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AsianDate was founded in 1993, and it has become one of the first dating sites in an Asian niche. During recent years the website has only increased its success and attracted many new members.

AsianDate Overview

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  • Incredibly detailed search system
  • Many years of experience
  • Bright profiles
  • We are sharing love stories in feedbacks
  • There are many fake accounts behind a bright picture
  • It is not the cheapest dating site
  • Some account links are not active

How Does It Work?

The website works in the field of couples, making American men and unique Asian women. The statistics show that the website can really be proud of the number of new couples that met each other using this dating platform.On the contrary, it has a spot on its reputation because of stealing women’s photos and illegally using them. This review is dedicated to the main information you must know before using it. Let’s get it started.

Sign Up And Login Process

If you are worried about the time that you need for signing up, don’t do that. You can register even being in a traffic jam. Some required facts are name, age, email, password, sex, and sexual orientation. There is one more way – to use your Google account. So, the sign-up process is quick enough, but there is one interesting fact that you must be a man to make it fast. Nevertheless, After these simple steps, AsianDate does not redirect you to a personal account. The platform will show you a list of Asian girls who are eager to get acquainted. To fulfill a login process, you must remember your email and password carefully.

Sign Up And Login Process

Profile Interface

AsianDate has quite damaging information about their profiles. To start with, there is a division between the profiles for men and women. In case you are a man, the detailed profile is not your story; you can communicate even with an empty profile. It sounds strange; do you agree? The matter is that only fake accounts and bots will write messages to senseless accounts. But if you wish, you can write some notes about your hobbies, appearance and traits of character. Also, you can describe how you imagine your future lover. In case you are a girl, you need to upload photos or videos in good quality and write meaningful information about yourself. The interface of AsianDate profiles is simple in white and light green tones. On the left side, you can see sections with Emails, Ladies, and Services. There are established several bright female photos on the page. Nothing outstanding but with necessary details.

Matches And Communication

The procedure of signing up on AsianDate finishes by redirecting men to the info bar, which shows several girl’s accounts. If you like someone, you can begin the communication immediately. The first exchange of messages is free on the website. You must pay credits to continue your chatting satisfaction. One more way to communicate is to write letters that are also free in the early going. The third method to communicate is to use a webcam call with an interpreter, but it costs money as well. Sometimes men complain that their matches find them even without intervention, which invites the assumption about bots.

Matches And Communication

Members Structure And Activities

AsianDate website has a lot of experience in the online dating sphere. During the whole period of its existence, this dating platform has attracted 1600000 members from the USA. It is vital to admit that the company does not trail far behind because there are 4000 daily logins. So, despite the clear sign of fake accounts, people are still joining. Women on the website are mainly from Asia, or they have some Asian roots. Men on the website are the residents of the USA who look for exotic relationships. Moreover, the statistics show that these grooms like traveling a lot so they even can visit their potential brides and take them to the journey. But sometimes men get into trouble with doubtful accounts and get into a jam. Composition in percent equals 75 of females to 25 of males.

Users Age

There are a lot of girls aged from 25 to 35 years old as well as the guys of the same age. AsianDate has many more girls at any age position, and it is clear that men do not suffer from the lack of attention. They have a chance to choose the best variant of the future wife. It only remains to make sure that your object of affections is a real one.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

As we can see from the website’s main rules and the unique filter in settings for males and females, AsianDate supports traditional sexual orientation. It does not mean that the team or users criticize untraditional couples and their affairs. It only means that the website helps to make a traditional division of sexes.

Ethnicity And Race

Everyone agrees that Asian girls have a unique appearance. These narrow eyes, round faces, full lips, and black hair attract men and give a very interesting mix of cultures in multinational couples. AsianDate was created exactly for such purposes. American guys searching for new cultures become a part of online dating and fall deeply in love with this pure beauty.

Religious Orientation

Sometimes it seems that Asian people have their own world of beliefs and values. Of course, it differs from American a lot. But we must not forget that times change and not all Asian people honor old traditions so much as it was earlier. AsianDate does not pay a lot of attention to religious orientation on the website itself. Of course, some separate couples can have some misunderstandings in faith, but they must be decided personally.

Religious Orientation

AsianDate Website Features

Each dating site has its own list of features, and AsianDate is not an exception. The first in the list is a 3 Way call with an interpreter. Let’s imagine that messaging is not enough, and you want to call your girl the website gives you this opportunity. Fix a date and go ahead. One important point is the online appointment discussion because of the presence of an interpreter on your online date. This moment is really outstanding among online dating sites, and it is quite a rare service. He will help you to understand each other better and faster. The second feature on the list is a virtual gift. All girls like care token even in online format. Such attention makes your relationships more trustful and tender. There is the third feature for serious men – a real personal gift. You can choose and buy whatever you want or whatever your girlfriend dreams, and it will be delivered within 3-5 days. A great surprise is guaranteed. The system of AsianDate has a free search system, and you can use special filters to emphasize important traits of character or hobbies. Also, men will not get bored even if he has an account without any information. The match system will show some girl’s accounts and encourage them to communicate.

Safety And Security

AsianDate tries to make its dating platform safe. There is a privacy policy, and you are welcomed to apply there because of all questions or problems. But does it mean that the website is secure? It was mentioned in this review that it happens that girls write messages to strangers with the hollow profiles and ask them about acquaintance and friendship. It is clear that such messages only bots can send. Maybe the problem is in this allowed option, who knows? Anyway, everyone who applies such rules must be careful.

Safety And Security

Is AsianDate Legit Or Scam Service?

The service has a lot of knowledge in the online dating sphere. AsianDate has antiscam policy, and there is a perception that exactly this point has helped to make such an amazing breakthrough and stay afloat. The monitors are worried about member’s satisfaction and good feedbacks.

Subscription Types And Price

There are two ways of subscription: free variant and paid one. It is important to say that the payment is not charged monthly, but you need to buy a number of credits that you are allowed to spend on special bonuses. Many users are ready to pay because of suggested discounts; for example, you can pay 2.99 dollars for twenty credits instead of 15.99 dollars. On the other hand, some members claim AsianDate to be an expensive website.

Free Membership

There is quite a small list of open opportunities for free membership on AsianDate. As it was mentioned, you register for free. Also, you can look through other profiles and photos. This bead-roll continues to open the search system and reading messages from girls. Actually, that is it.

Paid version appears anyway on AsianDate. The first reason for that is the communicative aspect. You cannot write many messages and make calls without charging. Also, the ability of video calls or three-way chats with an interpreter is a part of paid membership. The last points are sending virtual or real presents. One more ability is watching women uploaded videos. Now, pay attention to prices. There is no monthly subscription; every user pays for the amount of credits. Twenty credits cost 15.99 dollars, 160 credits cost 96 dollars, 1000 credits cost 399 dollars. But you may be lucky and get a discount. In case of some troubles, you will get not more than ten credits back on AsianDate. In addition, it is not allowed to pay someone’s credit bill because of safety and security.

Paid Membership

Website Design And Usability

The design of AsianDate does not have any specific moments. It is very simple, compact, and functional. Maybe such design does not distract from accounts and photos. Many members like such usability and say that some girls give too much personal data.

Mobile Application

Some users value mobility; that is why there is an app of AsianDate for Android, which you can download on the Google play store. The application has a similar design, and it is a mini version of the desktop. You will get quick notifications about new messages, fresh new profiles, and advanced searching system. This application has the same payment rules, and you can install it for free. So, if you need to be on a line with your partner at any time and place, you will like the ability to make your dreams true.

Contact Information

Phone Number (844) 222-0000



Over the last ten years, many online-dating sites have appeared, but some have not withstood competition. AsianDate is an exception. Despite many working years, it is still on the market, and it is improving the service. This dating platform tries to match two different bloods, girls from Asia and guys from America. The pride of the site is a high number of happy couples. The website has some cons, but maybe that is not so painful and bad for users. In case you are ready for special features, and peculiarities welcome to the membership.

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