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Based on the classic set of online dating principles, Happn managed to become a revolutionary product. It is sometimes compared to Tinder, just like most apps. However, Happn has drastically different features that make it stand out and be unique.

Happn Overview

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  • Only members of Happn that you like will be able to send you a message;
  • Happn allows you to play with the location settings;
  • Modern design and functionality;
  • Login with Facebook is available;
  • Profile has a section with music interests;
  • Happn finds the people you met and never got a chance to get acquainted;
  • It is a free product in AppStore and Google Play.
  • Only mobile users can enjoy the service;
  • Not very efficient in sparsely populated areas.

How Does It Work?

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

While Tinder is a GPS dependent app, it lets you see people from everywhere. With Happn, things work differently. Once the user downloads the app, it tracks the locations and other Happn users around. As a result, you get matched with the people who are close to you or whom you met. Another benefit is that the app is available for more mobile devices than others. The users of Apple, Android, and even Windows can install the app for free.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away
  • Registration with the phone number. Use your phone number to register and receive the text message with the code confirming your registration. Note that your phone number is protected and will not be used for purposes other than notifications about the app’s activities. In most cases, the notification will be coming to the app and not to the phone. It is convenient to register with the phone number for the case of forgetting the password. The new password will be sent to your phone.
  • Facebook account registration. It is surely the swift process, since all the data is copied from the social network. The app does not copy your contact list and does not inform your friends about your registration.

The main information that the app needs to know is your location, your gender, and gender preferences. All the information in the section ‘About me’ is not obligatory.

Profile Interface

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

To start with, Happn lets you tie the profile to your Instagram. In that way, every time you update your album, the app gets the updates as well. In general, the profile is not very detailed and descriptive. There is usually a place of work indicated, ‘About me’ section, but you cannot fit in many characters into the description. Since it is an app, it is optimized for the phone screen. Hence, the profile is concise. A tip for Happn users is to upload a good set of photos. Imagery is what drives the matching process. If people are searching for the users manually, they will not be able to see much textual information.

Since the description of you is not long, make sure to put stuff that is not stereotypical. There is no need to write the color of your eyes and hair, and the photo will do that job. It is better to write the intentions and hobbies, maybe even your idea of a first date. Put down your hobbies, and you might even find people who are practicing the same things in the locations close to you.

As with all the dating websites, the profile matters, so do not take it for granted and do not leave it empty.


Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

The matching process is simple and very similar to Tinder. It is an app with limited search options. The emphasis is on the photos. Hence the first matching activity is ‘CrushTime.’ The users are liking/disliking each other’s photos. Their task is to guess which account would like their profile. As a result, the match is created, and the users are enabled to send text/voice messages to each other. Every profile has a mark on it with the number of times you were in the same place. You will see the photo, profile description, and the sentence ‘You crossed ways X number times.’

Members Structure and Activities

The number of visitors in the USA only reaches about 6,000,000. On a daily basis, people from about 100 countries are visiting the app. About 60 % of users are males from all over the globe.

Users Age

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

The most popular age category on the website includes people of 20 -26 y.o. About 50 % of users are people of the age category 35 – 45 y.o.

Sexual Preferences

Regardless of the orientation, you are welcome to register. The majority of the website is male. As to sexuality, homosexual and heterosexual representatives take leading positions on this app.

Race and Ethnicity

The app gained extreme popularity in the English-speaking countries and India. Hence, the most popular nationalities are English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. There is no donut that you can find people of all nationalities on the app.

Religious Orientation

All the religious views are welcome. However, the website does not ask you specifically to indicate it.

Happn Dating App Features

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away
  • Sending greetings ‘Hello’ to get in touch with people you are interested in is a way to start a conversation. If you do not know what to write, just send a wave, and you are sorted. The number of ‘Hellos’ is limited. As soon as you run out, you need the credits to buy more units.
  • Music section. From now on, you do not have to talk about your favorite music. Instead, you can let people listen to what you like. Your playlist says a lot about you, so make sure you collect the top hits.
  • CrushTime’ game is created to entertain people and make them guess who liked their profiles. You are given a set of photos, and your task is to identify which users liked your profile.
  • ‘I’m up for’ is an option that enables you to post your plans for the next couple of hours and find a company. Let’s say you want to go out to a new restaurant or coffee shop and want someone to go with you. Why do it alone if you can find a partner?

Safety & Security

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

Happn is a safe app, and it strives to make the users aware of all the online dangers out there. For the users of Tinder, the rules will not be much different. The platform provides a safe space for you to communicate with others without disclosing your contact details, and for your safety, the app recommends taking your time with it. There is no reason to open up about your exact location and give away your phone number right away. Also, note that the photos you send in the private messages are not moderated, so the website cannot stop the other user from saving or screenshotting the content you sent. Be mindful of the information you send to other users to protect yourself.

Is Happn Legit or Scam Service?

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

The main reason why online apps fail to deliver the safety guarantees is that they are developed on cheap unprotected platforms. Happn is designed with the user in mind. It is an app that works on the GPS location of the user; however, when turned off, the app has no information about you. As soon as you decide to stop using the app, simply turn off the location. Happn does not collect the user data to sell it to some other companies. It advertises some of the products officially on the app, and the users are well-aware of it. There is an option to disable the ads if needed.

Happn does not support any illegal online activities and does not promote merchandising using the website. Nothing can be purchased or sold through the website unless it is an official service of Happn.

Subscription Types and Price

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

Happn pricing policies are suitable for the person with any type of income. It is an affordable app with low prices and flexible packages that can be easily adjusted by the credits that the user can purchase separately. In case you want the cheaper package, than it is better to get the six months one. It comes for $15 per month and $89.99 in total. Meanwhile, one month will cost you $24.99. The annual subscription is the cheapest in terms of payment for one month and costs $10 ($119.99).

Besides, the user can top up the balance with credits and purchase separate temporary features. The price depends on how many you are buying. They come in sets of 10 credits – $2.99, 60 credits – $14.99, 100 credits – $16.99, and 250 – $39.99.

Free Membership

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

Happn is generous to its users. With the free account, the user is not only downloading the app, registering and creating a profile, but also gets the list of matches. It is a limited list yet useful. The user can also look through the profiles of others and like them.

The benefits that come with the paid package at Happn are:

  • ’10 Hellos’ daily;
  • Ads-free space;
  • ‘Crush Time’;
  • Invisibility mode anytime.

Website Design and Usability

Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

Happn desktop version does not allow communication and matching. It works for educational and informational purposes. The website offers you the links for downloading the apps to your device and all possible information on the service. A useful section that is worth your attention is ‘Terms of use.’ To avoid confusion about how the service works, read the basic explanations of notions on the website as well as find the updated list of prices.

The website design is modern and stylish. The main sections are ‘About’ and ‘Help.’ The right bottom corner has a button to open the section ‘FAQ.’ There is a convenient search option to find the questions you need by the keyword. If you have issues with payment, such as type in ‘billing’ and all the questions about payment will come up.

Mobile Application

The mobile app is small in size and functional. It has voice and text messaging options. Since the daily amount of users is immense, the app is going through updates regularly. You are welcome to check the updates in the store. In case you have issues with the app, and it is glitching, the updates have probably come out.

A special feature that stands out is the map with the potential matches. The map is updated, depending on your movement around the area. You receive the data on people that were around you within the last week. The next time you go out, you need to start paying attention to people around you since one of them might be the one.

Contact Information

Company: HAPPN

Address: 8 Rue du Sentier, 75002, Paris, France

Email: [email protected]


Happn Review: Real Dates One Click Away

Trying something new is always fun, especially when it comes to dating. Happn has many new experiences to offer. Besides, it does not charge much for the quality that it provides. Why waste time looking for someone on the other side of the world if you can find people interested in you and are physically located closer to you? The idea of matching people based on the number of times they crossed their ways is revolutionary and simple at the same time. The quality of the app is flawless. It works well on any device and does not eat into your memory. Although the desktop version is not there, the app does a good job for two. It might look like the profile is small and not very informative, but it fits the purpose. The app is encouraging people to meet in real-time. All the conditions for the meeting are favorable since you are looking at all the candidates that are a couple of steps away from you. Happn is a top modern dating solution.

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