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CoffeeMeetsBagel Overview

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  • A large number of female users.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Emphasis on delivering results.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • More chances of finding a date.
  • It can be very awkward to date a friend of a friend.
  • The service does not work efficiently in small towns.
  • A limited number of recommendations and suggestions.
  • Minimal search tool parameters.

In this CoffeeMeetsBagel review, you will get to know the features and functionality and the user structure and preference on this platform. These days, the Internet is flooded with multiple online dating websites claiming to provide guaranteed results. With the glittery displays and attractive profiles, they can quickly get to your nerves and make you register on their website. You will receive multiple notifications and messages, but you will not be able to view or respond to them until and unless you subscribe to one of their premium membership plans.

Once you pay the premium membership price, the reality will hit you hard! Most online dating websites’ profiles are nothing more than a hoax; they lure you into signing up and getting the premium membership to steal your money. These hollow dating websites do not care about the emotions and loneliness you might be dealing with all alone. The Kang sisters experienced various similar incidents and decided to launch an authentic online dating platform that believes in providing results and not conning its users. Finally, on 17th Apr 2012, the three Kang sisters presented CoffeeMeetsBagel.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

CoffeeMeetsBagel is a unique online dating platform where you can find your special one with your Facebook friends’ help! That’s right — the website allows you and your friends to recommend and set up with Facebook friends. There is no other way to register on the website, aside from joining through Facebook. You get to match with a real person who is specifically looking for a partner on the platform. Since you get a recommendation from your Facebook friends, the risk factors involved with dating a stranger also reduce. Besides providing relationship and dating solutions, CoffeeMeetsBagel also works very efficiently to save your time and effort in finding a partner.

Sign-Up and Login Process

Singing up on CoffeeMeetsBagel is very easy and time-saving; however, you can join the website using your phone number or Facebook account. You can join the platform through the website or the app. To join CoffeeMeetsBagel using the Facebook account, you will have to click on the “Sign up with Facebook” button. It will redirect you to the Facebook login page; you will have to log into your Facebook account and provide CoffeeMeetsBagel with permission to access your basic information and profile picture. Once you get done with this, the website will ask you some general questions; these questions will require you to provide the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your email address.
  3. What type of relationship you are looking for (e.g., marriage, committed relationship, something casual, etc.).
  4. Your gender.
  5. The gender you would like to date.
  6. The preferred age range of prospective date.
  7. Distance from your location.
  8. Prior experience using online dating websites.
  9. General personal information like height, ethnicity, religion, job, education, etc

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

Creating your profile on CoffeeMeetsBagel is very easy. Once you successfully register on the website, it will ask you a series of questions regarding your personality and preferences that have multiple options; select the answers most relevant to you, and it will reflect the related information on your profile. You can get to know a profile owner’s age, height, name, educational background, job status, ethnicity, and religion through their profile page. You can also add multiple profile pictures so that other users can get to see your distinctive and appealing features. You can also add a description of what you like, what interests you, and what qualities your prospective date should have.

The website has adopted the profile design that delivers most information about the user to outline their personality and interests quickly. It will help you find a suitable partner in no time.


CoffeeMeetsBagel has numerous interactive features and functions. The best part is that the website provides messaging features to all, i.e., free and paid users. You can also send a message to a user when you like their profile on the website. However, you can chat with a user for only SEVEN days; to chat beyond SEVEN days, you will have to purchase credits to keep the chat window open. The website has designed the chat feature to encourage its users to meet each other in the real world and take things to the next level.

Member Structure and Activities

The website is a massive online dating platform, with over 25 million users worldwide. While CoffeeMeetsBagel provides its services worldwide, most users on this platform are from the United States (approximately 11 million), followed by Canada, the European Union, and Asia.

User Age

The majority of the users on this website are very young, dynamic, and fun-loving, and most users belong to the age group of 22 to 30 years. The youth-driven design and website’s potential for delivering quick results make it a hit amongst the youth.

Sexual Preferences

CoffeeMeetsBagel provides dating and relationship solutions to straight men and women, gay men, lesbian, and bisexual individuals.

Race and Ethnicity

Anyone, irrespective of their racial or ethnic background, can join this platform.

Religious Orientation

The website offers its services to everyone regardless of their religious beliefs.

CoffeeMeetsBagel Dating Website Features

CoffeeMeetsBagel Dating Website Features

CoffeeMeetsBagel has various distinctive and unique features that help its users expedite finding the love of their life. Some prominent features available on the platform are listed below.

  1. Discover: This feature lets you search for a preferred match in your locality. You can send a heart to the users you find attractive on the platform, but you will need the Beans to do so.
  2. LadiesChoice: This feature is specifically designed to protect the women on the platform from predators and perverts. Under this feature, men get 21 female profile recommendations every day, and women will get the recommendation of only those male profiles who have already liked them.
  3. Give: This feature allows you to recommend one of your friend’s profile to another friend to set them up together. You can also pass one of your recommended profiles to your friends.
  4. Take: This feature allows you to make your profile feature under the “Discover” option.
  5. Woo: You can send Woos to other members using the Beans; this is an excellent way of conveying your interest in other users.
  6. Rematch: The feature allows you to go through the expired recommendations by using the Beans.
  7. Mirror-Mirror: This feature will enable you to know your current profile ranking.
  8. Photo Lab: This feature allows you to publish your two pictures for a weekly picture competition.

Safety and Security

CoffeeMeetsBagel has been created specifically to provide a safe and secure online dating platform to singles in need of a serious and long-lasting relationship worldwide. The website induces a sense of safety and reliability amongst its users since their prospective matches are friends of their friends on Facebook. However, if you cross paths with an abusive or ill-behaving user on the platform, you can immediately block the user to disallow them contacting you and report their profile.

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel a Legit or Scam Service?

Is CoffeeMeetsBagel a Legit or Scam Service?

CoffeeMeetsBagel is an authentic and genuine online dating platform; not only is it a legit dating platform; instead, it is made to curb the risks and uncertainties involved with general online dating platforms. The working principle and the cautious customer support team on CoffeeMeetsBagel curb the threats of scams and fake profiles on the platform to the minimum. CoffeeMeetsBagel is considered one of the safest and most secure online dating platforms.

Subscription Types and Price

You can access premium services and features on CoffeeMeetsBagels for the following price:

Premium Membership

Duration Cost Total
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 25.00 USD / Month 74.99 USD
6 Months 20.00 USD / Month 119.99 USD
12 Months 15.00 USD / Month 179.99 USD

Beans (In-App Currency)

Credits Costs Total
100 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 1.99 USD
2,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 23.99 USD
3,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 24.99 USD

You can pay using your Credit Card, PayPal, and Mobile Phone for purchases made on CoffeeMeetsBagel. The transaction made on CoffeeMeetsBagel is secured with SSL, i.e., when you make the platform’s payment, your card details and other sensitive data are encrypted and protected. The website also makes use of different tools and tactics to prevent fraud.

Free Membership

These features are available to free users:

  1. Register and create a profile for free.
  2. Browse user profiles.
  3. Communicate with your matches through text messages.
  4. Get free Beans.
Paid Membership

Like any other online dating platform, on CoffeeMeetsBagel, premium users have the edge over the free users. They can access more enhanced and more interactive features on the platform. However, unlike many other online dating platforms, CoffeeMeetsBagel allows its free members to communicate with other members without upgrading their membership to premium. The features and options available to free and premium users on CoffeeMeetsBagel are listed below.

Advantages of upgrading the membership to premium:

  1. Get 15% more Beans on your every purchase.
  2. Get unlimited Woos.
  3. See mutual friends with your match.
  4. Get five free Takes.
  5. Get to know how many other users your match chats and how many first messages they have sent.
  6. Get read receipts (i.e., know when your messages are read).
  7. Get 6,000 Beans per month.

Website Design and Usability

CoffeeMeetsBagel has designed its platform to work efficiently on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Also, they have developed an app for Android and iOS devices. The desktop version of CoffeeMeetsBagel is very easily accessible, and anyone can log onto the website to avail of its services from any browser. The website has been laid out in an interactive and user-friendly layout that anyone can quickly and easily get hold of. The website uses high-speed servers and the latest technologies to deliver quality and optimal performance.

The pages of the website load swiftly without causing your device to hang or slow down. The interface of the web, as well as the app platform of CoffeeMeetsBagel, is excellent and provides an engaging and entertaining experience to its users. It is easy to locate all the essential features and functions, and it is even easier to use them. The website and app’s overall impression is pretty outstanding, and young users find it very compelling and attractive due to its dynamic and youth-oriented design. The structure of the website is very intuitive. New users can get hold of the website very quickly, and the older users will not get bored of the design, layout, and appearance of the website. Locating all the options is very easy since the same have been labeled and placed very appropriately. You will not get confused or lost while browsing the website since all the tabs and menus will redirect you to the appropriate places.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

CoffeeMeetsBagel has developed an application for its Android as well as iOS device users. One can download the app from the respective application stores for free. The app for both platforms provides the same features as its web counterpart and works efficiently and effectively on Android and iOS devices. However, it is important to mention that the application on both the app stores has been labeled appropriate for adult users only.

Contact Information

  • Company: CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • Address: SOMA Central, 560 Mission Street/Suite 1367, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Phone: 9175748082
  • Email: [email protected]


With its excellent and immaculate working principle, design, and features, CoffeeMeetsBagel is undoubtedly a perfect platform for the single men and women worldwide who have been earnestly and desperately looking for a compatible and reliable partner. CoffeeMeetsBagel works a great deal when it comes to finding a trustworthy partner for a long-term relationship in a short course of time. If you are single and willing to find a partner sooner without wasting much of your time and efforts, CoffeeMeetsBagel is the perfect place for you.

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