious dating site, who is offering not just bisexual dating but also offering LGBTQ dating.

BiCupid Overview

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  • Free registration
  • Free membership opportunity
  • Excellent customer service
  • LGBTQ can also find love on BiCupid
  • For couples and singles
  • Free membership doesn’t provide adequate features
  • A personality matching algorithm is not available
  • Retro looking interface
  • Paid membership will only help you communicate using a messaging service

Though you are transgender, you will surely find love. BiCupid was established to provide life and support to bisexuals, but generally, they started spreading their stem to help find the LGBT love and attention they require. The main motto of BiCupid is to help you meet, date, and hook up with Bi-curious, Swinger, Gay, and Lesbian.

BiCupid isn’t just for the bisexuals; they also help the bi-curious individuals who love to experiment with their sexuality. You can find a partner being a couple or can be an individual looking for a couple. The website tried to break away the very norm of dating and sexual relationships.

The interface is very easily navigable, along with an attractive layout. The signup process takes about 2 minutes because you don’t have to put up various information. They have blogs, bisexual chats, forums, etc. The forums are clean and don’t break any community standard of forum discussions. If a member is found guilty of such an act, they get permanently banned.

BiCupid has free membership and paid membership as well. Both have their unique features, and the cost of membership is relatively lower than other bisexual dating websites. Send winks, interests to attract any member, and then communicate.

Safety is a major concern for BiCupid. They take very much care of the member’s safety by providing various verification methods to keep them safe from fake accounts, spammers, or hackers. Also, they have various games to keep the members engaged all day long. The games are similar to tinder.

The profiles are descriptive, complete, and engaging. The interface is attractive, smooth, and easy to use. The blogs, forums, and communities are active 24*7; hence, no one can feel lonely.

How Does It Work?

BiCupid Review

Like any other online dating platform, BiCupid has a basic way of communication. The very first thing is to sign up with the website, which takes about 2-5 minutes. The necessary information is very informal, like email ID, gender, name, age, occupation, etc.

Once you sign up with the website, they will start suggesting you profiles that match your preference. The algorithms start functioning the moment you register to help you find your perfect mates.

If you don’t like the auto-suggestions, you may use the search filters to find your potential matches. If you like anyone, start chatting with them, and if not, jump onto your next option. That’s it, BiCupid is this easy to work with.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up with BiCupid takes about 5 minutes maximum. You can install the mobile app from the android and IOS stores for free. Once you download it, start engaging in the signup process. You will need your email ID, name, gender, age, occupation, sexual preference, and a short description to help you get flooding matches. That’s it; the signup process is completed. Remember, you have to provide a password to keep your account safe and private.

Profile Interface

BiCupid Review

The profile interface of BiCupid deserves a special appreciation. All the accounts are very well decorated and organized. The profiles have a minimum of 30 photos and videos. You can have access to those photos and videos only when you are a premium member. Being a free member, you won’t be able to upload any photo or video in the gallery. Only one profile picture upload is allowed.

The initial information about profiles consists of the basic information about the person, including their age, marital status, sexual preference, a short description of themselves, and the match you are looking for, physical features, and many more.

BiCupid is constantly trying to make the profiles appear attractive and make sure the profile holders provide accurate information. Every account has a chat icon on the right side. Click on it when you want to connect with them through text messaging. Once you become a premium member, you can communicate by sending emails. Also, you can send winks and hearts to show your interest in them.


BiCupid Review

The matching algorithm of BiCupid is simple. The algorithms will take-up information like gender, age, occupation, education qualifications, and try to find you a match. If you don’t like the automatic match suggestions, you may use the advanced search filter option.

Some of the filters are:

  1. Eye color
  2. Hair color
  3. Weight
  4. Height
  5. Sexual preference etc.

Members Structure And Activities

BiCupid Review

Generally, BiCupid is an online dating platform for bisexuals, which is itself very colorful to think about! Isn’t it? BiCupid is available for Dating with bisexuals from Toronto, Sydney, London, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Austin, Calgary, Nashville, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Perth, Phoenix, San Diego, Edmonton, Boca Raton, Atlanta, Washington, Denver, Brisbane, Melbourne, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Newton, Minneapolis, etc. The male-female ratio is more or less equal. Most members are from America and aged between 20 to 30. There are various activities one can do on BiCupid like chats, discussions, etc.

Users Age

All the BiCupid registered users need to reach their legal age of 18 years or above. This legal age of attaining adulthood varies from country to country.

Sexual Preferences

BiCupid Review

BiCupid has made various sexual preference options. They don’t promote straight dating, but if you’re straight, curious, and looking for a threesome, BiCupid will welcome you. You can experience gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, etc. dating on this website.

Race And Ethnicity

BiCupid does not distinguish based on race and ethnicity. Therefore they don’t have an option to showcase either your race or ethnicity.

Religious Orientation

BiCupid does not have any restrictions on any religious orientations. You can be of any religion and yet join this platform.

BiCupid dating website features

BiCupid Review

This website has various great features. The list of features are mentioned below:

  1. You get dating tips from the website makers where they talk about online dating techniques, frauds, etc. Also, you will get an insight into sexual health protection procedures.
  2. If you go for the gold/premium subscription, you will never have to face a single ad again. Ads can make you sick of the website, and if you choose paid membership, you will have to face no ads.
  3. Though BiCupid might look like a junk website because of its retro technicalities, it has a powerful search function. Add various filters ranging from physical descriptions to gender, age, occupation, relationship status, etc.
  4. Being a premium member, you will have access to prompt customer service options.
  5. Sending emails will be included in your premium membership, along with photos and videos.
  6. BiCupid makes an effort to promote equal rights for bisexuals or the whole LGBTQ community.
  7. Couple signups are also available. You can read forums, blogs about LGBTQ lifestyles.

Safety & Security

BiCupid Review

BiCupid is a very secure platform where bisexuals meet their lovers. They have these privacy policies to help you keep your account safe:

  1. Block and report option
  2. Email ID verification

This website promises to abide by the rule that they won’t be sharing any of your personal information on their website after you leave their website. The service doesn’t share your information with any third party. It is safe to declare that they do what they promise.

Is BiCupid legit or a scam service?

According to various reviews, surveys, and researches, it is safe to conclude that BiCupid is 100% legit. You will find someone, and most importantly, every member’s account is secured and very well protected. Hence, there is no place for doubt about this revolutionary bisexual dating website.

Subscription Types And Price

BiCupid Review

Generally, any dating website has two types of subscriptions, paid and free. BiCupid is not an exception; they have both facilities. The trick is that the free membership does not allow you to enjoy any exciting feature while the paid has various features. The subscription charges are mentioned below:

Gold/premium membership cost-

  1. For one month, you have to pay $29.95
  2. For three months, you have to pay $59.95
  3. For six months, you have to pay $95.95

You can either use your credit card, PayPal, cheque, money order, or debit card account to pay the subscription amount. The monthly subscription is set to auto-renewal, and hence, if you wish to stop the subscription, you have to do it before the next due date of payment. The customer care of the BiCupid dating website is very eligible to talk you out of your dilemma of whether to go for the paid or remain a free member. Yes, you can contact the customer care and ask for the best deals. They will surely help you out.

Free Membership

BiCupid Review

The free membership of BiCupid will provide you with basic services. But to establish contact, you will surely have to go for the premium membership. The free membership features are:

  1. Create your profile
  2. Send interest
  3. Use the search filter
  4. Know if someone is interested

BiCupid Review

The paid membership might seem a little costly to some people, mostly to college students, but if you save some money, you will surely enjoy BiCupid because you won’t find a bisexual dating website like this one.

The paid features you are about to experience are:

  1. Messaging
  2. Calling
  3. Profile security settings
  4. Wink filter
  5. Match list
  6. Secret searches
  7. Add notes to favorite profiles
  8. View videos in the profile galleries along with photos
  9. More promote customer care service

Website Design And Usability

BiCupid Review

The website might look a little retro, but it is a blessing for the 80s kids! Isn’t it? Well, the logo is very attractive with all the popping colors. The website background color makes the website look young and fresh. The tabs are well organized. The app and the website are similar to each other. Hence, this makes it easier for some non-tech savvy individuals to use the website.

Mobile Application

BiCupid Review

The mobile applications of BiCupid have a very user-friendly interface with an old fashioned system of arrangement of features. The layout and the attractive color does all the sensual acts. The moment you click on the app, you will surely feel the thrill!

You can have access to blogs, forums, discussions, date ideas, etc. even with the mobile app. Instant messaging is at the tip of your fingers because the features are well placed and don’t need much tech knowledge to operate the app.

Contact Information

BiCupid Review


BiCupid Review

All those who are waiting to ride a rollercoaster ride of sexual behaviors, BiCupid is absolutely the best dating site for you. Being a homosexual, transgender, or even a heterosexual or a couple, you are always welcome on the website.

BiCupid is a very similar app like other bisexual and LGBTQ dating websites. The one that makes it most special is it’s thought of promoting these kinds of so-called taboo relationships and putting them in the forefront. They are trying to prove that bisexual behavior is natural, and some people or couples want to experience bisexual relationships out of curiosity. Being a seeker in BiCupid, you may find a new dimension of your sexuality or even a long-lasting relationship!

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