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UkraineDate is a dating website designed especially for men and women from Ukraine.

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  • The process of getting registered is straightforward.
  • The forum is owned and control by Cupid Media, which owns 14 more dating platforms.
  • The are plenty of women to choose from.
  • You can showcase your interest in different ways.
  • The monthly memberships are not that costly.
  • Plenty of options can create a sense of confusion.
  • You can text someone only if you are a paid member.
  • The site is not very active these days.

UkraineDate is also instrumental in significant countries of Eastern Europe. The site is in performance for the past ten years. It is considered one of the most prominent dating sites for the people of Ukraine.

What is the first country that pops-up in your mind when you hear about Slavic women? The majority of you will think of Russia. Today, Ukraine has one of the most beautiful Slavic women across the world. So if you are planning to marry one, you must get yourself registered on the site of UkraineDate.

The website is owned and controlled by a company named Cupid Media. The company is a shark in the sea of dating websites. The forum went on the floors more than a decade ago. There are tons of success stories that have been spoken by the users of the site. The forum has a user-friendly website and a mobile application as well.

So if you are searching for a Slavic bride, you should read this assessment with proper attention.

The working procedure of the website

The working procedure of the website

Scrolling through the site of UkraineDate does not require you to have a registered profile. However, there isn’t much to look for if you aren’t one. The process of getting registered on the forum is simple. You need to punch down your name, email, and contact details. For an undemanding experience, the site also supports onboarding through Facebook.

Once you are in, you will witness a list of profiles in front of you. However, the accounts that are randomly showcased may or may not fulfill your required criteria. To sort out the list, you need to mention your preferences and then carry on with the selection process.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The process of getting on board with the forum works the same way as other Cupid Media websites. You can use the mobile application or the site to become a registered member. The home page of UkraineDate exhibits a small form in which you need to pen your name, email, and mobile number.

You can also use your Facebook account to sign-in on the platform. Once you click on the Facebook option, your account will automatically get synchronized with the website. The forum will then fill in all the details using your Facebook profile. Hence, if you prefer to architect a new account, you can opt for the sign-in through the email option.

It is essential to bring to your notice that you need to be at least 18 years of age to become a registered member—the process of signing intakes for most of two minutes. Email authentication is not mandatory, and hence you can quickly get on board.

The Quality Of Profiles Available On The Site

The Quality Of Profiles Available On The Site

Once you are done with registration, you will get a list of random accounts on behalf of UkraineDate. To get the profiles that match your criteria, you need first to fill in all the necessary details on your profile. Make sure the details you punch in should be genuine. The display picture which you upload should be clear. The same is first authenticated by the team of the site and uploaded on your profile.

If your account looks incomplete or lacks any kind of information, the team may terminate the same while doing a routine survey. A complete profile helps you stay intact on the site and gifts you with exact matches. Please note that most of the members registered on this platform are hunting for long term dating partners.

How can you get matches with other profiles?

After filling out all the required details, you are good to go. UkraineDate itself presents you with a list of members for you to select from. Although the provided inventory is long and random, you can easily carve out the unnecessary profiles from the same. For this, you need to use the search option.

You can fill out all the details you need to see in your partner in that form. Make sure that the website will display the profiles according to your matched criteria only. You can filter out the listing based on mother tongue, geographical location, age, or interests.

To begin a conversation with someone, you need to have a paid membership. The “Instant Message” feature is not available to basic members. As a free member, you can send you interests in the form of likes and send interest options. If a person likes your profile, you will get connected.

UkraineDate is composed in a way to benefit the premium members only. To enjoy the attributes of the site correctly, you need to have a paid subscription.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

A substantial base of members registered on the site is hunting for long term relationships. Currently, the forum has more than eighty thousand registered profiles. Nearly eighty-five percent of the accounts are straight men.

The website has gained some tremendous appreciations in the region of Ukraine and other Eastern European states. Some of the prominent countries are Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, and The States. The site caters to all the people belonging to a diversified age group.

The Prominent Age Group

UkraineDate has a diversified member’s profile when it comes to the age group. The range of age starts from eighteen and extends up to sixty. Most of the registered accounts are between 25-35 years of age.

Sexual Orientation

The population of male dominates the community of female on the site. The majority of the men are straight and are actively looking for Slavic women for long term relationships or even marriage.

What about the ethnicity and caste group?

As UkraineDate is a niche dating forum, most of the members belong to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. The website is a prominent dating platform for the people of Ukraine. It has received significant appreciations in fulfilling the dreams of many members.

Does the website targets any particular religion?

No, the site’s primary aim is to provide the men and women with a platform to find their true love and live a “happily ever after” life. Nevertheless, as the active members hail from Eastern European countries, their religion is Christian Catholics.

Special Attributes Of UkraineDate

Special Attributes Of UkraineDate

UkraineDate does provide its users with some very cool and attractive features. A list of features which you may enjoy as a member is given below:

  • Block List: This feature lets you add an annoying contact that has harassed you or said some mean things. You can also report such profiles and let the team decide the fate of their account. By adding such contact to your block list, you will slab them from texting you further.
  • Cupid Tags: The website gifts you with an attribute to add tags to your profile, which displays your best traits. Such labels are termed as Cupid Tags. Whenever a person searches these tags, your profile will pop-up in their search list.
  • Instant Messengers: If you are a paid member of UkraineDate, you can directly send a private message to a person whose profile you have liked. This feature enables you to have a live on-camera chat with the other person.
  • Verify Accounts: As a member, you may choose to verify your account. You have to provide the team with one of the official documents listed in the website’s terms and conditions. There are high chances of a verified profile getting matched when compared to an unverified one.

What you should know about the safety and security of the website?

UkraineDate is very strict regarding their terms and conditions. A routine check takes place every Month to eradicate any fake or less informative profiles on the site. You are not allowed to be on the platform unless you have attained the age of eighteen.

Any profile which you find fishy or mean can be quickly reported. The team then follow-ups the issue, and if located genuine, the account stands terminated. The team of Cupid Media is working tirelessly to provide the members with a real dating experience.

Is Ukraine Date an authentic dating platform?

Is Ukraine Date an authentic dating platform?

There has been a lot of inquiry against the site being a genuine one or not? The website of UkraineDate is owned and controlled by Cupid Media. The company is one of the prominent ones in its domain. The firm also owns 15 other dating websites other than the above mentioned. Therefore, it is a real dating website. The site has more than eighty thousand registered members. It witnesses more than five hundred active members daily. It has significant appreciations in the East European countries and is considered one of the prestigious dating websites in the location.

Everything you need to know about subscriptions and charges

UkraineDate offers the best to those who are paid subscribers of their features. As a primary member, you do not get to enjoy the site’s attributes to its fullest. You can choose between a gold and premium membership. You can pay the portal through credit/debit cards, net banking, and PayPal. The price of the subscriptions are as follow:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
Premium Membership
12 Months $12.50 per Month $149.99
3 Months $23.33 per Month $69.98
1 Month $34.99 per Month $34.99
Gold Membership
12 Months $10.00 per Month $119.98
3 Months $20.00 per Month $59.99
1 Month $29.98 per Month $29.98

Make sure that the prices are inclusive of any taxes whatsoever may apply.

Basic Membership

As a free member of the site, you can do the following things:

  • Get yourself registered
  • Create a real profile
  • Enjoy the basic matching process
  • You can send interests and likes
  • You can converse with paid subscribers.
Premium Membership

Premium Membership

As a paid member, you can enjoy the following attributes:

  • You can communicate with any member of the site
  • Add cupid tags to your profile
  • Live cam chats
  • You can hide your chat and browse as an anonymous.
  • You are matched using advanced algorithms.
  • Enjoy exclusive paid features.

All about the layout and design of the website

UkraineDate has a rather simple and user-friendly website. The homepage of the website details you with the aim and motive of the website. It also has a bar which showcases testimonials received from happy clients. You will also find the website’s working procedure, which will guide you on how to start with the platform.

The primary color scheme of the website is white. The bars are highlighted with purple that gives it a rather vibrant look. The website is protected using MacAfee secure. Every icon is placed precisely where they should be. The mobile version of the site is also easy to comprehend. No challenges are faced by the user in the process of registration or even profile creation.

How is the smartphone application

UkraineDate also has a mobile phone application. The app can be downloaded from Play Store on Android and iTunes on iOS. You do not have to pay any charges to install the same. The app has all the features that are displayed on the website. You can create an account and hunt down the list of profiles. The app is built on an easy-to-use algorithm so that people with minimalist technical knowledge can enjoy it.

Contact details of the website

The following are the basic information about the companies profile:

Company: Cupid Media

Address: Cupid Media Pty Ltd PO Box 9304 Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia

Phone: +61 7 5571 1181

Email: [email protected]


The forum is a prominent dating platform in Eastern European countries. It showcases more than eighty thousand registered members. More than five hundred active members visit the website daily. A substantial base of members are men who are searching for long term relationships. Hence, if you are one of them, then get yourself registered on UkraineDate today!

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