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  • Onenightfriend is best suited for people who are not interested in serious relationships.
  • Users can access the website service in more than 30 languages across the world.
  • The website allows unpaid users to send five free messages daily with photos.
  • Quick and easy sign-up process.
  • Onenightfriend supports the mobile application for iOS users.
  • Simple and easy to navigate website design.
  • Onenightfriend gives advanced search facilities based on age, location, ethnicity, physicality, etc
  • It provides equal space for people of all sexual orientations.
  • Onenightfriend reviews suggest that this platform lack’s various communication facilities like video chats.
  • Only users with a premium membership can initiate conversations on Onenightfriend.
  • Users can only read up to 5 messages using a basic unpaid account.
  • Onenightfriend does not provide mobile application for Android users.
  • The website has too many fake profiles, and the managers have not been successful in removing those.
  • The website does not allow users to hide their photos from other random users.
  • Onenightfriend reviews by the users have mentioned issues in canceling subscriptions.

SexFinder is one among many apps created to help people find sexual partners in the blink of an eye. That is something many people are after nowadays, right? With such a significant number of apps that promise the same thing, it is worth taking some time to determine which ones are good.

How Does It Work?

As already stated, SexFinder is a site and app created for those who are looking for hookups or any other kind of sexual encounter. It is not a place for you to meet a romantic partner, although that could happen. Who knows? Still, it is one of many sites developed by Various Inc. Developers designed the site in a way that should make searching for sex very quick. It promises that you can enjoy good sex with friendly people without taking too long to find.

There are around 89 million users worldwide, which should make finding sex easy for you no matter where you live. The site/app is open to anyone. You can register as a single or with your partner if you are looking for swingers or someone to join a threesome. Since the focus is on sex, you can find people of all sexual orientations.

How To Sign Up And Login

How To Sign Up And Login

Whether you are signing up on the site for the first time or logging back in, both actions are easy to do.

When you first enter the site, you will already see the option to create a new account. You will need to enter a few information:

  • Whether you are: man/woman/straight couple/men couple/women couple/group/trans
  • Looking for: men/women/couples/trans (here you can check more than one option)

After you select your options, click on next, and you will need to enter:

  • Birthday
  • Country
  • Zip-code

Click on next again, and the site will ask more information:

  • Email
  • Desired nickname
  • Password

Now there is a new page that will ask for the following:

  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status

After that, you will have to write a short tagline and a brief bio if you want to. Once all these steps are completed, you will receive a verification message on your email address. You need to check it so that you can start using your new account.

When you need to log back into the site, you can simply click on “log in” at the top of the website. Then enter your credentials, and you are good to go.

Profiles On The Site

Profiles On The Site

One of the essential things on any dating site or app is the quality of profiles. It is how much information members are allowed to write or how many pics they can upload. Especially when what you are truly looking for is sex. You need to be able to see someone’s face and body if possible. You need to know who you are going to bed with so that you do not have a surprise when you finally meet the person. Right?

Well, SexFinder allows members to say a lot about themselves and upload many pictures. To be sure, the site has plenty of adult content, and members are allowed to upload explicit photos and videos. If you are looking for couples, you can watch videos of couples fucking and showing off what they do best.

When people visit your profile, they can see your pictures, videos, and every piece of information you have given when you first registered. Aside from that, you can tell about kinks/fetishes you have. There is a section called “questions and answers,” where you can answer questions about your sexual experiences and interests. This way, people can know you a bit better. You can also put up a blog to talk about your sex life or sexual reflections so that people can read this stuff on your profile.

Matching And Communicating

There is no instant match feature on the site. That is, you will not see matches upon registering. You can look for new people and set filters while doing that so that you find “matches.” What helps in finding matches is answering questions about your sexual life/experiences/fantasies. This way, when people look at your profile, they can decide if they want to chat or even have sex with you. It also works the other way around. You can look through many profiles and check sexual interests to find people looking for the same. Since the site promises to have so many users online and ready to hookup, this should help you even more.

Communicating with other people on the site is vital, and this is where things get complicated. Remember that on pros and cons, it was already said that the best features are behind a paywall? Well, this is true for chatting. If you want to chat with anyone, you will need to acquire a premium membership. Before deciding on that, you can search for stories of people online and check what they see. This review you are reading is objective in terms of what the site offers, and reading subjective opinions by users who already went premium might have an impact on your decision.

Members On The Site

Members On The Site

The site claims that there are over 89 million users worldwide, from which 60 million are from the USA. This is a lot of users, in case those numbers are real. Also, in this case, it should be straightforward for any American citizen to find someone to have casual sex by registering at SexFinder.

In case you are looking for men, you are in good luck. According to data, around 70% of users on the site are men looking for a quick hookup. This is bad for those who are only looking for sexy women.

Although there are so many members registered, weekly activity on the site is usually from around 70,000 members.

Age Of Users

On this site, no age range has many more users than any other. All ranges are represented pretty equally. However old you are, you will be able to find sexual partners on this site.

Sexual Preferences

This site is entirely open to all sexual preferences. No matter what you are looking for, you are probably going to find it. Even if you have specific kinks and fetishes, you should be able to find people willing to accomplish your fantasies with you.

Race And Ethnicity

There are people from all races and ethnicities on the site. In case you have preferences on the matter, you can set your filters only to find people who meet your criteria.

Religious Orientation

This is probably what matters less on the site. When registering, you do not have to say whether you are Christian or atheist, for example. In ase that matters to you, you can add such info on your profile. Most of the time, though, that doesn’t matter since you are looking for casual sex.

SexFinder Features

SexFinder Features

SexFinder is not only a site designed to arrange sexual meetings, but it is also an adult content website. As such, it has many features that show that right when you register and enter it for the first time.

Features on the site include:

Live Models

You can watch live models fucking or masturbating, just like on a webcam site. The difference is that members make these shows, so if you like what you see, you can end up having sex with that model.


More than finding hookups, you have the possibility of talking about sex with many different people who share their experiences and thoughts. There are spaces such as blogs, groups, magazines, erotic stories, where you can meet new people.

Safety And Security

The site does not seem to be the safest on the internet, but also not the worst to share information. The thing is: no website is entirely secure, and whenever you share information with other people, you should be aware that such information can leak.

SexFinder promises to protect your data, which is the less they can do. If you feel like someone is being harmful towards you or another member, you can use the report option.

As for fake profiles, those surely exist, and you should take care of who you talk to.

Is SexFinder Legit?

Yes, the site is entirely legit. Although it does not look pretty, it is managed by a big brand that also handles other dating sites. There are plenty of dating sites that bear the same raw layout, so full of information at first glance. Well, SexFinder is one of them and inevitably raises an eyebrow. Still, it is legit.

Types Of Subscriptions

There are two types of subscriptions on SexFinder. You can use the site for free, or you can pay for the gold membership.

Free Membership

Free Membership

The free membership allows you to upload pictures, videos, write a good profile, and see a timeline full of images and videos from other people. Unfortunately, the free membership doesn’t allow you to do what you want: meet people and arrange sexual encounters.

If you like the site and think that you might get lucky, paying might be a good idea. When you pay for the gold membership, you unlock access to viewing profiles of other people and inviting them to chat. This way, you will see all messages you send and receive. Even though there are so many different features on the site, the main feature is being able to chat. After all, this is how you will be able to arrange hookups.

In case you are interested in acquiring the gold membership, here is how much it costs:

  • 1 month – $39,95
  • 3 months – $80,85 ($26,95/month)
  • 12 months – $239,40 ($19,95/month)

Design And Usability

The site does not look gorgeous, but it is not too bad either. It looks simple, with a timeline where you can see pictures and videos of people near you. There is a sidebar where you can quickly access messages, friends, who flirted with you, etc. The site looks a lot like Facebook in the old days. Although it is kind of polluted at first glance, once you get used, you will find anything you need quickly.

As for usability, the site is well designed in that sense. It is intuitive and loads quickly if you have a good connection.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, SexFinder’s app is only available for iOS users. In case you are an Android user, you will need to use the browser version.

The mobile version offers the same functions as the browser version but is pretty optimized to run on a smaller screen. It is the best for those moments when you are on the go or simply do not want to turn the computer on.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: SexFinder

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA

Phone: 888-575-8383

Email: [email protected]


SexFinder is for those who just want to have sex as quickly as possible. When you register and are willing to get a gold membership, the site promises that you will arrange a sexual meeting as soon as possible. If that is your thing, go for it. Keep in mind all that was said here and remember to check some accurate reports of other users. After that, you can also tell the world what you think about SexFinder.

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