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MeetMindful is not a mere dating website for hookups. Instead, it inspires people to create deeper relationships.

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  • If you are looking for a sincere and genuine relationship, it is the perfect dating site.
  • The dating platform does a great job of gathering people with similar interests.
  • The user interface is attractive and provides all the essential advanced features for online dating.
  • Due to the restricted features for free members, you will find the premium membership mandatory.
  • As most members on this site belong to metro cities; you will not be able to take advantage of the location-based matchmaking system if you live in a smaller town.

As the name suggests, MeetMindful is a dating website that encourages people to find meaningful relationships. Despite being established recently in 2015, the dating website has a large and growing user base. MeetMindful is not like any other ordinary dating sites. Instead, it believes in the union of two great minds. The website gathers inspiring people together to build love and friendship.

The site is specially created for people who possess a higher consciousness and pursue a healthier way of life. MeetMindful determines the mindfulness of a person through different procedures. The website inspires you to be dedicated to your mindful lifestyle. However, a lot of doubts still linger on among people about the true worth of this site. This review gives you a clear picture of the website’s quality so that you can decide about getting a membership on this unique dating platform.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Although MeetMindful has mostly similar features as other dating sites, the purpose of this website is unique. Therefore, you will find that more importance is given to the members’ profile details and lifestyle. Matching suggestions are provided to every user according to their location personality. Messaging is primarily used for communication.

Members have the privilege to access the site through both desktops and mobiles. The pages of this dating site are mobile-optimized for smooth function in mobile browsers. Though the web version is not buggy and free of glitches, sometimes, the app doesn’t function smoothly. However, you can install the MeetMindful app on your Android or iPhone device for using it on the move.

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you want to sign up on MeetMindful, you will be provided two options to perform your registration procedure. You can either opt for registration through Facebook or a valid email address with the verification procedure. It will take 5 minutes or more to complete the registration procedure.

Once your given email address is verified, you need to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire will include questions about your personality, profession, educational qualification, hobbies, interests, etc. However, it is not compulsory to answer the questions. You can skip these questions as well, but in that case, no detailed information will be shown on your profile.

During the initial stage of your sign-up, you will be asked about your sexual preferences and sexual orientation. There is no restriction on membership based on gender. The only essential thing for your registration is an active and verified email address. In the case of Facebook registration, your photographs and personal details will be synced from your Facebook account.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

The profiles on MeetMindful not only contain details about your personality and interests but also provide details about your mindful lifestyle. It will take you some time to complete your profile because the majority of fields need essay-type answers. In these fields, you can thoroughly describe the style of your mindful living.

The information on a user’s profile is divided into three separate profiles.

  • Account Profile – This section contains general information about a member.
  • Surface – In this part, you can write about your desirable partner. This section also consists of personal choices and ideology.
  • Depth – In the third and final section of your profile, you explain your mindful living style and how dedicated you are towards your conscious lifestyle.

MeetMindful encourages members not to judge a person based on photographs but according to the details on their profile. So, there is adequate space to provide all kinds of information on your profile. The details on your profile can be modified later as well. A member is permitted to upload a maximum of 6 photographs. It is free to view profile pictures of other members. If you join MeetMindful, then the high quality of profiles on this site will not disappoint you.


The matchmaking system of MeetMindful is similar to the dating site Tinder. In this procedure, you see a profile and then choose to like or pass it. A connection is made if the person likes you back as well. Standard members get up to 10 matches daily.

In the case of primary members, the messaging feature is only limited between connected people. At the same time, premium members are allowed to send messages to any fellow member. The primary match recommendation system of MeetMindful works based on location and your given information. In case you upgrade your membership into a premium one, you will be able to access the advanced search filters to set different parameters for your search. MeetMindful does not offer other mediums of communication apart from messages to interact with fellow members.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

MeetMindful is a dating site that works for bringing the people together who follow a mindful lifestyle. The site focuses on creating meaningful bonds of friendship and love to enhance your life. Despite being a relatively new website, the number of active members on MeetMindful is more than 300000. 70% of members on this site belong to big American cities. Also, there are members of other countries as well. Unlike other alternative dating sites, the number of female members is more than male members on this site. However, this will not be a barrier to finding your perfect match.

Users Age

A member has to be at least 18 years old for registering on MeetMindful. Most of the members on this website fall under the age group between 25 to 34 years.

Sexual Preferences

People from all genders and sexual orientations are welcome on MeetMindful.

Race And Ethnicity

MeetMindful gives place to people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. However, the majority of members on this site are white Americans.

Religious Orientation

MeetMindful does not have any restrictions for its members based on religion. People from diverse religious backgrounds have membership on this dating site.

MeetMindful Dating Website Features

To enhance your virtual dating experience, MeetMindful offers the following features to its members.

  • Advanced Search Filters: The advanced search filters of this dating site give you the scope of finding your compatible partner according to several categories, including food habits, interests, inspirations, and life goals.
  • See Who’s Premium: Using this feature, you can see the people who have premium membership among your match suggestions and connections. This feature will help you know the more reliable people and reply to the message without being connected.
  • Browse Mode: This mode allows you to view many profiles simultaneously. You can even save your favorite profiles among them.
  • Chat Anyone: If you have a premium membership, you can chat with any member on this site without being matched.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The safety of members on MeetMindful is ensured by the encryption of financial and personal data. Besides that, the website has a verification procedure for those who do not register through Facebook. In case of any unlikely situation on the site, you can complain or submit your issues to the customer support team through the email address or phone number. If you come across any abusive member, it is wise to block him or her. Due to the strict safety measures and reliable customer support team, you will usually have a safe experience on MeetMindful.

Is MeetMindful legit or scam service?

MeetMindful is not a mere dating website for hookups. Instead, it inspires people to create deeper relationships. So, you will mostly encounter real profiles on this site. The website offers registration through either a Facebook account or verified email address so that there are no chances of having fake members on the platform. Members are also given options of blocking or reporting if they come across any offensive circumstances. It is a competent and trustworthy service that has given MeetMindful a lot of popularity within a short period.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

Similar to most other alternative dating sites, MeetMindful also offers two types of membership.

  • Free membership
  • Premium membership

The free features are accessible to you after completing your registration process. However, the free features are so limited that you will need a premium membership to use the website to its full potential. The cost of premium membership is quite affordable.

A member has options of paying through credit cards or debit cards. MeetMindful does not offer any refund policy. If you do not want to discontinue your subscription, you can make the cancellation anytime.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
1 Week 14.00 USD / Week 14.00 USD
1 Month 29.00 USD / Month 29.00 USD
3 Months 16.33 USD / Month 49.00 USD
6 Months 13.17 USD / Month 79.00 USD

Free Membership

The following features as a free member on MeetMindful are too limited. These features include:

  • Making an account is free on this dating site.
  • It is free to complete and modify the profile details.
  • Uploading photos is also a free feature of this site.
  • You can perform three likes in a day.
  • Free members get suggestions for ten matches every day.
  • As a free member, you can use the primary search filter to find your suitable partners.
  • You will also get access to the messaging feature to communicate with your fellow members.
  • Include attractive members on your favorite list.
  • Even as a free member, you can read the articles on this site about mindful lifestyle and relationships.
Paid Membership

Once you get a paid membership on MeetMindful, you are allowed to access all the incredible features of this site, which include:

  • Premium members receive unlimited matches every day.
  • You can give as many likes as you want on the uploaded pictures of other members.
  • As a premium member, you are allowed to chat with any member according to your wish.
  • Using the browse mode, you can view many profiles at one time.
  • You can apply the advanced search filter to find partners according to your personal preferences and different parameters.
  • Get access to the list of fellow members who have liked your profile.
  • You can see who the other premium members on this site are.
  • Premium Members also get priority in customer service.

Website Design and Usability

Like other recently established dating sites, MeetMindful has a modern user interface with advanced features. The WebPages are arranged logically so that it becomes easy to navigate through the website. The simple design and light shades of colors used on the website perfectly portray the idea of mindful living.

Separate icons are used for the user-friendly representation of the features. Though the functions are not very fancy, it serves the purpose of building relationships. The uncluttered layout of MeetMindful’s web version attracts many people to use the site.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The mobile application of MeetMindful is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store for both Android as well as iPhone users. However, the app version does not feel as smooth as the desktop version because the features are not well arranged due to the shortage of space. However, there is no difference between the desktop and mobile versions in the case of functions.

People always prefer to use the functional app of a dating site; the MeetMindful mobile app does not always give you a smooth experience due to the presence of glitches. After continuous use of the app for some minutes, it seems to hang or freeze. However, once the app starts to work without glitches and bugs, it is quite suitable for people on-the-go.

Contact Information

  • Company: MeetMindful, Inc.
  • Address: 1444 Wazee St. Suite 130, Denver, CO 80202
  • Phone: 1-866-304-6444
  • Email: [email protected]


After providing a detailed review of MeetMindful, the fact has been clear that it is one of the fastest-growing dating sites that promise you to find meaningful relationships. It is needless to say that the safety measures, high-quality audience, and useful features of the site support its ultimate goal. In case you are looking for something more than just hookups and casual dates, you should not hesitate to join MeetMindful for experiencing the more magnificent beauty of love and friendship.

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