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  • Free of charge.
  • Great privacy options; only those who follow the requirements will give the user an email.
  • Members have a quality score, which shows how successful they are on the dating website.
  • There is plenty to explore on this online platform.
  • Low tech ensures most of the app can work on every device.
  • The advertisements don't come up; in the sidebars, they are fed by which makes navigation easy, and using is simple, all is right where the user wants it to be.
  • It would be good if the app could determine a quest distance limit for matches within 50 miles.
  • The site looks and feels outdated when compared with some other dating services.
  • There are not as many concurrent users as usually there were.
  • Although "Book of Matches" used to be popular with hookups, especially in the UK, that's no longer the case. The platform hasn't updated in years and continues to be full of sex advertising.

Bookofmatches is a free hookup and dating site which has been into existence since 2002, and has continuously grabbed the attention of new users. If you are looking to get yourself registered on a dating website, then Bookofmatches is something you must look into. If you are more interested to know how Bookofmatches work? It’s signup process and price? Can Bookofmatches offer a positive user experience? Here, in this article, a brief Bookofmatches review has been given to help you find all those answers.

How Does It Work?

BookofMatches is one of the few online dating sites that is indeed 100 percent free. BookofMatches is a perfect place to find the next partner or date, whether the user’s a guy searching for a wife or a wife finding a man. BookofMatches centers concentrate on matching individuals based on characteristics such as Smoking Preferences, Drinking Habits, Pets, Travel, Exercise Level, Working Habits, Spontaneity / Improvisation, Friends Importance, Race Mindset, Club way of life, Depression, Physical Health, Family, Children’s Wanting, Stubbornness / Laid Back, Movies, Cleanliness, etc.

When searching for love or dating, BookofMatches is a perfect starting point and, in many situations, a spot to finish.

Sign-Up & Login Process Of This Site

Sign-Up & Login Process Of This Site

Registration starts on the front page of the website. The website has a dated look, as already described, but is clean and user-friendly. The user may begin the registration process by selecting a username and typing it in the textbox. This will kick-start a cycle of fast and straightforward registration, including entering an email address and choosing a password.

The user is asked to submit information such as the gender, birth date, ethnic origin, height, biology, appearance, relationship status, country of employment, state/country, and city on the Last Signup list. There will also be 12 specific questions regarding the temperament, the attributes the user is searching for in a mate, the perfect date, etc.

Profile Interface To Know About

A collection of 20 yes or no questions that the user will score on based on the interest. Such issues contain discussions about pets, hours of work, and whether the user decides to have kids, etc., and lastly, the user needs to attach up to three pictures to the profile and up to 14 in the scrapbook.

Matches/Communication Ways

The user can give winks. There is phone messaging, photo and an email communication as well.

Members Structure And Activities

About 21,000 Profiles are available on BookofMatches. For these, 78.33 percent are males, and 21.67 percent are females.

A Minimum Users Age To Sign- In

The ages of users usually vary from 24-30 years. In the United States, BookofMatches is popular.

Types Of Sexual Preferences BookofMatches Allows

Types of relationships allowed in BookofMatches are straight, homosexual, and bisexual. The user can change to Single, Married, and Divorced partnership status in Bom. BookofMatches most fascinating aspect is that the user will consider partnerships as an exercise buddy, as social, like dating, as well as mates and long-lasting ones.

Race And Ethnicity Policy

BookofMatches is a dating app that is entirely online. The platform gives all participants the same user interface. Users can only take advantage of the added benefits through specific activities. BookofMatches doesn’t price or discriminate between races for all of its facilities.

Religious Orientation

Once again, any consumer of any Religion can use BookofMatches. The page has the same user experience to all members.

BookofMatches Dating Website Features

BookofMatches Dating Website Features

BookofMatches delivers an incredible range of technologies for a free website. This wouldn’t be a leap to say the platform provides about as many services as a paying company, or even more.

The website contains two main contact types. Including a reasonably popular instant chat feature on the dating sites, consumers may also contact prospects through email. The only downside is that the user will use the designated mailbox of BookofMatches, but that’s a small price to compensate for. The mailbox has a dated and straightforward interface, but to get the job done, it doesn’t need to look shiny.

The user can upload up to three images. Other participants can rate these. Images Up to 14 can be submitted to Scrapbook. The user can type a photo description. The user may set the images frame boundary and background colors. Acquaintances or all the members can only use a picture. The user should post in the regular email on what’s happening in life. Bulletins are added to the profile and can be sent to friends by email. The user will build a blog that can be posted on by other users and access the blog from the profile.

Give winks to friends and add them to the list of crushes for a swift return. Browse 22 panels and hundreds of thousands of articles if the user likes. Posts cover a variety of topics, including hobbies, discussion of relationships, counseling, and experiences.

Search results may be presented as a chart or because of the gallery while looking for Members. The user can filter members by location; the user can specify the distance from matches (50 to 200 miles). The user can determine ethnicity, age group, relationship status, or the user can specify preferences for smoking and drinking matches, or the user can specify events with pictures.

The user should even take attitude assessments so the user can share with the peers the outcome of the study. The user can take up to 20 personality tests consisting of 10 to 20 yes or no answers. Such assessments explore subjects ranging from just how quiet the user is and how anxious the user may be.

Book of Matches provides a validated professional member seal that will display primarily from the essential profile picture, indicating the user has a 100 percent rating ranking. If the user has a Quality Seal, the user can use the forums, and it will not filter the messages to other members for personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses. A quality score will vary between 0 and 100 percent. The user will regularly engage in the BookofMatches to increase the rating ranking. This includes activities such as posting photos, responding to emails the user receives and completing the entire profile.

Safety & Security Of BookofMatches

Safety & Security Of BookofMatches

The user can report inappropriate images and conduct, which is abusive or offensive. Block representatives giving the user mail and Instant messaging is switched off. When browsing accounts, the user might go invisible (means the user isn’t connected to the lists). If anyone opens the profile and has some new notifications or feedback, the user will make BookofMatches give the user an email.

If the user opens the contact, the user will prevent non-friends from emailing the user. The user will ban emails that do not suit a particular age group and focus on who they are searching for and their relationship status. is a networking platform that is 100 percent free. They are not going to ask the user for a credit card at any moment, unlike other places pretending to be safe, but paying users for extra functionality or subscription enhancements.

BookofMatches provides the usual functionality a dating platform would anticipate that includes a fully functional messaging and search system. But it is the extras that distinguish this dating site. BookofMatches not only delivers instant messaging and live text chat, but they also offer webcam video chatting. In the context of online dating platforms, this is almost unheard of. BookofMatches has also introduced an aspect of social networking to its offering. The user will not only construct a “Favorites folder” but even build a “Friends list.” Having a member on the friend’s list enables them to view information such as the personality tests, blog posts, and photos in the scrapbook, which other members cannot see.

BookofMatches also realizes that privacy is essential, as well as the members’ quality. With this in mind, they created a “Quality Membership Score” that considers how a member uses the dating site. Each participant has a rating score which can be found on the details page of the profile. BookofMatches also has robust privacy features that allow the user to establish membership conditions that will contact the user. Several attributes may be specified, including location, gender, and age range.

Is Bookofmatches Legit Or Scam Service?

BookofMatches is one of the popular dating sites. It offers 100% free services to its clients. It seems much of a legit platform for their users to surf in accordance with their preferences. At times it goes through login issues as the review seems flooded with such responses. Apart from minor issues, this site provides n number of opportunities to interact in a wholesome manner. It was founded in 2002 and therefore made its visibility prominent in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Subscription Types And Price

It is a 100% free subscription site. Like any other dating site, it also offers free messaging and connecting with the users from all around.

Free Membership Features

BookofMatches doesn’t only offer live chat and texting features but also offers video chatting for its users. All of it is free of cost. Free membership includes creating profiles, adding extra profile features for detailed information about the user, viewing profiles, and photos of other users. It even allows the creation of a favorite list as well as the friend list. Having a friend list will allow the friends to access one’s personality checks, blog posts, and pictures uploaded to the scrapbook to which other users can’t.

Paid Membership Features

As stated earlier, the BookofMatches is a free site, but the members are charged for additional features and upgraded membership. All the functions expected from a dating site can all be found here.

Website Design And Usability

The BookofMatches is pretty much user friendly and provides the user with a wider horizon of information about their prospects. If a person matches the criteria then only he or she can email the user. This sets a new level of privacy. It allows an addition of 14 pictures in the scrapbook and 3 photos in the profile. Relationship statuses allowed are single, gay and lesbian. Relationship statuses though provide a larger platform of being single, in a relationship, married or separated. And the relationships one can find would be an activity partner, casual dating, friends, or long-term peoples. There are daily bulletins where one can post what’s happening in their life, it can be added to their profiles or can be emailed. It can even be made public or be kept by friends only.

Pictures of inappropriate nature or abusive and offensive behaviors can be reported. Privacy measures are seen as paramount with the site. One can block members from sending emails and turn off instant messaging options. Keeping the profile photos visible to only selected people can also be exercised. One can even request mails when someone views their profile photo or when someone sends new messages or comments. One can block people from email with whom they don’t want to initiate a conversation. The user can even search for the people following various parameters. They can search by location, specifying the distances from their match, gender, age-range, relationship status, smoking, and drinking habits. There are even additional personality tests available for the users to share with their friends to make an impression. One can take up 20 personality tests. These topics can range from how shy one is and how emotional one can be.

Mobile Application

This site can even be accessed using mobile applications. Getting messages, replying to the messages, and connecting through emails are also possible.

Contact information

Contact information

It has been prominent in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom initially. It is available on an online platform accessible to everyone. One has to register with the site to enable usage. Preferable language is English. It can be reached through the site


BookofMatches is concerned with the user’s safety of information, profiles, and pictures. With the quality of members in mind, they have created a distinct function ‘Quality Membership Score,’ which considers how a user uses his or her account. Every member is given a quality score displayed on the profile page, though we can still see some glitches that the site should work on. It should specify a distance range of fewer than 50 miles for matches. And even the website structure and its design are a bit outdated, which can be worked on.

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