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The leading dating app for poly, open, kink, and swinger individuals from around the world.

SwingTowns Overview

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  • The registration on SwingTowns is easy, and you can make a profile just in a few steps free of charge. Moreover, to make a profile, you do not need to provide any documents. The verification is also not needed.
  • The website shows other swingers nearby you. Therefore, it is easy to find someone with the same wishes as you and meet just this evening.
  • The website welcomes members of all sexual orientations. There are no restrictions, and everyone can enjoy their place in the community.
  • The experienced user can visit sex and swing parties and even host them.
  • The SwingTowns website cannot help you find a romantic partner for a long time relationship. So if you want to find a beloved one and do not have an interest in hookups and casual sex, search for the other websites.
  • Other members of the SwingTowns website can check your location, too. For some people, it can be a minus.
  • The profiles are not detailed. To learn more about your potential partners, use the private chat.

How does it work?

The SwingTowns website works for singles or couples looking for other swingers to have sex with them. The website’s interface reminds Facebook, but you do not have to give any additional details about your life. There are more than 500 000 swingers worldwide. However, most of them live in the USA, UK, and Canada. The website has cool features, but many of them are available only to the Golden members. Sign up and make your colorful dreams come true. If you are not sure about making a subscription, try their free seven days trial version. The SwingTowns does its job for the open-minded people who want to try something more than just vanilla sex with their partner. It does not matter which sexual orientation or preferences in bed you have. There is always somebody who wants the same as you. The good thing is that everyone over 18 will be a desired guest on the SwingTowns platform.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you decided to add some hot moments to your sex life, make a profile on the SwingTowns. To make a profile, go to the website and fill out the registration form. Making a profile is an important step, so be patient and provide all the necessary information about yourself. Before you register, you have to enter which type of relationship you are currently in. There are such options as single, couple, or polycule. Then you have to press the Register Now button and create your profile. To make a profile on SwingTowns, you do not have to pay anything. Create your username and password, what will be good secured and do not forget to add your location. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the website to find a match for you. The profiles are not informative enough on SwingTowns. The website cares about your privacy, so it does not ask you to provide any documents or do the legitimation procedure.

Profile interface

The registration process will take only a few minutes of your time on SwingTowns. The next time you can use the website by logging in via your email on the homepage. Now, it’s time to create a profile.

  • Include into your profile some information about your gender, sexual orientation, body type, and write a short biographical info.
  • Try to inform your potential matches briefly about the type of sex partner you are.
  • To have an excellent profile, update your status daily, and post some fresh sexy photos.

The SwingTowns profile interface can hardly be called detailed. However, too many nuances are not critical when it comes to sex and kinks. Most information on the users’ pages relates to their personal preferences.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

You can find friends and potential partners on SwingTowns, and the information about them will appear in your Action feed, similar to the Facebook news feed. You can communicate with your matches via video chats, messages, voice clips, and status updates. To communicate online is interesting, but the most effective way to find partners for the swing is to visit sex or swing parties and meet other swingers live.

Members structure and activities

Members of the SwingTowns website are mostly looking for casual relationships and hookups. Therefore, you will find open-minded people who do not want a perfect romantic relationship or a family. There are 60% more women than men on the website. Most of the community members are from the USA, UK, and Europe. More than 500, 000 of members are located worldwide.

Users age

All of the users are older than 18 years old. It is restricted from using the website for minors. Most of the users are 25-40 years old. Of course, you can also meet many older members if you like to spend time with more experienced partners or play role games.

Sexual preferences

People on SwingTowns are there to find some hot open-minded people who want to try a non-monogamy relationship. There are people of different sexual orientations, and the community of the website welcomes all of them. Therefore, you will find many kinksters who want to try alternative relationships, are open to role-plays, sex toys, and have a lot of experience with sex.

Race and Ethnicity

Swingers come from all backgrounds and orientations, and anyone can be a swinger. Swinging itself can be a means of discovering who you are as a sexual being. On the website, you can meet people of all nationalities.

Religious Orientation

The community members belong to different religions. It is not necessary to share with the other members about your religion or other private information. Usually, this information is only rarely shared on the website.

SwingTowns Dating Website Features

SwingTowns Dating Website Features

If you find the free features to be somewhat not impressive enough, you can make a subscription for the Gold membership. With a Gold membership, you can contact other members and view their sexy profiles free of charge. If you are a premium member, you can use the instant messaging feature unlimited. Some swingers prefer to communicate in video chats. This feature is available only to premium members. Additionally, as a premium member, you can search for events and even host swing parties. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Safety & Security

The website takes care of your safety and regularly search for fake users. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with sharing information about yourself and meeting people live. It is recommended to read the privacy policy on the SwingTowns website. Do not share the content where people can see your address or the place where you work. It may happen that you will meet an abusive member. In this case, do not hesitate to contact the support team: [email protected].

In case you do not want to use the website anymore, you can delete or disable your profile. To re-enable your account, just sign in any time again. If you delete your profile, it will not be possible to reactivate it.

Is SwingTowns Legit or Scam Service?

The website is more than 20 years on the market and has thousands of users worldwide. You can find many reviews from its real users. However, you can meet there some fake profiles. If you meet a fake, contact the support team by filling the contact form on the website.

Subscription Types and Price

Once you have made your profile, SwingTowns will offer you to buy its premium services. There are two types of membership: Basic and Gold. With access to premium services, you will have many more chances to find a potential partner. You can make a subscription for one month and more. If you subscribe for six months, you can save up to 45% of your money. In case you want to use the website on a regular base, and enjoy your premium services for more than one year, chose a subscription for 12 months and pay only for a few USD per month. Once you have paid for any premium services, they are nonrefundable. All the information about prices you can find on the website is possible to try the website for free and then decide about the type of membership.

Free Membership

Free Membership

The SwingTowns website offers you to buy its premium services, but you can use the website also free of charge. You can make a profile and upload your photos, videos, and cheek profiles of other members for free. Also, you can send messages to your potential partners free of charge. You can find and add friends and see what they post in their Action feed.

The paid services on the SwingTowns portal give you a list of advantages. For example, you can boost your profile visibility or use the advanced search to find what you are looking for. The polyamory and threesome finder provides the opportunity to find potential sex partners.

Website Design and Usability

The website works since 1999 and has affordable prices for its services. It is very comfortable to use the website made in the white, blue, and pink colors that are pleasures to the eyes. The design of the SwingTowns website has a similar interface to Facebook. It is a well-structured website, so you can easily navigate through it. You can find exclusive online clubs, Open Lifestyle blogs, and read some interesting articles on the website.

Moreover, you can search there for the Sex parties and events nearby you. The features are very similar to the features of social networks. This is why you will not have difficulties in using the website. You can find your swing partner or partners using different search types: Individual Finder, Threesome Finder, or the Polyamory Finder.

Mobile Application

There is an app made especially for the SwingTowns users that is called SwingTowns Official. You can find the app in the Google Store of your Android. Note than more than 500 thousand swingers use this app worldwide. It comes to grownups since the SwingTowns app can be used only by the adult users.

Contact Information

Street Ink Corporation

800 Belle Terre Parkway #200-131, Palm Coast, Florida 32164

[email protected].

Twitter: @SwingTowns



You can meet couples and singles on the SwingTowns website and spend your time in a private atmosphere or at the open parties for swingers. Suppose you are looking for a sex, hookup, or causal relationship with more than one person. In that case, you are welcomed to the SwingTowns community. All of the members are adults, and many of them are married or live with a partner. You will find many exciting information about Swing, Sex, Relationship, and an relaxed lifestyle. You can find the members of SwingTowns in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Asia. There are many adult dating ads on the website where you can easier find other swingers. The community organizes parties in the different regions of the world. The Gold Membership gives you plenty of extra opportunities to find a partner and make your profile more visible. Some extra visibility can increase your chances of a good night.

The community of SwingTowns grows fast, and it will be happy to welcome you along with its members. Before you make your profile on SwingTowns, check the website and read a few reviews about its services. The main thing is to be clear with this website’s purpose and not expect to meet a person for a serious relationship.

Visit the website of the SwingTowns and become a member of one of the largest non – monogamy communities in the world. There is so much to explore, so do not lose your chance to make some new hot memories.

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