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Wooplus is one of the most fantastic websites that have been ever built to make engagement between plus-sized men and women. If you have lost confidence just because you are a little plus size, you need not worry anymore. With the help of the Wooplus website, you can find your soulmate without any judgmental tone.

Wooplus Overview

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  • The website and the application design are pretty simple, which is why it is easy to handle. Registration is also super easy, and it will hardly take more than a few minutes.
  • It is a website with many food options and exclusive features for all the members to enjoy. You will be delighted when you see the special features and find the man or woman of your dreams.
  • Once the registration is complete, you can always get access to the profiles of plus-size men and women. You can chart list them right away and start interacting for better knowledge of each other.
  • The best part about this website is you will be able to send messages for free. Therefore in order to have a bare minimum conversation, the member will not have to go for the premium account.
  • One of the major disadvantages of this platform is that the provided information is not going to be enough. To know about the person, you have to start messaging.
  • Any member will not be able to initiate the conversation under the opposite person likes him or her back.

Many people feel insecure about their body types, and it is high time to eliminate the same. Wooplus website review talks about the fact that everybody type is beautiful, and it is the heart that matters. This website does not tolerate any kind of fat-shaming and renders that plus-size bodies and curvy figures are sexy.

Because of any good community that is curvy female-friendly, they can find good relationships with plus-size men. As mentioned in the Wooplus website review, this is a website with a membership of over thirty-five hundred thousand and has been able to do at least 27 million matches in total. Therefore it is time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the website and the intricate details. It is a website that has appeared on TV and newspapers for a long time and has been able to create a popular reputation. Also, it is quite popular in social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. Now it is time for you to understand whether it is worth it to register on this website or it is a scam. So why wait anymore when you can indulge right away?

Wooplus Review

How Does It Work?

According to the reputed Wooplus website reviews, the mission of this website is to convince that size is an insignificant factor. Two people can be a couple only if their hearts are beautiful and their frequency matches. It is an inspiration from the Tinder app where a lot of people appear. If you really like a person, you just have to place like on the profile, and if he or she likes back, then you can start messaging the person right away.

According to the creators, it is one of the major platforms for people who always suffer from loss of self-confidence. It is because of the plus sizes that they feel insecure and faces continuous rejection from the outside world. According to the developers of the website, Wooplus is a platform where people can start interacting without having a fear of body shaming judgments from other people. There is a lot of creativity incorporated on the website to make people feel comfortable so that they know where they belong.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The login process and sign up is quite simple and yet interesting. The new member will have to give their personal information as well as undergo a personality test. The website design will help you complete the profile setup, and all you need to do is put some basic credentials to get access to the application and the features. You will be able to upload as many pictures as you want for the gallery. If you like some other profile, their photos will also be visible to you for free. The entire registration process will take less than a minute, and you will have an exciting time answering the personality questions. The importance of personality questions is that the other person will get to know you better and how you are at heart. It would also help you understand the perspectives of other members, and you can send like to the one which seems favorable to you.

According to Wooplus reviews, the basic credentials comprise your gender, gender of the person you are looking for, and your interests. There will be many choices given on the website, and you just have to tap on it. The question-answer page will be fun, and it also has the mission of verifying whether you are a fake profile or a genuine one. Only the real and genuine profiles looking for their soulmates will care to answer all the questions.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

All the photos inside any profile will be available for all the members, even for the free account holders. The members should read the profile information because some of the answers will be very fun to read. From a single IP address, only a single profile will be accepted so that there are no multiple profiles. It helps in eliminating a lot of chances of scammers as well as fake profiles. The community maintains very strict guidelines, which is why there are hardly any decoy profiles. There is a piece of very detailed information on the profile, and you can even change the information if you like later on.

As mentioned in Wooplus reviews, it is because of the good profile interface that the success rate is so high. One can easily find out about the person given in the answers, and it becomes easier for him or her to understand whether the other person is suitable for them. If you see any profile without a decent picture, it might be a scam. Even if you face any problems regarding body shaming, all you have to do is mention it to customer support.


Making matches and communicating on Wooplus is indeed amazing because it is so hassle-free. It has a free search tool available for everyone, and the location filter helps narrow down the option. But for the location filter, the members will have to go for the premium membership.

Wooplus reviews say that all the information in the people’s profile is free for everyone to watch. It incorporates the interest, hobbies, and the location and age of the individual. If a person likes you back, you will be able to message instantly. But if you want to initiate the conversation even without getting alike, then you have to pay for the premium account.

There is a gifting function, and you can contact people based on the same. In the profile itself, you will be able to get an idea about the number of gifts a person has received or sent. It is a unique approach taken out by the website to make it more engaging. In case of any unfortunate occurrence, you always have the option to block profile and even report it violation rules.


Members Structure and Activities

There is a fantastic number structured on this website, and the activity rate is about 50% of the total members daily. 60% of all the members live in the United States, and there are about 500,000 active members daily.

Users Age

You’ll mostly be able to find males and females belonging to the age range of 18 to 24 and 35 to 44. You will also be able to find members belonging to the age range of 25 to 34, 45-54, and also 55 plus.

Sexual Preferences

The members on this website can be heterosexual or homosexual and even bisexual. There will be no confinement based on the sexual preferences of any person.

Race and Ethnicity

Any individual can create an account on this website independent of race and ethnicity. This website’s vision is to bring together, plus size men and women from different parts of the globe, and create thousands of success stories.

Religious Orientation

There is no restriction when it comes to religious orientation because the members can believe in any religion and can still be a part of the website.

Religious Orientation

Wooplus Dating Website Features

  • Sending unlimited messages has never been easier, and you can do it on the Wooplus website.
  • You can have new potential matches every day, which means you have unlimited options to find your perfect partner.
  • You can tune your search and narrow down your options with the help of filters like ethnicity and location.
  • Check out who has like you and you can even go for the matchmaking faster
  • If you have skipped someone, do not worry because you always have the option of going back and swiping them right.
  • With the help of Wooplus select, you will be able to check out the most active people with the highest search.

Safety & Security

The Safety and Security of the website are visible according to the recent Wooplus website reviews. There will be no privacy leakage because of the strict surveillance as well as the HTML encryption. Not only that, but all the messages will be encrypted end-to-end so that it remains confidential.

Is Wooplus Legit or Scam Service?

There is a lot of questions regarding whether the Wooplus website is a legitimate or a scam one. According to the reviews on the Wooplus website, it has been able to give a lot of positive results and husband the reason for happy endings. That is why it is a legitimate website, and you should not think twice before registering on this platform.

Subscription Types and Price

The Wooplus website comes with two different account types. One is the free subscription account, and the other one is the premium subscription account. In the premium subscription for one month, a person has to pay 15 USD. For a donation of three months, the member will have to pay 10 USD per month with a total of 30 USD as a one-time payment. For a duration of one year, a person will have to pay 5 USD per month, which is around 6 to USD for a one-time payment in total.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

In the free membership, a person will be able to have the following features

  • Sending messages to the person who likes you
  • Searching people based on preferences
  • Easy photo uploading on the gallery
  • Liking and commenting on the profile pictures
  • Profile information editing as per convenience
  • Getting free coins for gift buying purpose
  • Poking other profiles

In the paid membership account, a member will have the following features

  • filter based on location
  • checking if the person has read the message
  • Selecting the most active people
  • Going back to rewind proposal
  • Getting back to the expired match.

Website Design and Usability

As mentioned in the Wooplus website reviews, website design and usability is unique and appealing to the eyes. The user interface is quite easy and simple as well as the website background is beautiful to look at.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

The mobile application design is easy to do you understand for even the beginners, and it is a multifunctional platform. It is available for both the apple and Android users, so the members will be able to keep messaging the shortlisted profile even while they’re traveling. This application is available absolutely for free and is compatible with almost all the devices.

Contact Information

Company: Wooplus

Address: NA

Phone: NA

e-mail:[email protected]



As an endnote, it is suggested that one should definitely go for a Wooplus website if they are not confident about their body type. It is always good to find someone who does not love you for your body but your mind. All the plus-sized individuals will be able to find the kind of relationship they want and with the perfect person. You have to let your success story be the next one on Wooplus.

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