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Feeld is an online polyamorous dating website for singles and couples who love to explore their sexuality!

Feeld Overview

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  • Members' quality is high—no spamming.
  • Registration is free.
  • They have a 7-day trial, absolutely free.
  • Join as a single or couple.
  • Very smooth and fast interface
  • Verification is done using Facebook and phone number.
  • Technical issues are frequent.
  • Lags in System update.
  • The iPhone version is not smooth, although it's good with Android.
  • No other options for signup other than Facebook verification.
  • Auto-Renewal membership plan.

This platform works in a unique process; they will try to know your sexual presence using a little questionnaire. Once they figure out who your compatible partners are, they will start suggesting your dates. The app lists about twenty different possibilities for sexuality, which includes hetero flexibility and inflexibility. One needs to be experimental and open-minded to join the overly displayed sexuality in Feeld.

They have online forums and discussions which can be accessed even with free membership. The app also provides a recent update, which makes it faster than before. The chat syncs are quite smooth with the new update(5.1).

Like every other dating site, they don’t allow copyright images and nudity. Feeld also has safety and privacy policies, which is quite promising, although there are fake accounts. The messaging functionality is quite prompt, which makes the experience a pleasure. The chance of fraud and spam is higher here because it doesn’t need your real name; instead, they only ask to provide a nickname.

Apart from this issue, the ones mentioned in the “Cons” section, Feeld is a nice threesome dating app for all the sexual adventure lovers! Also, in several languages, the app can be used as English, Arabic, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese.

How Does It Work?

As Feeld is an online threesome dating app, they work differently. First, you have to register on their app. While going through the particular process, they will ask you to answer one basic question on sexuality. These answers help you in getting the best matches for dating. The basic questions asked for checking your compatibility are related to sexual preference, fantasy, and age. Once you connect with a suggestion, it becomes your match. You can easily start texting your match to carry on with your date. Messaging is lightning fast; it loads faster even with the new 5.1 version update.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up with Feeld is easy and quick. It takes only 2 minutes to register. Well, the reason is you can only register using your Facebook account. To register with the app, you need to have a Facebook account. Once you sign up, you will start receiving partner suggestions, even for free accounts!

The information you need to provide during the signup is:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Sexual preference
  • Location
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Phone number

Once you provide all the necessary details, you will be registered to Feeld dating. Upon account creation, you can start matching and exploring the sexual kink!

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The profiles are quite attractive, with good quality profile pictures and descriptions about the person. The information normally available on each members profile are:

  • Sexual preference
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Desire

Photo verification is done using a Facebook account and phone number. This measure also helps control fake accounts and spams. You can change the information provided even after registration.


The process Feeld takes up for making matches are unique because-

Firstly, they promote threesome or polyamorous relationships.

Secondly, they check your compatibility and then suggest dates. After taking details about your likes and dislikes (mostly sexual), they provide a match.

Once you sign up with them, they make matches based on the answers about your sexuality and preferences in taste (your hobbies, sexual fantasies, etc.). Once you provide the necessary information, the service will start. You will start getting three free matches once you join Feeld.


Members Structure And Activities

According to the Feeld survey, it was found that 74% of the members are straight. Although the straight couple and the singles number are high, they are always ready to try something new. Also, 45% of the members are from America itself! You can create groups to chat with one another. Participate in forums and start discussions if you wish to.

Users Age

To use any online dating site, you have to be an adult. For most of the countries, 18 years or above is the rule for joining any dating site.

Sexual Preferences

Feeld has no rules on sexual preference, and hence they have every ground. Either you choose to go straight or homosexual. They help you get a partner even if you are a couple. This dating site encourages threesome. You can either be single looking for a couple or a couple looking for a single. They have 20+ gender identities! Is there anything more you need from a dating app?

Sexual Preferences

Race And Ethnicity

Feeld does not encourage any segregation or discrimination basing on ethnicity or race. It does not tolerate any discrimination basing on ethnicity or race.

Religious Orientation

Religious orientation is not mentioned anywhere in the Feeld dating site. They are open to all religious backgrounds.

Feeld Dating Website Features

The features of a particular app make it acceptable and popular among its users. As feeld is already a popular dating app, they have some amazing features to offer you. A few of the features are:

  • Last seen is available to all the majestic membership users.
  • It will also show you notifications about the person who is interested in you.
  • Hide from your Facebook friends to whom you don’t want to share your dating app details.
  • You can add location privacy. No one can trace your location.
  • You have the right to create groups when interested in a threesome. Most of the dating apps don’t allow any such groups.
  • When you send photos through chats, they will get removed from your chatbox after a certain time. The feature is similar to snap chat.
  • Use the incognito mode whenever you need to hide from Facebook.
  • You can invite friends to join if you are from Canada or the USA.
  • You won’t be able to send messages to members who are not interested in you. Hence, no chance of spam.

Race And Ethnicity

Safety & Security

As mentioned already, Feeld does not have spammers because they use the Facebook verification method and also phone number verification to secure any account. Along with this fact, there is another fact; the app didn’t make it necessary to put up members’ original photos in the profile picture section. Because of this rule, many profile holders take shelter by providing cartoon pictures, which become a problem to segregate genuine profiles from fake profiles. Although Feeld does say they take care of the fake profiles by their verification process, there are reviews of various members complaining about fake IDs. The colorants are properly taken care of by the authorities. The accounts get banned and removed permanently. Apart from this problem, they do not have any other issues with security.

The security features are:

  • Facebook and phone number verification
  • Report and block profile
  • Location privacy is an important privacy feature.
  • Photos on the chat section will get automatically removed after some time.

Safety & Security

Is Feeld legit or scam service?

Feeld is a 100% legit dating website for sexual adventure seekers. One can say it certainly because they use the Facebook verification and phone number verification method for verifying accounts.

Subscription Types And Price

It’s easy to sign up with Feeld and is free of any cost. Moreover, they will provide you with a seven day trial period, after which you can either upgrade to their majestic membership or stay with your free membership.

The membership prices for majestic membership:

  • For a month of membership, payment is charged $15.99 per month.
  • For three months of membership, payment is charged $10.66 per month.

The membership will renew automatically every month, that is after 30 days. Even if you choose the three months pack, it will be renewed after three months. The price range for such a dating app with these amazing features can be considered an “average” price package.

The payment options available for Feeld users are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Mobile payments

Subscription Types And Price

Free Membership

Feeld dating app is free to regulate with a 7-day free trial. You can either choose to operate the app using the free membership or upgrade to a paid version. With the free version, you can get various features,

  • Like and comment on other profiles
  • Free sign up with the app
  • You can search filters even with a free account
  • Messaging is free.
  • A basic search feature is available.

The paid membership is called majestic membership for the Feeld dating app. After your seven days of a free trial, you will have an option to upgrade your membership plan to experience various other features included in the paid version. The additional features of the paid membership are:

  • Hide your Facebook profile
  • You will be notified when someone will want to contact you.
  • You can easily check the last-seen of your dates.
  • Communication through emails
  • Advanced searches
  • Personalized wallpapers

Paid Membership

Website Design And Usability

The Feeld website is very quiet, fast, and smooth to use, as reported by many members. After the recent update, it has become much faster. The design is quite formal and old school, which will help users adopt it easily. The message tab needs only a few minutes to refresh. The app can be locked and can be easily secured from children at home.

The website and the mobile app’s design is quite interesting because of their courage to play with colors. The first and feature-packed dating app that promotes 20+ sexual preferences!

Mobile Application

The mobile app can be used on both iPhone and Android interfaces. It can be downloaded free from the app stores. The mobile app has messaging functionality, which is very different from other dating apps. Along with it, they also have a revolutionary concept of creating group chats for three members who want to explore sexually.

The sounds of the chats and notifications are quite unusual and cute to hear. The dark colors and the playful nature of the features make it such a popular app. The app for the iPhone might be a pain sometimes; otherwise, everything is cool.

Contact Information

  • Company: Feeld
  • Address: Hikenield House, East Anton Court, Icknield Way, Andover, Hampshire, England, SP10 5RG
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: [email protected]
Contact Information


Feeld dating app is itself revolutionary in the field of dating apps. They have 20+ sexual preference settings, which is quite challenging. This particular app’s fundamental objective is to create awareness about various octet sexualities and genders apart from straight.

The features are unique and important; the member’s structure is varied. Also, they have a strong security measure, namely, Facebook verification. They promise to keep the privacy of members intact while giving them pleasure and encouragement for sexual explorations. The availability of this app in various counties makes it more popular among people. The features and the security they provide, no one can match it. If you are thinking of switching to the paid membership version, it would probably be best. It will not be a waste of money. There are various polyamorous dating websites these days, but none is like Feeld.

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