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The best platform for matching catholic singles for serious dating and perspective of long-term relations.

Catholicmatch Overview

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  • With Catholicmatch, singles can find someone that truly supports their religious views;
  • Free membership is given to you in case you fail to find the partner within the first six months;
  • All members actively participate in the forum discussions;
  • It is an international platform that unites Catholic people.
  • Densely populated areas will have more benefits from using the app unlike people in the isolated regions;
  • Interaction tools are not free.

How does it work?

It is hard enough to find a partner for people who are actively looking and entering relationships without any doubts. When it comes to people restricted by religious stigma, dating life gets tough. The need to find a person who follows basic religious morals and does not mind going to church from time to time and celebrating holy days is pressing for numerous citizens of the USA. Hence, the country is the birthplace of the platform for Catholics.

Catholic dating presupposes long-term communication aimed at understanding that both have the same vision of the future. Unlike traditional dating practices, a Catholic couple is looking for a long-term relationship and stability. The chances to meet a partner to fit this description on Tinder are very low.

The site was designed in 1999 by two men who wanted to end the struggles of Catholic singles worldwide. For sure, they started from the US, and the idea soon found the supporters everywhere. Catholicism is one of the dominating religious trends in the universe, so finding the website’s admirers was quite easy. Besides being a platform for partner search, Catholicmatch is an extensive informational resource. It hosts conversations on various topics and controversial moments of the Holy Scripture and religion in general. It also has blogs of people who talk about their daily struggles in search of a good life and God.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you expect the registration with Catholicmatch to go down quickly, then hold back. The process is taking some time since you get the questions you need to answer one by one. It is not a one-page questionnaire, so the process is long. You can use your account on Facebook, and it will save you a little time. The profile photo can be borrowed from it. The other option is to use an email address. After uploading the photo, answering a couple of questions, you will need to write a description in the ‘About me’ section. It should not exceed 150 characters.

Catholicmatch does not let you select the nickname. Instead, it takes your name and adds random numbers to it. Although it does not look nice, the surname is covered, and it is good for privacy reasons. After ten minutes spent on registration, you get confirmation of your email and continue filling in the profile. It is not mandatory to have any information on the profile for it to become visible.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

The Catholicmatch profile layout is traditional. It has a photo on the left side and a description below it. All users have to answer seven questions about their religious views. The sections with the personality description do not have to be filled in completely. You can write ‘Get to know me first’ if you do not feel like sharing some information. It leaves the mystery about you, so expect people to start asking questions.

The profile album can contain up to 50 photos. It is recommended to upload as many as you have to make a better impression. As the stats show, the profiles that update the visuals regularly get more attention from users. Not only visuals should be regularly updated but written descriptions. Write down new hobbies, activities, trips, and other events that happen in your life. Your profile can easily turn into the blog, and more people will start visiting it.

Profile interface


Talking to other users in the chat is an option available to people with a paid subscription. There are a couple of ways to contact people. The first option is to answer the questions that they leave on their profile. The other way is to message them (on condition that you paid for the subscription).

The newly registered user can look at other profiles and answer questions but cannot send any messages. Reading the messages from the inbox becomes available after ten days. Besides sending the text messages, the users can send emotigrams. These are pictures similar to smiles.

Note that the matching system works based on your profile information. Vital things like your location, interests are used for selecting the potential candidates. In case you fill in this information carelessly, you risk getting irrelevant matches.


Members structure and activities

The member pool is diverse. In terms of gender, there is equality in the numbers of males and females. In terms of the number of people, about two million users are already members of the site. With effective advertising and daily activity, the site becomes more popular. People come to Catholicmatch to not only find a partner but to talk to soulmates and like-minded individuals.

Users age

About 30 % of users are people in their 40s. The users of the age 18 – 25 y.o are less interested in the website, and they are represented by 15 %. The rest is shared between the age categories of 30 – 35 and 50 + y.o.

Users age

Sexual preferences

Since Catholicism is a rather conservative religion, not many people support alternative genders. Most followers of the religion and the website correspondingly are heterosexuals. Some part of users is homosexual, and these are mostly males.

Race And Ethnicity

The website aims at global outreach. Created 15 years ago, the platform was local and small. Over a short period, it got more attention overseas, and now people from Spain, Australia, and even Thailand seek their Catholic partners on Catholicmatch.

Religious Orientation

Although people on the site are Catholic, they do not all follow the religion’s dogmas. Among the issues that are very often discussed and not supported are sexual relationships before marriage. Most users of the site are modern and do not follow the outdated rules. Although for more conservative users, the website works as well.

Religious Orientation

Catholicmatch dating website features

  • “Temperament Quiz.” Based on the theory that people have a set of features that define their temperament, the matching algorithm of the Catholicmatch was designed. It relies on the answers that users provide to the quiz. After the results are analyzed, the user is given a title of ‘choleric,’ ‘sanguine,’ etc., and is matched with someone else. You can also see what temperament other users have and be aware of their temperamental traits. Whether you take it seriously or not, the quiz is a helpful tool.
  • “Gifts/Emoticograms.” These are pictures of flowers, candies, etc. You can send it to users to start a conversation or congratulate on something.
  • “Questions Game.” Without even talking to a person, you can send them a custom-made questionnaire. Compile a list of questions you want to know the answers to badly and wait for the reply. You are free to ask about personal life, views, education, and hobbies.

Catholicmatch dating website features

Safety & Security

Catholicmatch developed a well-structured and effective system of privacy protection. Visit the homepage and scroll down to the section ‘Privacy’ on the bottom of the page to find the specific answers to your inquiries. First of all, the site differentiates two kinds of information that it collects. One type of information gathered is private, and the other is public. For obvious reasons, your public information tells about yourself and is located in your account. Other users can access it, and it serves the aim to help you find common ground with others. The other type is private, and it is confidential information that the website has for internal use. It can be used to contact you, send you offers, or purchase products front the site. Catholicmatch does not trade your private information.

Is Catholicmatch legit or scam service?

Catholicmatch received its license more than a decade ago. Since that time, it has been working flawlessly. Many people found their happiness on the site. The homepage contains the success stories of happy couples from all over the globe who tied the knot after meeting on the site.

Subscription types and price

Catholicmatch has flexible prices that the average citizen of the US can afford. On the international market, the site is considered to be below average. It does not cost an arm and a leg to get your profile on the site and use all its privileges. If you wish to become a user for one month, you need to pay $29.99. For the six months subscription, you need to pay $89.94 ( or $14.99 monthly). Finally, the annual subscription costs $119.88 (or $9.99 monthly).

Subscription types and price

Free membership

With the free account, the user cannot afford much on the site. The policies encourage users to get the subscription to use more advanced services. It is also a policy that drives scammers away since they usually do not want to pay. With the free account, the user can:

  • Visit other profiles and see your visitors;
  • Add fifty photos to the album;
  • Create and fill in the profile;
  • Be a part of the matching process.

With the paid subscription, the user can get more features and bonuses from the website. Let’s start with the most luring one. It is a guarantee that you will meet the partner. If you do not meet anyone within a certain period on the site, you will get the next subscription. It is a way to show you that the site guarantees that matching is effective, and the membership pool is of high quality.

Paid membership

Besides, the user gets unlimited messaging and emotigrams with custom-made design. The community has a forum or a chatroom. In other words, and access to it comes with the subscription. The forum contains a lot of discussions, opinions related to religion and life in general.

Website design and usability

The website is classy and modern at the same time. It has a lot of useful sections, nice visuals, and features. The Catholicmatch homepage contains the login section and success stories. It does not look cluttered with the information.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can find the links to the pages in social networks. Besides having a forum, the site has an official representation on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mobile application

The app is available in the Apple and Google stores. It is free to install it and register your account. It is also convenient to pay via apps since the payment goes securely, and in case you need a refund, the store will be responsible for it. The Catholicmatch app is modern and bug-free. It has good recommendations from users.

Contact information

[email protected]


Catholicmatch is a website and app designed for the singles who put their faith above everything else—finding a partner who truly believes that religion matters is challenging. With the app, it becomes easier. All the countries are welcome to join, and it means that your soulmate might live on the other side of the globe. Using the website is simple; it performs well and does not confuse the user. The age categories of users are so diverse that you will be able to find candidates on the site. Upgrading the account to premium is vital since it will open the window of opportunities for you. However, the pricing policies at Catholicmatch are affordable and motivating.

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