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Fitness Singles Overview

Fitness Singles
Fitness Singles
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Fitness Singles
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  • Great communication tools
  • Verified users
  • Sports skills rates for users
  • SMS notifications
  • It doesn’t offer a mobile app
  • Few additional features available for the premium members

How Does It Work?

Fitness Singles happens to be a dating Internet resource specially created for physically active users. As the name suggests, it’s all about fitness dating. So, people seeking connections on the site are encouraged to participate in a variety of physical activities alongside the chosen partners. For example, they can have a good time playing tennis, hiking, jogging, skiing, swimming, or jumping together. It’s hard to imagine a better date for a sporty person than any of these. When you are involved in what your potential partner really likes, you understand that it’s not a coincidence, and it could be your match.

How Does It Work

Sign-Up & Login Process

The signup procedure on the site will not cost you a penny. What’s more, it’s very simple. During the signup procedure, you are expected to do what users normally do on other dating resources. For instance, you are expected to provide your nick and password. Then, you require going to your mailbox to have your registration confirmed.

Secondly, you should deal with several fields. For instance, you should reveal your three favorite sports. If you are reluctant to disclose this detail, simply skip it. However, you need to realize that on such a sport-oriented site, it’s a crucial detail that helps other Fitness Singles visitors to find matches.

Don’t forget to upload a couple of high-quality pictures. Ideally, they should show that you are in good shape thanks to your active lifestyle.

Profile Interface

The dating platform offers a good choice of matching options. Regardless of your sports passion, such as boxing, swimming, or yoga, you can always spot a soulmate here. If you are eager to get acquainted with new Fitness Singles visitors, go to the corresponding section, dubbed accordingly “Who’s New.” The section “Who’s Online” will show you active members ready for communication. If you have difficulty with choosing a partner, the TOP 25 section can help. That’s where you can spot the most popular Fitness Singles users.

Compared to other dating resources, Fitness Singles offers more detailed profiles. By simply viewing the potential partner’s profile, you will already know for sure whether you are compatible with this particular person or not.

The minimalistic layout doesn’t spoil the overall positive impression of the Fitness Singles profile design. Unnecessary design elements would distract you from getting crucial information about potential partners. The site team did its best to make your matchmaking intuitive and more productive.

Each profile comes with a concise biography. That’s enough to grasp the very essence of the personality you are dealing with. By the way, the dating resource allows its free users to look through pictures in the profiles. It’s a great advantage over other platforms that charge fees for this.

Since the portal is built around active people, newcomers have an opportunity to check their skills rating on corresponding fields. Let’s assume, you are fond of jogging. There’s a separate field for this popular physical activity on the site. It’s so good to burn calories in the company of a person you find your potential sweetheart, isn’t it?


When it comes to search, Fitness Singles is very tolerant to its free member. So, on this site, you can look for matches at no cost. You don’t need to be an advanced Internet user to seek partners on this dating platform.

Using the site search feature, you can separately view newly-registered profiles and those staying online at the moment. In the course of your search, it’s possible to bookmark user pages and save your preferences. That’s very convenient because, in this case, you don’t require inputting the member’s name in the search tab one again, thus saving your precious time.

If you look up reviews about the dating platform online, you will see that many people recommend taking advantage of the Custom Search and Basic Search features. With these tools, you’ll easily find a perfect match on the site.

Many people would like to know how to find the best partner on this dating platform. Well, the answer is very simple. You only require setting enough multiple criteria. As a result, the Custom Search feature will bombard you with decent outcomes. If you are eager to spot a hot babe or guy in your vicinity, set a corresponding location.

Another great virtue of the platform is that it’s strikingly good in terms of communication. It has everything required to provide its users with unforgettable interaction.

One of the best communication options on the dating portal is a cozy chatroom. Unfortunately, you can’t access it without a premium subscription. It’s worth buying to have an unforgettable evening with your partner. Moreover, you can get and send email messages.

It feels like everything is OK with communication options on Fitness Singles. Well, that’s true, although some users complain about the absence of a web forum. However, most users don’t care about it because they are quite satisfied with the basic functionality of the website.

By the way, if you disclose your phone number to the site, you can make use of SMS notifications. For example, you will be informed this way each time somebody is writing a message to you.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

Fast-moving folks with a healthy and adventurous lifestyle need a unique dating website. Fitness Singles is a good example of it. The portal caters to anybody willing to find not just a sweetheart but simultaneously a fitness buddy. Sportspeople know for sure how to enjoy great workouts together. That’s so much different from merely sipping beer in a pub.

More than 2,000,000 health-conscious women and men aged 18+ try to find sweethearts on the dating platform. Not only outdoor activity fans come to this dating resource. Middle-aged people also try their luck on Fitness Singles. It welcomes all ages. However, those who are not physically active would better opt for other platforms because the search menu is all about physically active people.

That’s a universal platform for sporty guys and babes. Here you can seek any partner. For example, this may be a casual lover for a one-night stand, a workout companion, a gym buddy, or a powerful motivator. By simply registering with Fitness Singles, you can turn your life upside down, changing it for the better.

Weekly, up to 40,000 stay on the platform. Male users dominate the site (about 58%).

Users Age

As told above, over 2 million people use the dating platform. They are first attracted by the very idea of the website – a kingdom of health-conscious people who can’t imagine their lives without sport.

On this dating platform, the age groups greatly vary. It’s probably because the sport is not the thing necessarily associated with a certain age. One can be involved in everyday physical activity, no matter how old this particular person is. Additionally, on the website, there are enough persons aged 50+ looking for a soulmate and simultaneously a partner for morning jogging.

Sexual Preferences

Fitness Singles welcomes all people regardless of their sexual orientation. So, LGBT representatives may come to the dating platform. However, it would be logical to assume that heterosexual users dominate the site.

Race and Ethnicity

The site is quite popular with sporty and active singles from English-speaking countries, such as New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, to say nothing of the United States. However, on this platform, you can also come across people who don’t speak this popular language. To be exact, according to the site statistics, representatives of up to 247 countries come to this dating platform. The vast majority of Fitness Singles come from the United States (72.33%).

Religious Orientation

Since the bulk of the site audience comes from the highly-developed English-speaking countries, one may assume that they are mostly Christians.

Fitness Singles Dating Website Features

Fitness Singles Dating Website Features

Today, many dating portals offer a wide array of special features capable of making the user experience more exciting and convenient. Fitness Singles also has something worthy to offer. Although the choice of extra functionality isn’t wide compared to most of the website’s rivals, that’s enough to reach common dating goals.

Show Interest

The given feature enables you to express your sincere interest to a Fitness Singles user. You can find the Show Interest button on his or her profile. Click on it to get down to instant messaging.

Top 25

Using this feature is undoubtedly a good way to spice up your dating. If you’re assured that you deserve starting relationships with the best lovers ever, use this option to access the top-ranked Fitness Singles visitors. Their pages boast the highest view rate on the dating platform.

Safety & Security

The dating resources put much value on the privacy and security of its members. Once you become a user of this dating portal, you can be assured that your personal data will be in the right hand. It will not be given to third parties or stolen by scams.

Is Fitness Singles Legit or Scam Service?

All the members of the dating portal are constantly monitored just to ensure that their identity is real. It shows that Fitness Singles seriously approaches its reputation and wants to preserve it at a high level.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

Modern dating resources offer two types of subscription: a paid package and a free membership. Fitness Singles naturally follows this trend. Of course, you can stay on the platform as a free member, but it will give you nothing. With a paid subscription at hand, it will be easier to reach any dating goal. Fitness Singles offers the following fees for the paid package:

  • You can purchase a year of the paid package for $120;
  • Six months of the paid membership will cost you $90;
  • You need to shell out $65 for three months of the premium subscription;
  • One month is worth $40.

When it comes to paying for the paid services on the site, you can use:

  • Cheque;
  • Direct Debit;
  • Credit card;
  • PayPal.

Free Membership

As a free member of this site, you can’t do a lot, except for viewing and seeking profiles. So, opting for the Fitness Singles paid package really makes sense.

With the paid membership, one can:

  • Enjoy private messaging;
  • View private photos.
Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

As for the site layout, one can characterize it as fairly modest. Here you will not see overwhelming graphics. Some advanced users may find it obsolete in terms of design. On the other hand, it may be considered an advantage. It allows the site members to focus on their dating goals. The basic layout of Fitness Singles will not distract their precious attention. The simple background makes viewing profiles more convenient. The fonts used are appropriate and ensure the adequate perception of the site content.

You will not see any gimmicks or games here. However, an average user of Fitness Singles doesn’t need this stuff. The main thing is that the website allows its members to seek who they need and interact with the chosen partners.

Mobile Application

That’s so sad, but the site doesn’t offer its own mobile application. It only remains to hope that it will be released soon.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Phone: 1800-252-0044
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 125 Pine St. Hamburg, NY, 14075
  • Company: Fitness Singles/e-Unity Corp


This dating portal is a good solution for those who need a physically active lifetime partner. The site unites people who value sport more than night clubs. In terms of functionality and design, the dating site Fitness Singles might seem inferior to mainstream rivals, but its focus on a specific audience gives it a great advantage. As a result, the site successfully attracts new sporty visitors.

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