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The app launch dates back to 2010 when two gay men decided to start their business. It was not an idea that brought millions of dollars. It was more for the sake of creating more dating facilities for people of different and non-traditional genders.

Scruff Overview

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  • The membership pool of Scruff is immense, and the daily activity is high;
  • The profile can be linked to the social media profile;
  • Well-developed security procedure prevent and identify fake accounts;
  • Scruff won multiple awards for delivering flawless service.
  • The technical side is weak;
  • The app has minor glitches.

How Does It Work?

The average dating app is full of straight people, and the queers are left outside the online dating world. Scruff was destined to win the hearts and minds of many people. In 2014 the app was acknowledged by the New York community and won the best app title.

Regardless of the awards and public appreciation, the app went through some hard times. It was rejected by the online stores multiple times. The brightest example is the scandal with the Play Store. It has rejected the app without explaining. The app creators decided to review the policies and the content of the app. As a result, a lot of rules were introduced. Things like nudes and no-shirt pictures were banned. It resulted in the loss of some customers since the traditional maneuvers that could be used in dating were banned. Using creativity, the developers made up a new rule that allowed people to create private albums and share anything.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you want to see what the app has to offer, browsing through the profiles does not require registration. However, the app will demand your precise location.

Becoming a member of Scruff is an exciting and unusual process. The app comes up with the questions and rules that seem confusing initially. If you think about it, they help you be more productive on the site. The information that must be provided is your email, age, password, and photo. Scruff also asks for the description of the photo. You will be given the option to select whether it is a selfie, a body photo, or your face or body, not on the picture.

Since the app is based on location, it requires you to give access to your device. In case you want to change the location, you can do it one time within twenty-four hours. The app uses Google Maps to locate you.

Profile Interface

The profile layout is the following:

  • Photo;
  • Location;
  • Online/Offline status;
  • Options to share the photos with the user, message, like.

Since the website encountered some issues with the content, they decided to ban the photos with nudity from the public eye. It is still possible to share them in your private albums. If you want to show your nudes to a user, open their profile and click the lock button.

All the users are categorized depending on their preferences. It is not obligatory to have one category in your preferences. You are free to go for gay, trans, chub, etc.

When filling in the profile on this app, pay attention to the photos you upload. The great emphasis is on the private photo album as well. Users tend to fall for indiscreet people about their sexuality and feel like sharing some teasing photos. Also, note that your location is vital for the proper functioning of the app. The location cannot be changed anytime, so when you set it initially, make sure you are in the right spot. If your location changed, but you have not changed the app’s settings, it will bring you irrelevant matches.

Profile Interface


Scruff got creative with the chatting options. Instead of traditional ‘hello’ or ‘wink,’ the user sends to the uniqueness of the service. There is even a list of most ‘woofed’ people. A lot of tools for messaging are available at Scruff: Snaps, gifs, texts, photos.

If the user is ready to meet you just looking at the profile, they can tick a box to notify about it. The other way to start communication with someone is opening your private album.

Members Structure and Activities

The member quality of the website is high. Males dominate the world of Scruff dating. The categories you can find are abundant muscular, chubby, queer, trans, leather, discreet, etc. The community is diverse, and every man can find an interesting partner. People come to Scruff for various reasons like casual relationships and even long-term ones.

Users Age

The app looks at the age limit. It is 18 y.o. Since users are allowed to exchange nudity in pirate messages and albums, underage users are banned. The most popular age category on the app is 20 – 25 y.o.

Sexual Preferences

The app was developed by gay CEOs who wanted to create a safe space for the LGBT+ community. Hence, everyone is accepted. It is not the best place for straight people. The users are free to select a couple of gender preferences.

Race and Ethnicity

The HQ of the company is in the US, and most users come from that country. As to the nationalities, you can find any. Whether you are looking for a hot Arabic Alladin or Danish Viking, your options are abundant.

Religious Orientation

Scruff profile does not have a separate column for religion. You are free to express any opinions.

Religious Orientation

Scruff Special Features

  • Events. Scruff arranges parties and meetings of different types. If you want to attend, you need to find the closest location and get the invite. Depending on how many stars the event has, the more attention it will attract. For example, a three-star event is the coolest one. Note that Scruff initiates not all the events, the individual users might sponsor some.
  • Map. One of the unusual features that Scruff has is a map with your potential matches. You can not only see the users around, but also categorize them. For example, you want someone gay who is online now. Set the filter, and you get the matches on the map. As long as you do not forget to allow the app access to your GPS, you should get a lot of matches.
  • ‘Venture.’ Besides being a good place to find people to talk to and date, Scruff provides more opportunities. It assists you with traveling. For example, when you want to go to London from San Francisco, you are welcome to open the map and find Scruff members on the map. You can find the ambassadors, guides, potential dates, and even people who give their rooms/apartments for rent. In that way, the app is multifunctional and works to provide you the highest-quality service.
  • ‘Scruff Matching’ stands out for several reasons. Although it is based on the traditional swiping game, it has some modifications that make your experience more convenient. First of all, you have a photo to like and the info on what the user is open to. Besides, if you hesitate about a photo but do not want to lose it, you can pick the clock button. It will bring back the user to you the next day.

Safety & Security

Scruff is not getting the ownership of your content, but whatever you post on the platform will go public. By registering, you agree to the policies of the website. Hence, the content you post will be translated if needed, modified if it violates the app’s code of conduct, or even deleted. The rules of posting the photos and content are stated in the section ‘Terms of Service.’ The company that manages Scruff is called Perry Software. They are responsible for managing your personal information and, of course, protecting it. Before you start sharing your content, get acquainted with the rules, and make sure you understand everything. In case you have questions, address their support.

Safety & Security

Is Scruff Legit or Scam Service?

Scruff was involved in an issue with Google Play. It resulted in the development of better policies and improvement of the platform. Not only the technical side was upgraded but legal. Some of the photos and content pieces that users are used to sharing online were banned. However, the app became a more social platform with a nice atmosphere. Currently, the moderators’ team is working on the app to prevent any illegal activities and make sure that all the profiles are real. It is rare to see a fake account that stays on the website for a long time. They are usually identified instantly. Besides, the app uses reliable payment systems.

SubscriptionTypes and Price

It is safe to say that Scruff is not trying to suck the money out of your pocket. It is an averagely priced app. You are offered a subscription for one month ($14.99), three months ($39.99), or one year ($119.99). Note that messaging and basic features are free, so subscription is optional. Since it is an app, you can easily pay from your phone or credit card. Besides, the account upgrade is instant and can be performed anytime. If you feel like getting some extra services, click the button and you will get it.

Free Membership

  • Design your profile and upload pictures;
  • See other profiles without paying for it;
  • Exchange messages with other users (regardless of the type of subscription they have);
  • See how responsive people are (stats on how often the user responds to the received messages).
  • With the paid package you are freed from all the advertisements and pop-up windows;
  • More users will be shown on the map for you;
  • You can categorize the users when searching (date, their location, and last visit);
  • All the possible search filters are in your control;
  • Your chat history with the user will be saved for an unlimited period;
  • Send photos along with the videos via messages;
  • You can hide your profile while still browsing.
Paid Membership

Desktop Design and Usability

The website exists to guide the user on how to use the app. It contains the basic info on the app capabilities, the links for downloading it, etc. It is vital to get acquainted with the code of conduct to avoid troubles with uploading the photos.

Contact Information

You can contact the website’s customer support with questions concerning Privacy Policy or Data Protection at

Company: Perry Street Software, Inc.

Address: 489 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

For California residents:

Address: 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (916) 445-1254; (800) 952-5210

Contact Information


Scruff is not a part of the huge media holding, as it is with many apps. It uses advertising for income. It is probably the biggest frustration for the users. Everything else is flawless. The service has the member pool that Tinder would be jealous of. 99.9 % of users are on the website daily and do not plan to stop their visits. Although the app has glitches, it sometimes does not prevent you from matching with people and communicating with them. Within a couple of years of working, Scruff is the app known by the international queer community.

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