Fuck Marry Kill Review

Fuck Marry Kill is one of the premium matchmaking websites brought forward by Rui Gouveia, and it is one of the most entertaining ways to meet partners. There are a lot of people who are interested in having entertainment and fun, and you can mostly categorize the members over here into two segments. Marry Kill

Fuck Marry Kill Overview

Fuck Marry Kill
Fuck Marry Kill
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Fuck Marry Kill
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  • Registration on the website is straightforward and is a matter of minutes
  • There is a detailed layout on the site, and the user interface is quite interactive
  • The User experience is going to be surprising in a pleasant manner
  • The site comprises a community of very friendly members
  • The premium service is not going to burn a hole to the pocket.
  • People who do not have a social media account will not be able to register on this website. Also, people with insufficient profile information, even in social media, cannot register.
  • The searching feature is not available; everything depends on the matchmaking algorithm.
  • If a person is looking for a long time partner, it can be a little bit disappointing because the website is mostly a game.
  • There is only a single method of payment.

The first type is very cool and looking forward to having fun, and the second type is the kind of individual who wants to find out a partner. It has a lot of question games, which makes the entire platform very entertaining. The question games are somewhat like “would you rather” and “have you ever fun.” According to the popular Fuck Marry Kill reviews, you will have an amazing time registering on this website. There are many other questions that you would love to answer, and if you are cool about anything and everything, this is the right platform for you.

The name might sound a little bit weird, but it comes from the origin – ‘would you fuck, marry, or kill a person? It used to be an offline game, but right now, it is a successful dating platform. The website has been able to get a visit rate of 9.2, and there are hardly any fraudulent activities. In addition to that, the rating is 9.3 out of 10, which is brilliant. This website is meant for younger people because older people might find it too casual.

Also, elderly people would not want to go for the killing, marrying, or fucking games. Before meeting in person, the users can decide to exchange phone numbers and even have conversations beforehand. There are many free and premium members on this platform. It is recommended to go for the premium membership because there is so much more to enjoy. It is high time to read about the pros and cons of the website and the other details like features and member structure.

Fuck Marry Kill Review

How Does It Work?

Fuck Marry Kill is one of the premium dating websites, and it is addictive. With a good matchmaking algorithm, you will be able to find your partner and have fun with them. It is just like a game in which you have to tap the profile picture of any user, and you can correspond or vote. There is no search function, but even then, the matchmaking is pretty good. It is very easy to follow and navigate, and the design of the application is also modern. The possibilities of having a perfect match are very impressive, and you will be able to find variations. According to the popular Fuck Marry Kill reviews, it has been able to give a satisfactory outcome to thousands of users.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process will take less than 5 minutes, but a social media account is mandatory. One can easily sign up with the help of Instagram or Facebook account. It is even faster because there is no personal information sheet that you need to fill. There is no need for a separate profile picture because it will be taken from Facebook itself. Therefore you have to be careful that the picture on Facebook is good enough.

There is also no need for signing up through e-mail addresses, and you can easily make connections with the help of your social media handles. Even if you are logging in with the help of any third-party application, this website will never post any details on the social media feeds. So the fact that you have registered on this web site will remain confidential. The users must be at least 18 years of age to create an account on this website. It is because of the social media accounts that it becomes easy to verify whether there are any fake profiles.

Profile Interface of Fuck Marry Kill

It is a matchmaking forum that has very simple profiles for making things easy for the members. It is true that unlike the other dating websites, the information on the profile is too less. But since it is mandatory to complete the registration with the help of social media accounts, there are almost no fake profiles. You will be able to get the name, age, and photos of the person before you can start interacting. Any member can also include their working institution and connect with other members on their social media accounts.

The best part about the profile creation is the answer in the questionnaire. They are a series of fun questions that help in knowing the person better. You will also be able to get more admirers on this website, and it is crucial to make the profile in intricate detailing. This is also a serious website about finding partners for the members but in an interesting note.

The social media like Facebook and Instagram is used by the websites to check the authentication and to verify whether the member is eligible to join the site or not. As mentioned in Fuck Marry Kill reviews, it is quite difficult nowadays to differentiate between the real and the fake accounts on the dating platforms, which is why Fuck Marry Kill makes sure that there is a detailed analysis on each of the profiles. The subjective decision makes the dating experience even more fun on this website than the search filters.

Profile Interface of Fuck Marry Kill


Matchmaking only happens when both the users have given the voting. Once the matchmaking is complete, the members will be able to start having conversations and exchange direct messages. Wink sending is a fun factor to start with if you want instant matching. It is easy for users to customize and filter out their match based on gender, age, and location. You can also avail of the membership and add contacting options according to your convenience. Connecting is exciting on this website because there are many ways to interact. There is a certain advantage to have the paid features, and you will be able to enjoy exclusive attributes so that the matchmaking becomes even better. Fuck Marry Kill reviews say with the help of premium membership; you will be able to initiate conversation even if you do not have the vote. It is because of the good communication process that FMK has become quite popular since 2018.

Members Structure and Activities

The member structure of this website is quite good, and you will be able to find people from various parts of the world. Regarding the girls on this website, about 3% of the date with the older guys and their reply rate is 92%. The beauty rate is 90%, and the most popular age group is 24 to 25. There are about 2200000 profiles, and most of them are regularly active. You will be able to find a lot of active members from the US UK and Canada.

Users Age

The age range of most of the profiles is between 18 to 25. It is an entertaining and fun gaming application, so you will hardly find any elderly people here.

Sexual Preferences

There is no sexual confinement on this website, so you will have a fun time communicating and interacting. The members can be homosexual heterosexual and even bi-sexual, and they will not have any problem in creating an account on this platform.

Race and Ethnicity

According to popular Fuck Marry Kill reviews, there is no confinement based on an individual’s race or ethnicity. That is because people can belong to every part of the globe and, even then, interact with each other on this very website.

Religious Orientation

There is no restriction or confinement on any members regarding religious orientation, so that is an added benefit.

Religious Orientation

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

  • Who voted for you – This is a basic feature in which you will be able to see which individuals voted for you but did not match. You can unlock this feature, and it will help in increasing the potential matches.
  • Wink – Now, you will be able to send a wink to the people you like, and it is just like making the first move. It is very subtle, and yet the other person will know you are interested.
  • Boosting the profile – Now you will be able to receive more votes, and you just have to make your profile even more visible than the others. You can boost your profile with the help of a premium account.
  • Power voting – With the help of this feature, you will be able to give the same vote to different three users. It helps you get out of the indecisive system, and you can vote freely.

Safety & Security

The privacy policy of this website is top-notch, so you would want to indulge in it. It comprises of HTML encryption as well as an end to end encryption of the chats as well. Therefore your profile information, as well as chatting details, will be completely kept secret. You will have no problem if you are saving your monetary transaction details during the premium account payment.

Is Fuck Marry Kill Legit Or Scam Service?

There is a lot of question regarding whether Fuck Marry Kill is a legitimate or scam service. Even though it is entertaining and just like a game, yet the service is quite interesting. You will have a fun time in answering the questions and finding your potential match. There are hardly any fake profiles, which is why there will be no unfortunate occurrence.

Subscription Types and Price

It is mentioned in Fuck Marry Kill reviews that for winks account, the subscription price is nominal, and for 30 credits, you will have to pay 8.49 Euro, which comes to around 0.28 Euro per credit. For 20 credits, you will have to pay 6.49 Euro, which comes down to 0.32 Euro per credit. For ten credits, you can pay 3.49 Euros, which comes to 0.35 Euro per credit.

If you want to go for the VIP membership, the price is 4.99 Euro for one week, 2.49 Euro for one month, and 1.99 Euro for three months. It is recommended to take the three-month package because it helps in saving and comes down to a price of 0.66 Euro per month.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

In the free membership of the following features will be available:

  • Account creation is completely free.
  • Users can send and receive messages with the match.
  • Play the game of Fuck Marry Kill.
  • Users can invite a lot of friends to try the application.

These are the following features in the paid membership:

  • You will be able to see who voted for you.
  • Sending a wink is easy to show your interest.
  • Enhancing your profile has never been easier.
  • Power fruit will help you vote three persons simultaneously.
  • VIP membership exclusive features available.

Website Design and Usability

According to Fuck Marry Kill reviews, this is a dating platform that looks quite creative, and it is easy to navigate to the nook and corner of the website. It is very attractive to look at, but it is only suitable for young users. Finding a match is going to be entertaining and even people looking for serious relationships can use it.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

The mobile application of this website is available only for Android gadgets. Any individual will be able to install it at the Google play store for free, and it comes with a very trendy design. The developers have been creative, and it has a nice modern look. There are various positive reviews about this website, and the users can get tested on this platform.

Contact Information

Company: Fuck Marry Kill

Address: NA

Phone: NA

E-mail: NA



According to the reputed Fuck Marry Kill reviews, it has been able to get its reputation because of the smooth working mechanism. The success rate is high, and many young people have been able to find their partners. It is an interactive platform that has been able to change the dimension of online dating, thereby making it delightful and entertaining.

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