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Since the dating world is full of options when it comes to online partner search, the founder of any new app should think hard to survive the competition. The story of The League is a bit different. League

The League Overview

The League
The League
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  • Well-developed privacy policies of The League allow the users to avoid meeting coworkers
  • Dating is taken differently and more seriously with The League
  • The app finds suitable matches in the area you select
  • Setting up the account is easy since most of the information can be brought from social networks
  • The risks of meeting the scammer are minimized to almost zero due to the polished procedure of profile review
  • It is easy to contact the company and receive a reply to any question
  • It is an app-based service only, so the fans of desktop versions might feel frustrated
  • Get ready to spend some dollars on the membership packages since you will not have the best experience without them

How Does It Work?

It was not created for the sake of competition, and it was a result of poor experiences with dating apps. The developers of The League decided to create an app for a limited circle. It would not be easy to get accepted, hence the candidates would have to take their registration seriously. It can be safe to say that the app stands out due to the procedures of selecting the members. It might not be advanced in terms of the communication features and technical side, but it opens the door to the rooms with exceptionally successful people. It is worth trying it even if education never mattered to you.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up And Login Process

Who would think that having a lengthy registration process would be a benefit? Amanda Bradford used her negative experience with the dating sites and decided to take risks to prevent others from the same experience. The process of registration at The League requires a lot of patience, attention, and effort. Your profile cannot just be average or half empty. It takes ages to register, and the ownership of Linkedin or Facebook account is a must. Put all the worries aside if you are worried about privacy. The app does not interfere with your work life, and it does not inform every person on your contact list about your registration with The League. On the opposite, it helps you smooth the registration, fill in the information quicker, and make sure the people who work for the same companies do not cross their ways with you.

The next stage that The League registration process has is selecting the photo for your profile. A couple of things to remember when picking the one photo are:

  • Make sure that your face is visible as well as the shoulders
  • The picture on the profile is set to black and white color automatically, so pick one that will go well with that design
  • Nobody else should be in the photo

Not only your photo matters, but the biography field is also life-changing. You are required to drop a couple of sentences, and even one is enough as long as it carries the right meaning. As you know, the people at The League are intellectuals who want to find like-minded partners. Hence, your description should be witty, short, and impressive. Do not forget to use emojis to make it stand out.

Last but not least is a video introduction you are allowed to upload. You are given a couple of seconds to make an impression and present yourself in the best way. Follow these tips to ace the video and have thousands of followers:

  • Prepare a text and practice it
  • Sound natural and relaxed
  • Dress nicely and select the proper background (it can be a break room at work or even an office)
  • Mind your voice. Practice the speech and make sure your voice does not give away your nerves. Be passionate and enthusiastic

With the amount of work you do to register, The League still does not guarantee you the approval. Unless you get the membership and get approved quicker. Note that if your profile has six photos and all the fields filled in, it has more chances to be approved. In case of disapproval, the notification comes to inform you about the reason.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Profile Interface

The main photo of the profile is black and white. There are four fields under the photo (job, interests, education, groups). It looks neat and to the point. All the user needs to see and know to make a decision about contacting you or not.

Matches And Communications

The user with the basic membership has three matches a day, and they are sent at 5 pm. It is not enough to experience the best features of the app. So, with the purchase of the membership, the user becomes an Owner, Investor, or a Member. Plus, there are groups that users join depending on their interests. These are the groups of alumni of one uni, college, or people united by the same interests. The list of groups you joined is visible to others as it influences their decision to contact you.

Members Structure And Activities

Young, demanding, enthusiastic and intelligent people are dominating the app. About 60% of the user base are females. Approximately 90 % of women have a degree, and 8% of those have not just a degree but a Ph.D. It is estimated that about 20 % of female users are CEOs and higher-ranking officials.

Users Age

Although there was never a restriction on the age, the user base is not older than 35 y.o. The youngest generation is represented by 22 y.o. It is a fact, though, that males tend to be represented by older categories than women.

Sexual Preferences

It is a homosexual and heterosexual friendly community. Hence there is no restriction based on sexual orientation.

Race And Ethnicity

The app has not been launched internationally yet. It is successful in some large cities of the United States, UAE, and India, but not even in every city of the motherland. Since people travel a lot nowadays, the app has a wide range of races and nationalities represented.

Religious Orientation

People who support science rarely express their religious views, or deny the religion at all. The League does not promote or rejects any religious views. The member is free to indicate the religion in the bio.

Religious Orientation

The League Dating Website Features

The website does not exist to perform the matching functions; it exists to help users with the admin questions. The section FAQ contains all the vital information on how to install the app and how much it costs. There is also a button ‘Text me the app’ that will instantly send you the link to download the app. It is a good option to use in case you are hesitating whether your device supports the app.

Safety And Security

Since the selection process is so extended and demanding, the app is not struggling with eliminating the scammers. They rarely want to go through such a tiring process, and the users of The League are well-aware of how the Internet works. They are not potential victims of online scammers. Also, the app was developed and is maintained on the proper level to avoid hacker attacks. For sure, the users are encouraged to remember their privacy still and avoid sharing any sensitive information.

Is The League Legit Or Scam Service

It is always worth checking the website’s background before trusting it with your data. One of the reasons why the app is reliable is connected with reputable social networks like Facebook and Linkedin. If you still hesitate, check out the company’s feedback that provides the servers for the site. It is Fortune-100, and its reputation seems to be pretty flawless. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to message their support and make sure that it is safe to use the platform.

Is The League Legit Or Scam Service

Subscription Types And Prices

The League’s prices are all in USD, so make sure you take into account the commission for the transaction and possible currency conversion rates. The website accepts credit cards only. To get acquainted with the updated pricing list, visit the main page of the website. Get in touch with the support via email in case you hesitate about the payment method or pricing.

Free Membership

The app is not free of charge. Most features come at a price. Although the prices for the membership are high, they are worth every dime paid. Without paying for the membership, the user gets a chance to register and set up the account. The process of the free account review might be prolonged. It is much quicker when the membership is purchased right away. In any case, the user is not forced to purchase the membership to register, and it is a good thing.

Although it costs nothing to install the app on your device, the functions are not all free. Depending on what you are looking for, some membership packages might work better or worse for you. Here are the options that The League is offering:

  • ‘Member package’ comes at a price of $29.08 per month and $349 annually. It opens up a lot of functions like quicker review and approval of the profile, tickets and VIP passes, insight into your stats on the website.
  • ‘Owner package’ comes at a price of $83.25 monthly and $999 annually. If you wish to get the trial version for one month only it will cost you as much as $199.

Another available alternative on the app is to get the tickets instead of the membership package. These tickets can be used as a currency to pay for different features (receiving more matches, be rematched with the user, etc.).

Paid Membership

Website Design And Usability

The League is represented by the desktop version that serves as an information window for everyone interested in finding out more about how it works. The website has good visuals, an expensive interface, and a well-structured layout. The League blog is probably one of the most useful sections of the website. It contains instructions on how to be more successful on the app and other information on current dating issues. It should be noted that the blog is updated quite often. If you are not single but still want to communicate with people and make new friends, The League can offer you some options. To find out more, check out the sections ‘Community’ and ‘Cities.’

Mobile Application

The League is an app that does not have a desktop equivalent. It has a website for informational purposes. The app is doing all the matching and interaction functions. It is easily downloaded to Android devices as well as iOS. It is more convenient to use the app than the website, especially considering the video chatting features. People stay in touch 24/7 with their phones in their pockets. The budget for creating an app was never announced, but from what it looks like, it is a pricey unit. It has an elegant and smart design, as well as a set of functions.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

The League

55 Grace Street, San Francisco, California 94103

[email protected]


Whether you have lots of dates or not, the fact that you are still checking out the apps means that something is not right. Filtering the apps in modern times becomes harder and harder. The founder of The League promises a strict selection process and good-quality members who want the same things. If you want to find a person who does not start a conversation with the naked genitals’ photo, this app is for you. If you are willing to pay for a quality service, this app will not waste money and time. You will be wondering how it differs from the existing professional networks, and there are lots of explanations. The League is a dating platform, but it unities career-driven and progressive professionals as well.

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