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Waplog is a crossover between a dating site you are used to and a social media platform where members can share their opinions, comment on each other’s posts, and leave likes. Like well-known Facebook and Twitter, you may add funny pictures to your feed, receive favorable or critical feedback, engage in groups, and go to private chats. Now you can become a blogger with a mass following, and find yourself a pretty date.

Waplog Overview

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  • Unique concept
  • Many ways of communication
  • Free sign-up
  • Quick registration
  • Has a free membership
  • There is a chatroom on Waplog
  • Messaging is a free option
  • GPS search helps you find people nearby
  • Modern design
  • You can log in with Twitter
  • The site has a video chat
  • Equally good desktop version and app
  • Has a link to Facebook
  • Multilingual
  • Available boosts
  • Detailed profiles
  • Accounts approved by moderators
  • The free version has ads
  • Some fake accounts

How does It Work?

Waplog was a brilliant idea of Volkan Yazicioglu, who wanted to create something between fun social media, and a dating app. By the way, Waplog works both as a desktop version and an application for Android and iPhone.

How does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Waplog has an advanced and quick registration process. It is easy for those who are not computer whiz kids and millennial members who are bored with detailed sign-up processes with lots of details. Waplog guarantees you that a whole procedure will take not more than a couple of minutes. For your notice, the easiest way to sign up is through Facebook. The site is directly connected to your account, so if you want to transfer all the necessary information, just choose to sign up with Facebook, fill in the password and the login, and you are good to go. Additionally, you can do the same step with your Gmail.

Another great facet of Waplog is its intuitiveness. The process takes about two minutes and doesn’t require you to go through a detailed questionnaire with a 20-section page. You can jump to suggested candidates right after registration.

Profile Interface

Waplog has a universal interface, understandable for every user. To get started with Waplog, you don’t need much computer literacy or advanced skills in people searching, as everything is more than comprehensible and easy. Besides, the design is cute and fresh-looking.

On Waplog, you can scroll through each member’s profiles limitlessly without worry to pay or daily bonuses. Although you don’t need to spend much time creating your profile, they are rather detailed and well-composed, nothing weird or too scholarly. All in all, it is a dating site where people need to choose with their hearts.

As for the interface, it looks similar to the usual dating sites. On Waplog, there is a gallery with peoples’ photos and profile information. Besides, these profiles are rather detailed, despite a short registration process. On the user’s page, you can see their photo with the number of likes, their friend count, and personal info: gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, height, preference. Next to the questionnaire is the wall – a place with funny, saucy, and exciting posts. Here you can also peep user’s photos and their friends.

Profile Interface


On Waplog, communication is a multi-faceted unit. You can talk to strangers through a usual chat for free, searching them with a filter if you need to find a friend in a certain location. There are more intriguing ways to talk to people on Waplog, such as a “call to action” button. By clicking on the sticker, a member will realize your interest in them. They will receive notifications once you like their post or a picture.

There is a comfortable chatroom on Waplog, made to communicate with a group of people. Similar to a Facebook chat, you can talk in turns, share information, and go live together. Chatting on Waplog is free, on the contrary to most modern dating sites.

Members Structure and Activities

Waplog has whapping 21,000 daily logins. Only 6,000,000 users are from the US. Members of Waplog come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger the family – the better. Generally speaking, the site is flooded by men who are searching for a girlfriend or a true Waplog hookup. But do not think this site is vulgar. On Waplog, you can successfully search for a friend, date, and even create a strong family!

In gender proportion, males are 65% of the site’s traffic, while women are a modest 35%. Anyway, the competition for a lady makes communication on Waplog even better! You can feel like a knight in a shiny armor looking for a woman and winning her attention. Not to mentions, girls are active here too. Waplog likes men and women of all ages, so there are no limitations or restrictions.

Location-wise, most visitors from Waplog are from the US and Turkey. But do not think this is an America-integrated site. Waplog honors many European countries, such as Spain, France, Great Britain, and Germany. Canada and Australia are in the game too. And don’t forget about Russia, Japan, or islands – Waplog has it all!

Users Age

Waplog does have freedom for every age group. There are no limitations, besides an obvious 18+ policy. Waplog dating is often accompanied by spicy humor, absurdity, or nudity, so underage users are strictly not recommended! However, some members testify that the number of girls under 18 is rather big. Unfortunately, it’s hard to trace these facts, especially on an anonymous dating site.

Waplog is popular with men over 25 to 40 and women from 30 to 50. The good thing is, a gap between males and females is not so drastic. Anyone can talk and register; even elderly groups have a community here.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

Waplog is open to tolerance and freedom. Here, you can find all sorts of connections. While you can only choose people of the opposite sex and register as either male or female, it doesn’t mean you cannot try other options. Sure, Waplog has mostly a heterosexual target audience where men chase women, as there are twice more males on the site. However, you can opt for a homosexual encounter by choosing a “man looking for a man” or “woman looking for a woman.”

Race and Ethnicity

Waplog has no borders when it comes to nationality, ethnicity, and complexions. Here, you can find all sorts of people. Sure, because the site has a huge USA audience, the number of white American males and females is prevalent. Here you can find dark-skin beauties and handsome African-American chaps. Asian members come here too, although not as often as others. Here you can also find Latina lovers and Arabic members.

Religious Orientation

Waplog is open for every religious view. Most members here are Christian. Here you can find a Catholic partner, a Protestant date, an Islamic person, or an atheist lover. But with the most probability, Christian members are easiest to find on this site.

Waplog Dating Website Features

Waplog has an advanced matching system to unite you with a perfect partner within a couple of hours. It uses a trained basic search system that allows you to spend less time manually searching for a partner with appropriate hair color. Once you’ve stated your preferences, the site tries to match your expectations with someone’s reality by applying key search.

Today, for the matching system, you don’t need to seek a partner by manually scrolling the gallery. Because Waplog is connected to Facebook, you can find mutual friends with an already existing acquaintance. Additionally, the location search allows you to see new people in places you just visited. You can see who is in your close proximity and text them right away.

When it comes to additional features, Waplog has stories, just like Instagram. Here you can record short videos and upload them to your profile. These videos must be not more than 15 seconds and will stay in your account for a day. You can add as many stories as you want.

Waplog Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

Waplog is in the list of secure dating sites. Because it has a rather strict privacy policy, your account will be checked by moderators. Seasonal checkups and verification allow users to feel safe while enjoying cyber-dating. On Waplog, you can register under fake names and state a different age, but it definitely takes away from authenticity and creates more space for scammers to come up with fake accounts. The good thing is, they can be easily blocked and reported. That is what you should ideally do when you come across a malevolent user.

Is Waplog Legit or Scam Service?

Waplog is a legit service for several reasons. The first one is its popularity. Waplog has 21,000 daily registrations, which is a number a fake service can never surpass. Secondly, this site is available as a desktop version and an app on Google Play Market and App Store. There you can check real and honest reviews from legit users. But what about scammers in-app? Unfortunately, no dating site developers can fully protect their customers from impostors and beggars. This is something you need to get used to if you want to find a date quickly. Once you see a weird account with downloaded pictures from the web, you can just report it and go with your day.

Subscription Types and Price

Waplog is in the midfield price range, allowing you to comfortably talk to strangers without hitting your wallet too hard. For comfort, there are two types of memberships: a standard and a VIP one. As for the latter, there are three subtypes of VIP-membership you can purchase. The first one is a monthly subscription. It will cost you 9.49 USD in total. As for a 3-months plan, it will cost you 23.99 USD, which makes 8.00 USD / Month. Finally, you will pay 56.99 USD for a year subscription, which makes 4.75 USD / Month.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

Waplog has a generous proposition for free members. It sounds like nonsense for modern dating sites, but texting and direct messaging (live chatting) members here are free! Besides, such steps as registration, profile creation, and even searching members are free of charge. These freebies make Waplog one of the most desirable dating chats, striking with its generosity.

As for the paid membership, Waplog allows you to boost your account, appearing in peoples’ feed with greater frequency. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the site without a single advertisement and pop-up banner, see if someone read your text, and go unnoticed if you want to stay anonymous.

Website Design and Usability

Waplog has a modern design that pleases the eye of a visitor. Right from the start, you will see an amazing fun banner that will place you in a friendly mood. All pictures are of high quality, with colorful imagery and easily readable text. Waplog online site has a link to an Android or an IOS version, which is handy if you don’t want to use a desktop one. When it comes to your account, it is made in light colors with a hot magenta accent. The interface looks clean and crisp.

When it comes to usability, there are hardly any unnecessary buttons. Everything you see on Waplog will come in handy at some point in time.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

Waplog mobile is another great way to make a famous site even more popular. Because of great design and the desire to make a compact version of the original Waplog, an IOS and Android versions are both decent to compete with a desktop one. They don’t take too much space on your phone. Additionally, you will receive notifications everywhere, which you cannot do unless you carry around a laptop.

If you choose to register or sign up with Facebook, the app will automatically upload all the information from your account. For both Google Play Market and App Store, Waplog is free to download. It has a user-friendly setting system, so toggling your account will not be a problem.

Contact Information

Company: Waplog TR

Address: Ankara, Turkey

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]



Waplog is an interactive site that managed to unite a dating platform and social media. Here you can make friends, find a lover, start a relationship and a family, and enjoy your popularity. It is safe, friendly, and has lots of good reviews.

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