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LDSPlanet is the only dating site that helps Mormons find long-term partners based on their religious identity

LDSPlanet Overview

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  • The website has an attractive graphic interface that is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The members are regularly active. So, whenever you log in, you will find a lot of online users for making interactions.
  • The dating site is reliable enough due to the presence of well-detailed real profiles.
  • The matchmaking procedure is based on a developed mechanism.
  • The cost of premium membership is easily affordable.
  • The website does not have a mobile application to access it on-the-go.
  • Members are not provided with the option to send direct emails to customer support.
  • In case you do not belong to the Mormons' religious community, you are not allowed to get the membership of

This LDSPlanet Review concentrates on all the site’s essential features to understand all the platform aspects. The website is specially created to help single Mormons who are too busy to socialize in real life. The dating site offers a simple layout and useful features that attract many Mormons. This Review attempts to discover the true worth of this dating site.

How Does It Work?

The working procedure of LDSPlanet is quite similar to the other niche dating websites. After the successful sign-up, you can use search filters and a list of matches to find the members. Also, there are useful features like messages, flirt, and a video introduction for communicating with other members.

Both web and mobile browsers support the website, but there is no mobile application. The smooth function and user-friendly layout of LDSPlanet have made the website desirable for users. Also, you will not come across any glitches or lags while accessing the site.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

LDSPlanet offers a convenient procedure of signing up on their website. If you are single and a member of an LDS church, you will need a proper username, password, and valid email address to complete the registration process. The users are not asked to provide unnecessary information about themselves. You only need to provide the necessary details such as desirable gender match, country( USA or Canada), zip code, age, gender, name, etc. An optional questionnaire is given to every user to express their amount of faith in the church. It is important to answer these questions appropriately so that other members can get a clear idea about your personality.

Once the registration process is over, the member is allowed to log into his or her profile anytime using the correct username and password.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

LDSPlanet consists of well-detailed profiles that help you to trust the members. Like other dating sites, the profiles also show necessary details such as name, age, gender, sexual orientation, country, etc. Besides these pieces of information, the answers about your religious faith are also displayed on the profile. However, it is not mandatory to put religious details during registration. Still, these details help to make your profile stand out. There are personality-related questions as well.

The more information you include in your profile, the more it becomes reliable to other members. Ensure you are honest about the information in your account because it determines your received matches’ quality. Also, the members are offered the option to change their profile information later. EIt is free to see the profile pictures of other members. The overall quality of profiles on LDSPlanet is quite excellent and bankable.


LDSPlanet provides different search filters to find suitable partners according to various parameters. Using these advanced search filters, you can discover fellow members based on age, name, and location. Besides these search filters, you can find members by entering the unique username or browsing through current active members.

The communication among members occurs through the exchange of messages. Only premium members get access to the option of sending and receiving private messages on LDSPlanet. The website offers a chatroom. It is easy to contact online members through instant messaging. As a free member, you can view the members who have visited your profiles. Also, you can add your liked members to the favorite list. It helps free members to locate their beloved members on the website quickly. If you have a premium membership, you will be lucky enough to send flirts to your interested members. “Video Introduction” and “Yeses to Me” features are also there to make the communication stronger among the members.


Members Structure And Activities

The purpose of LDSPlanet is to help single Mormons in finding suitable partners within the same religious group. Due to their belonging to a particular religious group, the members want to have a partner to connect spiritually. Members are the residents of the USA and Canada. Single Mormons from various age groups sign up on this website. If you are busy with your professional or educational life and don’t find the time to socialize, then you can attempt to find your suitable partner on this niche dating website.

Users Age

The minimum age for signing up on LDSPlanet is 18 years. Besides young members between the ages of 20 to 35, you will also find Mormons above 40.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

Sexual orientation is not a barrier to becoming a member. Whether you are a heterosexual, homosexual, transexual, or bi-sexual, it does not matter for having a membership on LDSPlanet. You have to be a single Mormon from any sexual orientation.

Race And Ethnicity

Most members on this site are white Americans and Canadians. However, there is no restriction for different racial backgrounds.

Religious Orientation

The website is specially created for Christians who follow the LDS church.

Religious Orientation

LDSPlanet Dating Website Features

As a niche dating website, LDSPlanet offers quite a lot of advanced features to provide its members with a unique dating experience. Undoubtedly, you would enjoy using these incredible features.

  • Flirt: The members who feel shy to express their interest through messages can use the “flirt” option. Every profile has a flirt button on which you can click to convey your interest.
  • Live Chat: Using the live chat feature, you can join in a conversation with the presently online members on LDSPlanet.
  • Yeses to me: This is a unique feature that you can see the members interested in meeting you personally.
  • Video Introduction: This is a very distinct feature of this dating site, making the online dating experience more enjoyable. Using this feature, you can introduce yourself to other members through the medium of a video. Due to this visual presentation, other members will come two about your voice, mannerisms, personality, and physical features more prominently.

LDSPlanet Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

LDSPlanet is a dating website that follows proper safety measures. Your personal and professional data are secured through encryption so that any third party user cannot misuse it. Also, you should keep your account secure with a strong password. You can block an abusive member to control his or her activity. If any member violates the website’s guidelines, his or her account will be removed from LDSPlanet. The only drawback of their security system is that there is no option to send a direct email to the customer support service. So, you cannot complain to the customer support team about your problems. However, there is a “Contact Us” section on the dating site where you can fill out a form and submit your issues to the customer care team.

Is LDSPlanet legit or scam service?

LDSPlanet consists of accurately detailed profiles and interactive communication features that help you get a clear idea about the members on the dating site. Though there is no verification process for accounts, the number of fake members is quite lesser because most members sign up for spiritual compatibility. While interacting with members, you should look into the profile details and photographs to understand each member’s credibility. If you come across any offensive situation or any fellow member asks for money, you should block or report it. Therefore, you can trust LDSPlanet as a scam free dating site.

Is LDSPlanet legit or scam service?

Subscription Types And Price

Two types of membership plans are offered to every member of LDSPlanet.

  • Free membership
  • Premium membership

After completing the registration process successfully, you are allowed to use the website as a free member. Even as a free member, you can access many useful features of this dating website. However, some unique features are particularly curated for the premium members of LDSPlanet.

You will not regret subscribing to a premium membership because the cost of premium membership on LDSPlanet is comparatively lower than that of alternative dating sites. Also, the provided features are worth the paid money.

The members are provided different payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal to submit their subscription fees. Your payment history is available at the website that you can access anytime. Your chosen membership plan will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel it through your account settings.

Premium Membership
1 Month 16.99 USD / Month 16.99 USD
3 Months 12.32 USD / Month 36.97 USD
6 Months 8.99 USD / Month 53.94 USD

Free Membership

In case you do not want to sign up for a premium membership, you can easily access the following free features of LDSPlanet after your successful registration.

  • No cost is involved in the registration process.
  • Members are allowed to create their profiles for free.
  • Free members are allowed to like and comment on the photographs uploaded by other members.
  • You can make use of the search filters to search for your suitable matches.
  • As a free member, you can upload pictures on your profile.
  • Free members can view the profile pictures of other members.

Free Membership

As mentioned earlier in this LDSPlanet Review, some particular features are only accessible to premium members, which include-

  • If you are a premium member, then you get the extra advantage of using advanced search filters to find more appropriate matches.
  • Premium members can send as many messages as they want.
  • You can also send Flirts to other members to express your interest in them.
  • One of the most significant advantages of getting a premium membership is that you can access the live chat feature to communicate with your fellow members.
  • You can also view when other members are reading your messages.

Website Design And Usability

The layout of LDSPlanet is simple enough so that even not a tech-savvy person can easily access the site. The entire theme of the website is mainly created for single LDS church members. The color combination and simplicity used in this website are related to the property of Mormons. No advertisement is displayed on the website. Due to the user-friendliness, the number of single Mormons is increasing day by day on this site.

Website Design And Usability

Mobile Application

There is no mobile application for the usage of members. However, you can easily access the website’s mobile version on your phone if you are on the go.

Contact Information

  • Company:

  • Address: USA
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: N/A

Contact Information


After a thorough review of LDSPlanet, it can be stated that this platform is one of a kind dating site that mainly works for single Mormons. The site’s features, layout, and safety measures have established it as a trustworthy dating site in American countries. In case you are a busy single Mormon looking for a like-minded partner, you will not regret joining LDSPlanet to take your love life to the next level.

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