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  • WithFlirtyour dating experience is always safe;
  • Males and Females get treated equally and pay for their membership packages;
  • Easy verification process;
  • Quick signing up process;
  • A high rate of daily online activity;
  • Demo version comes for free and money-back guarantee.
  • The interaction tools available to users with paid subscriptions;
  • There are fake profiles on the website.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The service provided by Flirt is dating & chatting. The project was created back in 2009, and since then, it went through a lot of changes and upgrades. Nowadays, the website is successfully functioning without a mobile app. It is a top website used in many countries and by various age categories. What is the secret of the service? It is a convenient and reliable platform that never fails to deliver the needed results. Both males and females have been using the site for more than a decade and concluded that it is worth it. Since the website works in most countries of the world, users can easily find the soulmate. Let’s say you moved to live in the USA, but you want to meet a girl from Romania. The site will find dozens of immigrants around you, and you will not need to worry about planning a trip to Romania.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Flirtimpresses the users with its speedy registration process. It is advertised as a “one-minute” registration. The swift process requires the email address of the user and postal code. The profile and account login details are filled in concurrently via one form.

Note that the profile does not have many sections, and you can leave most of them empty. However, if you do not upload the photo on the stage of registration, your profile will not be activated. You are free to start your registration and finish it later, but mind that you will not be able to get messages from other users without a photo.

Profile Interface

Note that the photos you upload go through the verification by the moderators of the site. What can be the reason for rejecting your photos? First of all, your photos have to contain the image of you only. There should not be a celebrity or any famous person on your profile. It is done to prevent impersonation. The other reason can be the wrong format of the photo. You will receive the notification about the photo being rejected. You can contact the customer service of Flirtto find out more and receive the directions.

The stats that you can see on the site are approximate location and the online/offline status. In case the user shows the suspicious activities, the team of moderators checks the account for validity. It happens with the help of a couple of questions about you and the profile.


Flirtmessaging becomes free and unlimited for premium users only. Without paying for the account, one cannot message others. Instead, you can send winks to people and add them to your list of preferences. It is not going to help you talk to them, though, because you need to pay for the proper chat.

The search tools are quite useful and available to everyone. As long as you know what kind of person you are looking for, the tools will do the job. Besides, you can look through the people who liked your profile without paying for it.

When you receive a message and cannot open it because you do not have the money on the account, they will be deleted within the next twenty-four hours. If you want to save the messages, you need to get the upgrade for your account.

Another beneficial feature that the website offers is moderation and warning messages about certain profiles. If the user is displaying suspicious activities and the website suspects a scam, you will receive the notification about the status of this user. It is up to you to keep talking to them or leave it.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

The amount of users on the website is close to 1.5 million. The majority of users comes from the USA and comprises about 60 % of the pool. The rest comes from the countries of the globe. The daily activity on the site is about 300 000 users. It means that you will never be bored. The matches come daily, and there is always a wide range of candidates.

Users Age

Flirtallows registration of users who are 18+. Although there is no adult content, the website presupposes discreet content. The prevailing age category on the site includes people of 25 -35 y.o. The category of people 40-45 y.o. comes second. All age categories widely use the site since it is suitable for everyone. Flirt dating has no age restrictions.

Sexual Preferences

TheFlirtdating service is open to suggestions. Whatever your gender is, you are always welcome to register and hang out with people. The majority of users are heterosexual. About 45% of users on the site are males. Females of different sexual orientations take the rest.

Race and Ethnicity

Since Flirtis popular in many countries, there is no restriction as to which nationalities can register. The website has a lot of English, French and German people, although not everyone is coming from Europe. In the modern world, the place where you come from does not matter, and nationality does not mean you live in a certain country.

Religious Orientation

The religious views of users are indicated in their preference. It is not obligatory information to provide and you are free to keep it to yourself.

Flirt Dating Website Features

Flirt Dating Website Features
  • ‘Request Info.’ This option lets you satisfy your interest in the profile that has not been filled in properly. Let’s say you see the photo and like it a lot, but the person has not included the intentions or any description of personality. You can click one button to find out everything you want.
  • ‘Gallery.’ Similarly to the swiping game, Flirt has ‘Like Gallery’ for users to match. The gallery lets you see profiles and like or dislike it. You can also see your matches, people who liked you, and those you liked (they have not replied yet).
  • ‘Flirtcast’ is the option that enables you to contact all your matches in one go. The number of such messages you can send a day is restricted. Once in 12 hours, the numbers are updated.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Flirt is not promising to find you the love of your life. It does promise you to find a fling for a night or more and protect you from disclosing undesirable information. Using the website is better than talking to someone on Facebook or any other social network. How? Flirt protects your data and does not show your location. You can even change your name to something else. Taking care of your data is vital when communicating online. The website traces your IP for the sake of collecting the stats on users. It does not use it for any other purpose. The stats like when and how often the user logged into the account are for internal use and are not sold to any third party. Flirt is safe to use as long as you use it with common sense.

Is Flirt Legit or Scam Service?

Flirt has a set of rules that dictate users’ behavior and make the site’s reputation flawless. The website does not tolerate illegal activities, illegal content (pornography, etc.). The company’s legal address can be found in the ‘Terms of Use’ section and by contacting the support. Flirt accepts users of 18+ y.o. The moderators are working on the profiles to identify underage users and scammers. Note that the website is not selling any merchandise and charges only through the reliable payment systems that you can see on the homepage. If someone with the alternative payment option contacts you, disregard such messages and inform the website team.

Subscription Types and Price

Initially, the website offered a free deal for all females. Later on, the owners decided to give everyone equal rights, and everyone has to get the membership now. It can be one month or six months’ package. For a month deal, you need to pay $28.80, and the other $48.60 ($16.20 per month). There is also a trial version, and it comes at a low price of $0.99 for one day. It was developed for those who were hesitating about the quality of the service. In case the customer gets frustrated with the service, there is an option to apply for the reimbursement. It will not be the reimbursement of the full amount, though.

Free Membership

If you do not want to get the trial version for $0.99, you can become a free account user. With that account, you are authorized to:

  • Compose your profile and upload the photos;
  • Look at other user profiles;
  • ‘Wink’ at people;
  • Create a list of your favorite users.

As soon as you upgrade the account to premium, you can see more. First of all, you can see large photos on the profiles of other users. Secondly, communicate with anyone whenever you want and as much as you want. Besides, you get to use all the search tools that the website can offer. In case you have questions to support agents, your requests will be handled with priority within a short time.

Website Design and Usability

The interface ofFlirt is similar to all TogetherNetworks products. It has a form of registration on top, and a pleasant visual on the homepage. It also contains some useful information on the website features and how they can serve to your benefit. If you scroll down, you will see the links to a list of website satellites that deal with the special types of dating like ‘Latin dating,’ or ‘Local dating,’ etc. The website takes you to the right member pool if you indicate your preference. The bottom of the site contains the sections with the contact information and terms of use.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

TheFlirt website comes in the mobile version, and the app has not been developed at the moment. Regardless of the device and browser that you are using, and the mobile version will be available.

Contact Information

Company: Together Networks Ltd

Address: Ground Floor, Palace Court Church Street, St. Julians, Malta

Phone: 18009866701

Email: [email protected]


Flirtstarted as an independent platform that gained a lot of attention from users but later was purchased by the industry giant. Luckily, the success of the company was not destroyed. With the improvements from the professional team of Together Networks, Flirt grew into a large and well-developed platform that welcomes all countries to join. Unlike other services that work in specific countries only, the website can be accessed regardless of location, and no additional resources are required. Being in India or Cambodia is not an obstacle to finding your hookup for a night or love of your life. Bear in mind, though, that most people come to the website to find casual connections and not long-term relationships. Regardless of your gender and age, Flirtwill come in handy.

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