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The best platform for helping transgender singles meet and plan dates and hookups.

TransgenderDate Overview

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  • A chat room is available.
  • Audio and Video chat
  • TransgenderDate's features, including messaging, are free provided the users are verified.
  • Users can upload as many as 500 pictures on their profile.
  • Ability to attach photos to emails
  • Ability to see when messages are read
  • The site design is out-of-date

TransgenderDate, as a dating site, seeks to establish a fun and secure environment for people to mingle, connect, share ideas, and learn a lot about the transgender community. As most dating platforms now welcome individuals of all sexual orientations, this platform is a great development.

This platform offers a forum for the LGBTQ+ community and facilitates all sexuality and genders’ inclusiveness. Be it as it may, does TransgenderDate have all the features and functionalities it claims to have? Is it simply a bag of bots and scammers? Continue reading to find out.

TransgenderDate Review

How Does It Work?

Here is an explanation of the mode of operation of TransgenderDate:

  • As with many dating sites, registration is necessary to explore the website and access its major features.
  • Upon signing in, you will be redirected to the homepage, which displays other registered members.
  • Using the search option, you can specify the type of users you want. The different search options TransgenderDate provides the following:
  1. User lookup
  2. Advanced search
  3. Online Today
  4. Quick search
  5. Recently Updated
  6. New members
  7. Members nearby
  8. New pictures
  • With these tools, you can find the kind of people you are seeking. The type of search option you can access depends on the kind of membership you have.
  • The chat options are available to premium members only. One can access the premium features for a low as 22 cents daily.
How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registration is fast and simple; there are only a few questions to answer during the registration process. TransgenderDate has an easy way to register its users. Despite the absence of a Facebook sign-in option, it takes about a minute or two to create an account. The following are some of the questions members will have to answer during registration.

  • Gender (the choices include: genetic woman, genetic man, trans man, trans woman, crossdresser, androgynous, intersexed male, and intersexed female).
  • What are you searching for on the platform?
  • Preferred username. Bear in mind that usernames cannot be changed afterward
  • Zipcode
  • Email address

Upon entering all this info, you will be redirected to the homepage, where you can find and interact with other members.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

In TransgenderDate, the completion of a profile isn’t compulsory. Nevertheless, the platform’s benefit is better utilized when the account has a complete profile and is verified. Interaction with other members is less when you have an incomplete profile. Incomplete profiles, including those without a profile image, cannot post comments on peoples’ blogs and profiles. An unverified account cannot access instant messenger and chat rooms.

Filling out your profile is also of great benefit as it attracts other members. More information on a user’s profile gives other members in-depth knowledge to decide whether the said user is compatible. Here are the details that make a profile complete:

  • Basic information — age, relationship status
  • Extended info — sexuality, religion, body art
  • Vital information — living condition and physical characteristics

Because filling out a profile is not necessary and the platform does not prompt you, it is anticipated that most profiles will lack complete information. After a careful survey, it is fair to say that TransgenderDate has profiles with an average to an impressive amount of information.

Profile Interface


TransgenderDate has a matching system, which shows the profiles of members according to their preferences. One can choose to show all genders or the specific type of members you are seeking. You can also be presented with the latest users with video introductions.

Members can interact with other users via forums and blogs. Users can voice their opinions about blog posts by leaving comments under such posts.

TransgenderDate also features chat rooms for communicating with members. You can choose to have a private conversation or chat with multiple members simultaneously.

Members Structure and Activities

With more than 110,000 users, 90 percent have verified profiles; Transgender is arguably the leading dating website for the transgender community. The dating platform also boasts 7 million page views each month.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

The platform welcomes individuals 18 years and above.

Sexual Preferences

While TransgenderDate focuses majorly on creating a platform for members of the LGBT+ community, it also encourages the inclusiveness of all genders, including straight people.

Race and Ethnicity

TransgenderDate’s regular visitors are mostly from the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, and Iran. The users are responsive and committed; private messages get responses in less than an hour. With about 100,000 monthly unique visitors, members are most likely to find friendship, love, or a community of people who accept you the way you are.

Religious Orientation

Anybody, regardless of their belief and the religious group they belong to, can join this dating platform.

TransgenderDate Dating Website Features

  • Search

TransgenderDate provides several search options, which includes the following:

  1. User lookup
  2. Advanced search
  3. Online Today
  4. Quick search
  5. Recently Updated
  6. New members
  7. Members nearby
  8. New pictures
  • Advertisement

TransgenderDate provides a nice, targeted advertising platform. Anybody wishing to advertise a business or anything personal can pay to have ads displayed on their homepage. You can pay to view your advertising on their websites, forums, blogs, mailbox. One can either choose from the banner ad sizes available or make customization.

  • Blogs

Here, people express themselves on any issue provided they do not break any TransgenderDate laws. Members can write their write-ups and that of others. This feature facilitates openness and sharing of knowledge in the community.

  • Forums

Forums are chat rooms’ variant of TransgenderDate. The sites differ based on topics such as dating, sexual experiences, and so on. You can enter several forums and post to them.

  • Mailbox

This site also lets users send emails to their relatives. The mailbox operates much like a regular email scheme. Users can attach pictures and see when and when an email has been read.

TransgenderDate Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

TransgenderDate is very strict about members’ security. It uses security software like SSL protocol to prevent data interference and alteration.

Although the platform does not offer email verification, it has other ways of verifying its members.

  • Photo GuidelinesMembers of TransgenderDate can upload as many as 500 photos. To upload images, click ‘Manage Photos’ situated under the ‘Profile’ or on the left sidebar. Images, pictures, or celebrity photos are highly prohibited. Photos of minors are forbidden as well. Nude images are permitted if they are classified as friends or private. Pictures are subject to review and removal, which can take about 12 hours.
  • Inability to sign in
  • Inappropriate profiles
  • Incomplete profiles

One can also find it difficult to sign in if the other members file a complaint and want the said account removed.

Anybody who thinks their profile was removed by error can contact the administrator via [email protected].

  • Removing a forum or blog posting

TransgenderDate allows members to express themselves through forums and blogs and to exchange ideas with others. Nonetheless, certain guidelines must be observed when posting material on forums and blogs to avoid creating a hostile environment.

  • Reporting an aggressive user

TransgenderDate’s abuse policy is very strict. If you come across a hostile, abusive, or suspicious member, make sure to alert immediately. They will review and resolve the issue. Members can also send an email to this email address below [email protected].

To put someone on a blocklist:

  • Go to Mail Settings;
  • Click the link on the menu situated at the left side;
  • Navigate downwards to see a username entry area;
  • Block a user on the platform.

The same steps should also be followed when unblocking users.

Safety & Security

Is TransgenderDate Legit or Scam Service?

TransgenderDate is a legit website for connecting transgenders and other members of the LGBTQ+. As verification is not compulsory, the dating website is very likely to have scammers and aggressive members. However, as discussed earlier, the platform has a security measure to keep away these types of members.

Subscription Types and Price

Registration and other basic features are available to members for free. However, other TransgenderDate features come with a price tag. The platform’s VIP membership is free for only trans users with verified profiles.

Free Membership

The following are the features accessible to free members:

  • Registration
  • Quick search
  • Post new blog posts and comments
  • Access users’ blog posts
  • Access to forums. Some of the TransgenderDate forum topics include:
  1. General discussion
  2. Computers and Technology
  3. Transgender dating articles
  4. Relationship corner
  5. Health and fitness
Free Membership

The features of premium membership include the following:

  • Ability to attach Image to emails
  • No ads
  • Access to chatrooms and Instant Messenger
  • Ability to control blog comments and Friend Requests
  • Find out when emails have been read.

Below are the available TransgenderDate premium membership packages:

  • $4.95 weekly
  • The most popular is the $14.95 monthly package
  • The package with the best value is $79.95 per annum

The payment methods include:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Prepaid card
  • Gift card

Members are charged by and can cancel at any time with no difficulty. All communication in connection with transactions is done by email.

Website Design and Usability

Compared to the special concept and excellent functionality of this platform, the design isn’t so exceptional. Although very simple, it is beautifully designed to give users a user-friendly experience. TransgenderDate maintains its youthful appearance and friendly feel, thanks to the light blue and baby pink colors, the transgender community’s signature color, and the logo. Besides that, all the rest is white in general. The small font sizes mimic that of the old-school. For a practically free site, though, it’s no surprise the interface isn’t that modernized or polished. However, it is trustworthy and very simple to use.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, TransgenderDate has no mobile application yet; however, the platform can be accessed through phone browsers. While the browser cannot be considered a substitute for a fully functioning device, the dating website is well optimized for browsers and has strong mobile adaptability. Users can send friend requests, read blogs, and post comments as they would on mobile apps.

Contact Information

  • Company: iSky, LLC
  • Address: 6130 West Flamingo Rd. #101, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Phone: 1-702-625-7670
  • Email: [email protected]


A transgender community dating site is a major step forward in the bid to establish gender inclusiveness. TransgenderDate is a great platform for the LGBTQ+ community, seeing that it offers an open forum for people to speak, ask questions, exchange experiences with each other. It also lets the minority group express themselves. What’s giving this site major points is the freemium model on which it operates. To access all of the functionality that this platform provides, one has to be verified. This verification process simply involves uploading a photo. The platform enforces strict laws as it tends to take its security very seriously. The security measure ensures that everyone is treated equally. Although the site’s design might be a little outdated and unsophisticated, it can be overlooked, thanks to the features it offers. Its blog feature allows members to share anything ranging from the life story to radical sexual transformation and struggles as a 21st century trans individual. The members interact via TransgenderDate blog posts. Having personal relationships makes all the difference.

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