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  • There are many beautiful trans women and men on this site.
  • Trans women are allowed to use all functionalities for free.
  • The site promises to check all uploaded pictures rigorously.
  • It is possible to connect your Facebook account.
  • Registration is quick.
  • Chat is available for everyone.
  • There is no app available, only browser version.
  • There is a limit to how much photos a regular member can upload.
  • Men can only access a limited number of features.
  • Chat is restricted to women or men who acquire premium memberships.

Just as on MyTranssexualDate, finding dates online is one of the greatest things that the internet has allowed for the great public in the last decades. Especially for people who sometimes don’t find dates as easy in real life. When you are looking for trans people to date, that is a reality, since they are a minority. MyTranssexualDate promises to help you with that. Before you learn everything about this dating platform, you should check its essential characteristics.

How Does This Site Work?

MyTranssexualDate is a dating platform focused on trans people, which was released back in 2013. It now gathers almost 1 million members and has over 14 million page views monthly. This shows that the site is pretty active and still has much to offer in the years to come.

The site was created by Cyril Mazur and his wife Maki Gongoyon, who is a trans woman. Thus, it seems that the site was created with great care to provide a safe place for other trans people to find dates and serious relationships.

The policy of the site forbids members to look for people just to have sex. In this sense, prostitution and other ways of paying for pleasure are also prohibited on the platform. What the site wants to promote is the genuine relationships between people. With this in mind, moderators control all written information and pictures that are uploaded to profiles.

MyTranssexualDate is available worldwide and currently supports nine different languages.

Signing Up And Logging Back

Signing Up And Logging Back

When you are signing up on the site for the first time, it asks you for a few fundamental info to verify that you are a real person. What you will need to enter includes:

  • Whether you are a man or a trans woman
  • Your date of birth
  • Where you live
  • Email address
  • Preferred first name
  • Password

Then you need to check a box to certify that you are 18 years old or older.

You can also skip all these steps and simply connect your Facebook account.

After you register, the site sends a confirmation message to your email. You need to go to your email and confirm. Only then will you be able to access and enjoy MyTranssexualDate.

When you are logged off and want to log back in, all you need to do is access the site and click on “log in” at the top of the website. Then you enter your email address and password, or simply log in with your Facebook account.

Profiles On The Site

MyTranssexualDate is one of those sites that allow members to fulfill their profiles with lots of useful information. This way, other people already know a bit about you when they first get into touch through the chat. It surely serves as a filter for who you want to chat with, too. You can spend some time looking at profiles and deciding which ones seem attractive to your standards.

Know that there are people from all around the world, so before you start searching for dates, you might want to turn filters on and look only for people near you.

Profiles On The Site

When you look at a profile on MyTranssexualDate, you can see the information concerning:

  • Age
  • Country
  • Trans/cis
  • What he/she is interested in
  • What he/she is looking for
  • Marital status
  • Whether he/she has children
  • Languages spoken
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Physical look
  • Style
  • Would travel
  • Would relocate
  • Occupation
  • Education level
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Eating habits
  • Who he/she lives with
  • Drinking habits
  • Smoking habits
  • Zodiac sign
  • Chinese zodiac sign
  • Sexual role
  • A short description (bio)

You can also see many profile pictures on any profile when the user has uploaded any.

Matching And Communicating

Matching And Communicating

Nowadays, it is widespread to see the “matching” feature on apps and dating websites. MyTranssexualDate does not have this feature, thus encouraging users to go and look for people that might seem interesting enough.

If you are a trans woman on the site, making contact is very easy. You simply need to choose the profile you like and send a message straight to the person behind it. In case the person on the other side has a premium account, you might get answered back.

In case you are a cis man using the site, you first need to get a premium account before you can start chatting with women. This practice of the website might be because it is rarer to find trans women than cis men that are willing to date these women. So they invite women to the site, and men who want to reach them need to pay. It is open to discussion whether this kind of practice is legit or not. Thus far, it seems successful for many dating sites.

Members On The Site

According to data collected recently, around 700,000 users are on the site, and the number gets higher every day. The monthly activity is very high, with over 14 million page views being counted in recent months.

In case you are from the USA, you are fortunate since most users are from the country. Around 110,000 users are registered in the USA, and they are pretty active on the platform. There are many users in European countries as well. Still, if you do not live in the USA or Europe, you have chances of finding users in your country. People are using the site in many countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania too.

Age Of Users

There are users of all ages on the site. There is no data regarding the predominant age range. If you create an account and take a look at the site, you will see users in their twenties as well as much older users. In case you are looking only for young people, for example, setting up filters will help you with that.

Sexual Preferences

This dating platform only allows for straight relationships between users. When you create an account as a man, you can only search for trans women, and you can only search for men if you are a trans woman.

Race And Ethnicity

Race And Ethnicity

There are no limitations regarding race and ethnicity on the site. You can create an account no matter which race you identify with or which is your ethnicity. Everyone is welcome.

This only matters on the filters. If you prefer to meet people of a particular ethnicity, you can set up your filters to find these people.

Religious Orientation

Again, you can enter this site regardless of your faith or lack of. In case you genuinely care about this, you can set your filters to find only people that meet your criteria regarding this matter.

MyTranssexualDate Features

There are some pretty exciting features on this site, such as knowing if a trans person has undergone sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Trans women who are members on the website indicate their stand on this matter on their profiles. In case they have not undergone that procedure, they also tell whether they would be up for it. Men also indicate their preference for the topic. So far, it seems that they do not care much about this. Good for the women, right?

When it comes to searching for people, this site offers plenty of filters. You can choose to see only people who live near you, or from a particular ethnicity, or age range, etc. To be short on the matter, you can find people who fit your criteria without significant effort or waste time.

Many dating sites ask you to buy a premium pack before you can see other people’s pictures. At MyTranssexualDate, you only need an account to do that.

Safety And Security

According to the site, your account is private, meaning that your data will not be shared with anyone else. Looking at the site and at many stories online, the site seems pretty safe if you are looking for romance. There are plenty of success stories around that can make you motivated enough to give the site a try.

Is MyTranssexualDate Legit?

The site seems very legit so far. The design is well done, and relevant info is pretty straight-forward on the site. Also, there are tons of stories on other sites that serve as proof for the legitimacy of MyTranssexualDate.

Types Of Subscriptions And Its Prices

MyTranssexualDate follows the current trend of offering two kinds of subscriptions. If you are a man getting into the site, you will get a free membership. To get access to all features, you need to get a premium membership.

Free Membership

Free Membership

With a free membership, you are allowed to enjoy the basics of the site. You can create an account and set it up the way you like with info and pictures. You can also look at other people’s profiles and find what is attractive to you. Unfortunately, that is all that a free membership allows if you are a man using the site. To chat with women, you need to upgrade.

A paid membership on MyTranssexualDate allows you to access the chat function. This way, you can send and receive messages. You can also appear in featured profiles and upload an unlimited number of pictures to your profile. Of course, in case you are a woman, all of that is unlocked free for you.

This is how much it costs for men to unlock premium features on the site:

  • 1 month – $29,90
  • 3 months – $68,70 ($22,90/month)
  • 6 months – $101,40 ($16,90/month)
  • 12 months – $130,80 ($10,90/month)

Design And Usability

To begin talking about how great this site’s design is, it is worth noticing that it is not filled with a lot of elements here and there. Some dating sites right now are so stuffed with information that the first visit is pretty strange. When it comes to MyTranssexualDate, the site is spotless in design and information presented on the screen.

Tools offered by the site are very intuitive to use, and when you face any adversity, you can read their FAQ or get in touch with the support team easily.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available for the site. In case you only access the internet through a mobile device, your best chance is to enter the site through a mobile browser.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: MyTranssexualDate

Address: Building Bridges Limited, 22/F, 3 Lockhart RoadWanchai, Hong Kong

Phone: 5808 1781 (HK), +852 5808 1781 (international)

Email: [email protected]


Looking at all the great stuff and considering the lapses on MyTranssexualDate (such as not having an app), it seems to be an excellent dating website. It began with a true love story of a couple, and then they decided to share what they have with the rest of the world, making it possible for other trans people to fall in love. Doesn’t it sound great?

The site looks very safe from all aspects, and although you need to pay if you are a man, it does not seem to be a cheap scam like so many other sites. In case you are looking for serious dating, MyTranssexualDate might be a good bet for you.

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