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The invention of the Raya dating app in 2015 was driven by the desire to create a platform for high-maintenance, famous, and influential people. It unites representatives of fashion, show-business, movie, art industries.

Raya Overview

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  • Since all Raya members go through the scrupulous check-up and verification process, you get to talk to the most interesting people in the virtual world;
  • The app does not charge all your money for a subscription. It has a moderate price, so you can easily afford it;
  • Being safe online is the priority for Raya, so be sure your profile and personal data are protected;
  • The app will not disappoint even if you don’t find a date. A lot of users find business connections and start businesses together;
  • The moderators are regularly working to locate inactive accounts.
  • The app is secure, but it sacrificed a quick registration for that. Hence, get a bag of patience for the signing up process.
  • The number of potential matches greatly depends on your location;
  • The app does not provide a set of requirements that you need to correspond to before applying;
  • If you have nobody to put a good word in for you, the app will not accept you.

How does it work?

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

As you can imagine, these people achieved success in their lives, and they are looking for people of similar status to become their friends, partners, lovers, and mistresses. You can easily meet the profile of your favorite celebrity on the app. Hence, the procedure of becoming a member of such a community is not simple. The community is trying to build up fences to accept only worthy people. As a result, all the users have real accounts, and the chances to find a better quality partner are higher.

Some people call it a drawback, but the app relies on the user Instagram a lot. If the person is a productive Instagram entrepreneur, they will most probably be accepted. It creates a feeling of unfairness at times. Raya’s developers explain that they are not about the financial status of a person but their activities. Instagram is the best way to make sure that the person is not just taking a nice picture from the comfort of their own home but doing the life-changing deeds.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Raya is not looking for new customers. Instead, the customers are trying to get into the private circle. The best way to secure the spot on the app is to get the reference of the existing user. If that is not an available option for you, then get into the process of recommending yourself. Compile a list of hobbies, activities that you succeeded in, get the recommendations from work, and of course, your social networks. Raya wants the users to connect their social networks to the app (Instagram, Facebook). You should have a lot of followers and an influential page. The app invites versatile and interesting people only.

After you provide all possible credentials, a special committee will look into your application and assess it. The assessment process is quick since a couple of members have a set of universal criteria for the selection. If your profile does not correspond to one, at least, the application will be rejected. There is no clear data on the committee members, so try your best to make your application flawless in all aspects.

Profile interface

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

The profile is comprised of sections:

  • Personal info (gender, age, name, email);
  • Occupation (industry, job);
  • Social network credentials;
  • Verification (phone number confirmation).

Raya pays extra attention to safety. All user profiles should be private, and the other user is not allowed to take screenshots of it. The app traces screenshots and sends out warnings. You can get one warning before your profile gets blocked.

The profile on the app should be powerful. It should contain constant updates on your activities as well as the comments. Being passive and inactive will result in an account ban. In case you do not visit the account regularly, the moderators will freeze it, leaving you the option to come back later.

Raya is an app for people with high standards and those who want to reach the tops in their industry and relationships. It is a very competitive and motivational environment. It is also a great place to learn new things about the dating world and your professional world.


Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

Raya is an excellent app for modern people who like cutting -edge technology. The app looks like an improved version of Tinder. The options you have are swiping, liking profiles, and texting. The high-tech design of the app creates a cool atmosphere. Most profile pictures are photoshoots from exotic trips on vacation or fashion shows. It is the app with the profiles of famous people with posh lives.

Besides looking for a romantic relationship, Raya is a tool for networking. You are free to like and start communication with anyone, and it will most probably bring you lots of benefits. Make sure to check the industries in which people work, and you will find good opportunities for your business and career. With the upscale security procedures of the app, the chances to meet a scammer are minimized.

Members structure and activities

The app is popular in countries like Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand. Most users live in luxurious destinations and exotic countries for work and leisure. Raya does not have millions of users since the selection process does not let all the candidates through. It does connect the prettiest and richest people of the globe. The total number of users is close to million with the daily activity of 50 000 users.

Users age

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

The average age of a user is 30 y.o. Raya policies state that the person should be 18 + to join. With that in mind, you might be asked for ID. It is prohibited to show disrespect to other users and show off with your wealth. The aim is to focus on interesting activities and development rather than money.

Sexual preferences

Raya welcomes all users regardless of their orientation. You can select the gender on the stage of registration. Further on, you are free to use the search tools to look for a partner of a gender you want.

Race And Ethnicity

About 50 % of users are coming from the USA. Hence it is a mix of nationalities. There are Dominican, Indian, American, etc.

Religious Orientation

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

You are free to express your religious views on Raya. People of all denominations can be found on the website. Since Buddhism has become more popular among celebrities lately, you can find a lot of representatives there. Whether you are into Kabbalah, Catholicism, or Scientology, Raya is a good place for you.

Raya dating website features

  • Upscale Profile. Raya profile is not a regular page on a dating site. It is a professional dating profile concurrently.
  • Social Mode. When you turn on the mode, you get to see Raya users located near you. It gives you a chance to meet up with someone anytime.
  • Video uploads. Besides the textual and visual content on the profile, the users can upload videos.

Safety & Security

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

Raya is not an app that you need to be worried about when it comes to sharing your data. Since every single member of the app is going through the verification process, there are no fake accounts. All the members are legit and looking for real relationships. If someone is trying to take a screenshot, the user gets a warning about the violation of policies. All the members are encouraged to read the code of conduct and follow the rules to preserve the respectful atmosphere. Nevertheless, remember about online safety and take preventive measures yourself. Keep your passwords safe and never share the payment details with anyone.

Is Raya legit or scam service?

Raya is a legal service that protects the personal data of users. Its reputation is flawless due to the excellent procedures of selecting the members. Whether you want to find a lover, mistress, or a business partner, the app is a legit tool for you to use.

Subscription types and price

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

Raya is an app for privileged and successful people. Its policies do not presuppose the free users who are roaming around aimlessly. The prices though, are quite affordable for the average person. It is not an app oriented at wealthy people only.

Free membership

The users are welcome to fill in the application form for free, and this is where the free services end. After you receive the email about your approval, you need to get the subscription.

Every member of the app has to pay a monthly fee of $7.99. This policy was introduced to discourage scammers and encourage people who are serious about their intention. With the subscription, you get access to all the features that Raya has to offer.

Website design and usability

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

The desktop version of the product exists to guide the users on how to download the app and maintain it. It contains the contact details, link to address the support and read the community guidelines. It is recommended to get acquainted with the information on the website to know the rules and avoid misunderstanding the procedures. All the information on the site is delivered in a concise style.

Mobile application

Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

The mobile app developed for Raya has all the needed features to be successful. It is easily connected with other platforms like social networks, and it works well under the pressure of high user activity. The features that it supports are texting and video/audio recording. The visuals are well-organized. In terms of performance, there were no user complaints. The app is also compatible with most existing mobile devices.

An interesting feature of the app is a one-page format. The developers minimized the actions that the user needs to do to find a match. There is no scrolling or confusing notifications, messages and pages. It is plain and simple with the stylish design. As the practice shows, the user tends to be frustrated if the app has a lot of buttons. Hence, Raya is perfect for busy people who want to save their time.

Contact information

To get in touch with the website, use the button on the homepage in the section ‘Contact Us.’ Click the button to be automatically transferred to the email box.


Raya Review: Elite Singles Club or scam?

Raya aims to create the best atmosphere possible for people to communicate and become partners, friends, or lovers. The selection of members is a sacred procedure that moderators do thoroughly. The app developers consider it a place for people who have something to bring to the table. They compare it with the dinner party to which you invite people who can have fun. Would you invite someone unpleasant to your party? For sure, you would not. Hence, Raya developers decided to invite people who will set the right atmosphere for each other. Whether you are an influencer, blogger, celebrity, or business owner, the website is interested in how passionate you are about your career and achievements. With the help of the app, you can not only settle down with a successful person but also move up the career ladder. Becoming a Raya member might be your lucky ticket in life.

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