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  • The network of websites united by Cupid enterprise holds leading positions for almost thirty years.
  • Every user is going through the test to identify the personality type and get accurate matches.
  • One of the most affordable prices on the Internet.
  • Secure payment options.
  • SSL protected website.
  • Well-structured and informative blog on dating.
  • Only premium members have access to the communication tools, hence get ready to pay.

Principles Of Functioning

Starting from 2002 Cupid has been an influential dating platform that united people with various interests. The company did not limit its services to satisfy people with certain interests. Instead, Cupid decided to facilitate all possible kinds of online communications. It is not a website that welcomes everyone and takes care of setting them up with the desired partners. Looking for a Christian guy from your area or maybe you want a fling for a night? Cupid is the place for you. Anything you can think of is on Cupid. To understand the broad range of services, open the homepage and scroll down to the section pages.You will find ‘Asian dating’, ‘Lesbian dating’, ‘Farmer dating’, etc.


Becoming a member of Cupid is not a challenge. The website has a standard multiple-step registration procedure. It might seem to be a bit long and boring, however, no steps are obligatory. The user can just skip some steps or indicate any information to move on to the last step. Cupid does not force its users to take the personality test. It can be taken or postponed or never even opened. There is a bad side to this since it results in a number of fake or empty accounts. Being a responsible member means that you fill in the vital information about yourself and give the users at least some food for thoughts. To simplify the registration process Cupid allows to copy the profile info from Facebook.

Profile Layout

Profile Layout

Instead of indicating your real name, the website assigns the nickname. It is one of the security measures that lets you hide your personal info for as long as you want. There is no need to disclose too much on your profile.

In general, the profile has a number of fields that you are welcome to fill in. The default fields are not a must to complete since you might not want to share some stuff. Note that nothing stops you from changing or correcting your information later. It is even recommended to look into your profile from time to time and make it more interesting and updated. If the user looks through the essay you wrote about yourself and sees the old story, especially if you provided any dates, there will be an impression that you do not visit your profile often. There is a fair share of profiles of this type on Cupid. However, it happens to many websites that have a multi million audience. The moderators do not manage to check the profiles in time and they get stuck in the system for years.

Interacting With Other Users

Cupid communication works with the help of a couple of features. The recently introduced one is a copy of Tinder feature and is called ‘LikeBook’. It offers the list of users that you need to like or dislike. Another tool for getting matches is a good old ‘Search’ option. To start with, Cupid offers a free search option unlike most dating services. With the search button you can play with categories. For example, select the members who are new to the website only or those who uploaded new photos recently. Besides, you can search for the members who paid for some extra services on the website recently. It means that they are able to use the premium features that you might have purchased already.

Member Pool

The stats show incredibly high numbers of visitors monthly. About 1,8 million people check in monthly and about 500 000 daily. It is calculated that most people come from the United States, but Cupid went beyond the country long ago. It is now popular in India, New Zealand, China, and Japan. It unites the users from all over the globe and facilitates establishment of the international families. Cupid became one of the most popular apps that people download when they travel. It is an app to find friends, a guide, and a romantic adventure. About 65 % of users are females which makes the app even more attractives for males. There is a tendency to mark the intentions on the profile. Many people go for serious relationships but if you are looking for a fling you will have an abundance of partners in crime.

Age Categories

Age Categories

The average age of a female on the site is 25 – 30 y.o. With males the numbers are a little different. The males are represented densely with the age category of 35 – 45 y.o.

Sexual Orientation

Indicate your sexual orientation as well as the preferable partner sexual orientation on the stage of registration. In case you are in transition or you are still looking for your true self, fill in the bio with the explanation. You can select the gender if you want or leave it to the person to text you and find out. The website’s most popular sexual orientation so far is heterosexual.


If you are looking for a certain nationality, Cupid has something to offer. The homepage takes you to the list of sections following which you can find your favorite nationality to date. It can be Asian dating, European or anything you can think of. The users of Cupid come from all the corners of our planet, so it will be easy for everyone to find a match. The only drawback noticed is the interface that always comes in English, regardless of your location.

Religious Views

Cupid profile description contains the field on religious beliefs. Most users indicate Christian, Islam and Hinduism. These are the most common religions in the world and on the website as well.

What Is Dating With Cupid?

Dating with Cupid is ordinary. It is safe to share your information, the website protects your data and has a good membership pool. No incident of privacy violation was ever recorded, so the reputation of the website is pristine. However, there are alternatives that offer more entertaining features of communication. With Cupid the focus is placed on chatting. The service lacks more advanced features like voice messages and video snaps. On the positive, Cupid has other features that come in handy. For example, the users can put Cupid tags on their profiles. Last but not least, the website has a virtual assistant Barney. He assists new users and gives lots of useful tips on how to maintain the conversation, what options to use, and how to do it.

Online Security Awareness

Regardless of the level of your online skills there is always a chance that you can get scammed. The hackers are usually targeting personal information and all the websites that deal with payments. Cupid has a team of professionals who deal with fraudulent activity checks. It is safe to use your credit card if you wish to purchase the services of Cupid. Follow simple rules when online, avoid sending your contact details and passwords via messages on the website. In case a user is asking you for the personal information it is recommended to block them or contact the support with the complaint.

Cupid Provides Legitimate Services Exclusively

Cupid Provides Legitimate Services Exclusively

The services Cupid has provided since 2002 are legal in countries like the USA, Australia, UK. The company has offices in all the mentioned locations. Being one of the first websites that provides this type of service, Cupid managed to develop a solid system of protecting the users, and complying with the international laws. It condemns illegal activities like pornography, nudity, and human trafficking. To get to know the policies better scroll to the middle of the homepage to the sections ‘Safe Dating’ and ‘Terms of Use’.

Pricing Policies

Cupid offers to get a membership for one, three or six months. The prices are affordable for a wide range of countries and can be called average or even below average.

Features Of Free Package

Using the free package at Cupid the user can enjoy the restricted capabilities. Creating an account and passing the quiz that serves as the matching criteria are the brightest features available. There is also an option to look through the profiles of other users however texting them would require a premium status.

Features Of Paid Package

The paid packages are affordable and offer a wide range of features. The one month package costs $23.99 and lets you see who visited your profile and liked it. It also enables you to go in a ‘Safe Mode’ and browse the profiles without leaving traces.

Besides, there are some bonus tools that you can purchase separately. They can serve as an addition to the membership plan or just be bought alone. The features are:

‘Likebook priority’ that enables your profile to be on top of Likebook, so more people will notice you.

‘Free to connect’ enables members that have a free account to contact you.

Enlarge your photo and you will stand out. The photos of all the users are small when they come up in searches, so by making it larger in size you will get more attention.

Desktop Version Interface

Desktop Version Interface

Cupid was developed as a desktop product initially. However, an app became a necessity in the modern settings. The website is quite convenient and simple in use. It does not create obstacles for the user of any age. The visuals on the homepage are standard. There is a smiling couple on the main page. It is neutral and pleasant at the same time. The sections of the website are evenly distributed on the screen and do not create the feeling of crowdedness. A symbol of the platform is represented by the Cupid wings and the traditional color is light blue.

Features Of Mobile App

Cupid app does not impress the users with the stylish design and functionality. It only works on iOS and leaves out the whole pool of users with Android powered devices. The app is pretty dull and needs more upgrade. It does satisfy the basic needs of a user though. You can freely communicate with others, download the app for free and use various emojis and gifs.

Contact Details

Angel Square, London, EC1V 1NY, England, United Kingdom

[email protected]

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

If you are a conservative person and you strive to find the company with the flawless reputation and years of work, Cupid is your perfect choice. Whether you are new to online dating, or you have been there many times, the platform will find things to surprise you with. The most important perk that it has is the membership base. You can find the user of any age category, nationality and religious belief in a matter of seconds. Besides, the platform never stops impressing the users with new features. The updates come in shape of new tools for communicating and matching. Although the matching algorithm takes into account your personality test results, it does not limit you from other users. The platform sends you some potential matches but it does not mean everyone else is hidden from you. Hence, you are free to browse and make your own decisions on what Cupid users you want to text.

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