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Looking for a person to spend the night with or have virtual sex has never been easier. The services to find mates, lovers, mistresses are numerous, yet there are no guarantees of their effectiveness. Many people get frustrated after getting their hopes high and being left with nothing.

Fling Overview

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  • Multiple Fling dating features allow you to find a date instantly;
  • People use the service daily, and the monthly influx of newly registered profiles is about two thousand;
  • Erotic videos available to all adult users;
  • Entertaining texting options and live video feature;
  • A trial version for a low price.
  • A trial version for a low price.
  • Lacks mobile app;
  • Lacks mobile app;

How Does It Work?

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Hence, Fling’s owners managed to combine all the necessary features that the website needs to provide more matches, more happy customers, and more activities. Within the range of services it provides are live video options, various search tools, and reference to the social networks. The website also has an official representation on Instagram and a couple of other platforms. It is advertised as a platform that suits people of all age categories.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Although the website contains a lot of adult content, it does not require you to upload the documents that prove your age. If you get busted, the account will be deleted immediately without returning the money spent. In case you are 18+, the process is just a piece of cake for you. Open the homepage and click on the register button. After that, you will be asked to provide little details like gender, zip code, and email address. On completion of this questionnaire, you are taken to the profile page. The registration process does not seem to have any pitfalls. The code for confirmation of the registration arrives at your email, and it often happens that it goes to the spam folder. It is related to the type of email you are using. It is recommended to create a new email to protect your work life, personal life, and get the messages from the website quicker. There are not many reasons why the website would be sending you notifications. One is if you want to be notified about any activities on your profile, such as likes/dislikes, and incoming messages.

Profile Interface

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Although the profile composition looks simple, it contains more than enough information to get to know someone. First of all, it has a field called ‘Ask Me.’ The other users are welcome to send the inquiry to you directly. A lot of photos can be uploaded to the profile album or shared in private. The profile can be hidden from other users and available to the friend circle only. If you wish to post the photos that should not be available to the public like nudes, manage your account from the ‘Settings’ section. Every profile has an option ‘Add Friend.’ Use it to add people to your circle and let them see your photos and full profile.

Unlike other websites, your Fling profile can be edited anytime. The only thing that remains unchanged is the nickname assigned to you on the stage of registration. Having a nickname is obligatory since it protects you from online scammers.


Another interesting feature of the site is the questionnaire on the desires of the user. In other words, these are desires he/she is looking to satisfy. The website gives you a couple of default options, and they look entertaining and diverse. The options include ‘Friends Only,’ ‘Sharing nudes,’ ‘Sexting,’ ‘Video Chat,’ ‘Meet for sex,’ ‘Threesome,’ etc. Based on the intentions, the user is matched with others.

The premium account enables the interactions on the website. If the user has a free account, there will be a limited set of features to use, and these will be mostly visuals to watch. To start messaging models, average girls, and guys, you need to top up the balance. A good tip is to look through the website and see what features are in priority to you. All the sections will be visible but not available to use in case you are a free member. So, look around and get the package you like most.

Fling’ Search’ tool is probably the most worthy one for those who look for partners. The filters in the search are very precise and help you find the exact match. There is a chance to search for new people on the website only, or the most active people on the website. There is an indicator of user activity on the website that gives you a clue about how often the person visits the website.

Members Structure and Activities

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

There are no limits to the popularity of Fling service. It gained a lot of attention in countries of Europe, Asia, and America. The website interface is in English, so the main language spoken on the site is English. However, users come from all parts of the world. You can find all age categories, genders, and religious views on the platform.

Users Age

The users of the age 18 – 25 y.o. comprise about 6 % of the pool. About 40 % belong to the age category 35 – 40 y.o. Everything else is shared by the users of 25 – 35 y.o., and 45 +. The age requirement for all Fling users is to be 18 y.o. since the website deals with adult content and has strict policies to prevent illegal activities.

Sexual Preferences

The website encourages freedom of speech and expression. As long as the person reached the legal age, they can join the website. Whether you are homosexual, heterosexual, bi, or transgender, you will always be able to find the partner. The users of the website do not have the dominating majority. There are the same chances to find a partner for a homosexual and heterosexual person.

Race and Ethnicity

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Most users are coming from English speaking countries like the USA, New Zealand, and the UK. As to the nationalities, the website does not require you to indicate it. You are free to do so in the description, but the registration form only asks for the country and zip code.

Religious Orientation

Fling user profile does not have the field dedicated to religious views. You are welcome to put that down in the section ‘About Me’ if it is vital for you. Since the communication on the site is informal and usually on sexuality topics, most users focus on presenting that aspect of their lives in the profile description.

Fling Dating Website Features

Since the website introduced its currency, it also created the services to buy with it. With the gold on your balance, you are free to join the live show of a model, have a conversation with her, and direct her show. Besides, there is ‘Fling camera’ on the website where you can see live performances of any type you want without paying extra for this.

A popular activity is rating user profiles. The section ‘Who’s Cute’ offers you profiles that you can rate. With a high rating, more people get interested in your page.

Safety & Security

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

The website does not allow people to show their identities to protect them. Hence, your ID or any official document should not be posted anywhere on the website. Instead, you are given a nickname that lets you open up without disclosing too much information about yourself. The data like your email and contact details are not disclosed to any other companies, even for advertising. However, the website warns users not to share too much information in private conversations since they are not monitored. The moderators are watching users’ activities, but they do not delete the content of the private messages.

Is Fling Legit or Scam Service?

Fling has been active since 2006, and since that time, no incidents were registered. The website has an official address, the offices in Canada, and the USA. It also has an active customer support service. Fling ‘Terms of use’ are on the bottom of the website. All the information on the user privacy and rights protection is provided. Besides, the website cooperates with the legitimate payment systems that acknowledge it as a valid and secure resource.

Subscription Types and Price

The package comes at a different price depending on the duration. Being a premium member for a year will cost you $118.80. If you are looking at a shorter package, it is one month for $34, and six months for $69.95.

Free Membership

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Being a free member at Fling is an available option but not the most impressive one. The website lures all the users with the free signing up process and a lot of free features when it comes to your profile management. The communication and matching options come at a price. So, being a free member, you get to see the advertising visuals, like when a model is advertising her show or inviting you to attend, she might send the preview photos. You can also see other profiles that often contain nudes open to the public eye.

Fling introduced its currency named ‘Gold.’ It is a virtual gold that you purchase with the card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. In case the user experiences issues with payment, the support agents are always happy to assist. The website does not support some of the payment options in certain countries. Hence, address the support for clarification.

Moving on to the Premium package will enable you to see more on the site. With the package, you get a full picture of the profiles. You have access to all the profiles and the content on them. Besides, you get to see all the adult content that Fling can offer. These are short videos and erotic movies and the recorded shows of the models on the site.

Website Design and Usability

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

A team of professional IT specialists designed the Fling website. It contains many visuals, live videos, a colorful palette, and multiple sections. The layout of the section on the homepage is convenient for use and simple to understand as well. All the potential technical issues that the user might have with the website are described in the FAQ. Besides, there is a support agent email and online chat, which the users can address round-the-clock.

The homepage of the website takes you to the registration form questionnaire. It includes the visuals of attractive, naked women. The photos are provided by the models that are members of the community as well.

Mobile Application

Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Fling developed a desktop version that is suitable for mobile devices. It is possible to access it via any browser. It is convenient since you do not need to install anything to your device and pay for downloading. The drawback is that with the app, payment works smoother.

Contact Information

Company: ICF

Postal Address: P.O. Box 21508 Seattle, WA 98101

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Phone: 1-(888)-596-9279


Fling Review: Welcome to the New World of Dating

Having sexual innuendo with the person online is cool. It is practical, convenient, and available round the clock. Whether you are a busy manager, spending hours in the office, or housewife taking care of family all day and night, Fling has something to cheer you up. You do not need to go out, meet people, or make sure you make a good impression. Simply register and dive into the pool of individuals who can satisfy all your fantasies. The users are offered to communicate with thousands of real-life people, models, and actresses who work in the adult entertainment industry. If you wish to watch a relaxing sensual show to relax in the evening, there is always a wide range of options. Your pleasure is one click away at Fling service.

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